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Pokemon Z
Developer(s) Game Freak
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Genre(s) Role-Playing
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Media Included Nintendo 3DS Cartridge
Pokemon Z (ダークポケモンバージョンPocket Monsters Z) is a role-playing game developed by Game Freak Inc., and published by Nintendo. It is the sequel to Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. The game takes place in a new region inspired by Spain, the Ampardo region, three years after X and Y.

New and Returning Features

  • Over 35 new Pokemon.
  • Over 25 new Mega Evolutions.
  • 5 new Legendary Pokemon.
  • A brand-new plot and region.
  • Two new types, the Light type and the Cosmic type.
  • The PWT is once again challengeable.
  • The Pokewalker is once again included with the game, now in the color of a Great Ball.


In the beginning of the game, the player wakes up in his/her house and goes downstairs. There, the player sees their father, his/her brother, and Professor Sycamore talking. Sycamore introduces himself and says he is in Ampardo to research newely discovered Pokemon. After requesting the player's and his/her brother's help, he gives him/her a Fennekin, a Chespin, or a Froakie. He gives the player's brother the Starter that is super effective toward the player's and sends them to Route 1. Your brother then challenges the player to a battle before heading off.

After the first Gym Leader is defeated, a mysterious man introduces himself as Yomino and challenges the player to a battle. After the battle, Yomino gives the player a Charmander, a Bulbasaur, or a Squirtle. Yomino then leaves with a kind farewell. Sycamore than arrives, surprised by the player's new Pokemon. He then gives him/her a Charizardite X/Y (player's choice), a Venusaurite Z, or a Blastoisite Z, then heads out to find Yomino.

After the third Gym Leader, Yomino is seen fighting two mysterious people. The people introduce themselves as New Team Flare Grunts and challenges the player and Yomino to a battle. The two Grunts are defeated and run off. Yomino thanks the player and tells him/her that he is grateful of his/her help. The player's brother than challenges him/her to another battle.

After the fifth Gym Leader, Sycamore, Yomino, and the player's father arrive and they all congratulate the player for making it more than halfway to the Pokemon League. Yomino then leaves after recieving news of New Team Flare stealing Pokemon from a Pokemon Center PC. When the player arrives, Yomino has not showed up. The player defeats the Grunts, and  when the player leaves, he/she meets someone named AZ. After a quick battle, AZ gives the player an Eevee before walking away.

However, a massive earthquake occurs outside the city, breaking open the ground. A giant Pokemon named Zygarde crawls out of the ground, attacking the New Team Flare Grunts. Yomino, AZ, and the player go to calm the legendary Pokemon, but before they can, Zygarde is captured by a giant net attached to an airship. Before they go however, Zygarde sends a telepathic message to the player to complete his/her own dreams before challenging New Team Flare. AZ then says that Zygarde created the Mega Stones and that the player should follow the Pokemon's advice.

After defeating the seventh Gym Leader, Yomino appears on televisions and electric billboards all over the region and declares himself the New Team Flare Leader. Yomino then claims that innocent people shouldn't have to live with criminals and offers assistance towards anyone who wants entry to "a better life". After finding out where Yomino is hiding, the player and his/her brother travel to the New Team Flare Hideout and make their way though the facility. Yomino is in the center of the hideout and challenges the player to another battle. After being defeated, Yomino is arrested by the police. AZ then appears again, telling a basic summary about what Team Flare did three years ago before congratulating the player and saying that he/she reminds him of the Kalos region Champion.

After the eigth Gym Leader is defeated, the player begins a long climb up Victory Road. Professor Sycamore and the player's brother arrives. Sycamore congratulate the two before the player and his/her brother fight one last time before the player wins. The player then challenges the Elite Four.

After defeating the Elite Four, the player is about to meet the Champion when Yomino makes a surprise apperance. After a fight, Yomino reveals that he is not behind New Team Flare's ideals. A man named Xerosic appears, pronouncing himself the true New Team Flare Boss and explains he will exile criminals in the wilderness away from ordinary people. After offered an entry to "a new society", the player fights Xerosic and wins. Xerosic then reveals that the entire Pokemon League is being carried the New Team Flare airship to the New Team Flare HQ. There, the player learns Xerosic is draining the energy from Zygarde to power his machines. AZ then shows up, holding off Xerosic while the player frees Zygarde. After catching or defeating Zygarde, Xerosic defeats AZ before revealing that the one who requested him out of prison was in fact AZ, who felt Xerosic had a change in heart. He then goes to challenge the player to one last fight. The player wins and Xerosic and all the New Team Flare Grunts are taken into custody.

After challenging the Elite Four again, the Champion then reveals himself, turning out to be AZ. AZ then tells the player of his previous expierences before battling. After the player wins, AZ congratulates the player and walks them to the Hall of Fame with Professor Sycamore. After his player's Pokemon are recieved Ribbons, AZ then gives the player a Kalos Pass, where the player can travel to the Kalos region. A party is thrown in the player's hometown for becoming the new Champion, where Yomino appears once more to say goodbye, giving the player a Tepig, a Snivy, or an Oshawatt with an Embite, a Serperite, or a Samurite. The game then ends before going into the post-game.

Postgame Story

See more at: Pokemon Z/Postgame Story.

Type Adjustments

The Light Type

The Light Type is a new type introduced in Pokemon Z. It is super effective agaisnt Dark, Poison, and Fairy types. However, it is weak to Water, Dark, Flying, and Electric types. Dragon and Light types resist Light type moves. It does not affect Fire, Grass, or Dragon types. The Light type is unaffected by Fairy types.

The Cosmic Type

The Cosmic Type is another new type introduced in Pokemon Z. It is super effective agaisnt Ground, Flying, Electric, and Light Types. The Cosmic Type is weak to Fairy, Dragon, Bug, Grass, and Steel types, which also resist the Cosmic Type. The Cosmic Type is unaffected by Flying types.

Other Type Adjustments

  • The Bug-type has gained a resistance to Fairy-type and Poison-type moves.
  • The Fairy-type is now weak to Flying-type moves and is now neutral to Bug-type moves.
  • The Electric-type is now weak to Grass-type moves.
  • The Dark-type is no longer immune to Psychic-type attacks, but now resists them.
  • The Steel-type no longer resists Bug-type attacks.

New Pokemon

Name Type Evolution Level Species Pokedex Entry
Quillspik Poison/Normal N/A Tiny Quill Pokemon This small Pokemon shoots out its quills if it feels threatened. It grows back the spikes after a few minutes.
Quillhero (Evolves from Quillspik) Poison/Light 26 Heroic Quill Pokemon Quillhero shoots needles out of its arms to fend off intruders. It watches over its young intendly.
Trusk Grass/Rock N/A Watching Pokemon Trusk patrols the area before dozing off. It eats berries happily.
Tinkhorno (Evolves from Trusk) Grass/Rock 14 Toppling Pokemon Tinkhorno uses its tusk to topple trees. Its roars can be heard from over 50 feet.
Rhinusk (Evolves from Tinkhorno) Grass/Rock 30 Terrorizing Pokemon Rhinusk has a top speed of 45 miles per hour as it runs. Its strength outmatches an elephant.
Whiolf Ice N/A Companion Pokemon Whiolf watches over humans with keen eyes. It is said to protect them from dangerous animals.
Weresnolf (Evolves from Whiolf) Ice/Cosmic High friendship at night Full Moon Pokemon Weresnolf preys fields at night. It steals honey from beehives and howls at the full moon.
Hummingo Flying N/A Hummingbird Pokemon Hummingo saps nectar from flowers and delivers it to weak Pokemon in need.
Hummedator (Evolves from Hummingo) Flying/Fighting 18 Fighting Bird Pokemon Hummedator attacks evil humans. It has stopped a bank robbery once.
Cosineo Cosmic N/A Far Out Pokemon Cosineo was said to evolve from bacteria from a meteorite.
Cosneon (Evolves from Cosineo) Cosmic/Fighting 22 Knock Out Pokemon Cosneon levitates using its psychic powers. It is very skilled in fighting.
Pixagonal Cosmic/Steel N/A 8-Bit Pokemon Pixagonal can slip into another dimension to avoid attacks.
Mayagonal Cosmic/Steel 16 16-Bit Pokemon Mayagonal sees the world in inverted colors. It can turn objects into pixels.
Skullagonal Cosmic/Steel 32 64-Bit Pokemon Skullagonal can flip from 2D to 3D. It can use that power as a visual illusion.
Corromet Cosmic N/A Corruption Pokemon

Corromet uses its powers to take over a Pokemon's mind by attaching itself to their head.

Abdufo (Evolves from Corromet) Cosmic/Flying 30 Abduction Pokemon Abdufo flies though the skies looking for weak-minded Pokemon. It is said to take them to a hidden lair.
Reptilen Bug/Cosmic N/A Mysterious Lizard Pokemon Reptilen's genes are similar to a geckos. It is a swift predator.
Prealien Cosmic/Dark N/A Predator Pokemon Prealien uses its keen sense of smell to find prey. It digs holes in the ground to trap other Pokemon.
Solion Light/Cosmic N/A Solar Pokemon Solion is said to contain fragments of a far away star's explosion.
Triheron Rock/Fire N/A Small Trihorn Pokemon Triheron lives deep in caves. It is said to sense danger. 
Trismashon (Evolves from Triheron) Rock/Fire Given Tusk Fossil Massive Trihorn Pokemon Trismashon has a fiery temper. It launches fireballs out of holes in its scales.
Bulight Light/Electric N/A Light Bulb Pokemon Bulight generates light as it thinks. If it clears it mind, its light goes out.
Dumatight (Evolves from Bulight) Light/Electric 30 Double Bright Pokemon Dumatight has two brains, allowing it to relax for a short time. It can light up an entire house.
Lunasight (Evolves from Dunatight) Light/Electric 50 Eclipse Pokemon The light Lunasight emits can glow bright enough to temporarily blind a foe. It can be used to help those lost in a forest.
Unirin Ghost/Light N/A Ancient Statue Pokemon This Pokemon is found in ancient temples. It is said to be a possesed statue.
Dedenill (Evolves from Dedenne) Electric/Fairy 25 Guardian Fairy Pokemon Dedenill's shockwaves can paralyze rhinos. It is fly using magic.
Pachiquaker (Evolves from Pachirisu) Electric/Ground 20 Shocking Quake Pokemon Pachiquaker has two bushy tails it slams into the ground to create earthquakes.
Titanieon (Evolves from Eevee) Steel Given Titanium Orb Titanium Pokemon Titanieon is extremely sturdy. It however, is a little slow.
Drageon (Evolves from Eevee) Dragon Given Legendary Brick Dragon Cat Pokemon Drageon soars across the skies using its spiked wings.
Lileon (Evolves from Eevee) Light Given Glowing Medalion Glowing Eye Pokemon Lileon's eyes glow in total darkness. It brings happiness where it goes.
Alieon (Evolves from Eevee) Cosmic Given Cosmic Artifact Cosmic Gene Pokemon Alieon's genes allow it to turn invisible. It can levitate in the air.
Wastroot (Evolves from Muk) Poison/Ground 50 Crop Killer Pokemon Wastlind roots into the ground to secure itself in battle. However, it can destroy vegetation near itself by doing this.
Farninja'd (Evolves from Farfetch'd) Flying/Light 28 Flying Ninja Pokemon Farninja'd speed allows it pick up food right before other Pokemon can. It uses its two sticks to ward away predators.
Jynink (Evolves from Jynx) Ice/Psychic 36 Psy Icicle Pokemon Jynick can freeze anything with its fingers. It can see what happened in the past.
Kabuslizer (Evolves from Kabutops) Water/Rock 40 Evolved Hunter Pokemon Kabuslizer lives in caves near the shore. It can cut through titanium bars.
Omatank (Evolves from Omastar) Water/Rock 40 Brute Force Pokemon Omatank can survive a close-range explosion without a scratch.
Dariray (Evolves from Floette) Fairy/Dark Given Dark Stone Depression Pokemon This Pokemon brings depression as it goes. It can levitate in the air with dark magic.
Basquiller (Evolves from Basculin) Water/Ground 30 Unmovable Pokemon Once Basquiller attaches itself to the shore, it is too subborn to move. It shoots spikes on those who try to move it.
Drillant (Evolves from Durant) Bug/Ground 34 Frenzy Drill Pokemon Shedding its steel armor, Drillant digs into the ground to avoid Heatmor's fire attacks. It can use this to create earthquakes.
Pheondive (Evolves from Rapidash) Fire/Fairy 55 Pegasus Pokemon Pheondive can fly across the sky gracefully at a pace of 130 miles per hour. It rivals other fast flying Pokemon.
Mystitruction (Evolves from Dunsparce) Fairy/Dragon High friendship after Level 50 Awoken Pokemon Having finally opened its eyes, this Pokemon's power is unchartable.
Solfloruite (Evolves from Sunflora) Grass/Light High friendship Bloomed Pokemon This Pokemon absorbs power from the sun and uses it in battles. It is a sound sleeper.
Luneion (Legendary) Dark N/A Darkness Pokemon Luneion is said to create the moon. It gifted humans with electricity.
Solheion (Legendary) Light N/A Light Pokemon Solheion was created when a piece of the sun crashed onto Earth.

Dieion (Legendary)

Dark/Light (Lunar Form)

Light/Dark (Solar Form)

N/A Undefined Pokemon Dieion controls both darkness and light. It can see both the future and the past at once.
Hallowpump (Event Legendary) Ghost/Grass N/A Pure Terror Pokemon It is said to inspire the first jack o' lanturn. It controls spirits and absorbs their power.

Mega Evolutions

Name Type Mega Stone Mega Stone Location
Mega Chesnaught Grass/Fighting Chesnite Given to the player or can be bought for $60,000
Mega Delphox Fire/Psychic Delphion Given to the player or can be bought for $60,000
Mega Greninja Water/Dark Greninjeon Given to the player or can be bought for $60,000
Mega Venusaur Z Grass/Poison Venusaurite Z Given to the player or can be bought for $60,000
Mega Blastoise Z Water/Steel Blastoisinite Z Given to the player or can be bought for $60,000
Mega Butterfree Bug/Flying Butterfrite Route 3 (Needs Cut to be found)
Mega Heliolisk Electric Helioite Route 9 (Needs Rock Smash to be found)
Mega Pangoro Fighting/Dark Pangite Fighting Dojo (Needs a Pangoro in the players party to be found)
Mega Alakazam Z Psychic/Steel Alakazite Z Mountain Peak
Mega Mightyena Dark/Fighting Mightyenon Route 14
Mega Drimblim Ghost/Flying Drifbliminon Ampardo Airport
Mega Bronzong Ghost/Steel Bronzonion Eternal Island
Mega Yanmega Bug/Dragon Yanmegite Glittering Palace
Mega Aegislash Ghost/Steel Aegislate Redette Clock Tower
Mega Serperior Grass/Light Serperite Given to the player
Mega Emboar Fire/Ground Embore Given to the player
Mega Samurott Water Samurion Given to the player
Mega Gyarados Z (Postgame) Water/Dragon Gyaradosite Z Legendary Peaks (After Lysandre is defeated)
Mega Gengar Z (Postgame) Ghost/Normal Gengarite Z Ampardo Victory Road
Mega Golem (Postgame) Rock/Fire Golemion Magma Rock Cave
Mega Milotic (Postgame) Water/Fairy Milotite Undersea Temple
Mega Ambipom (Postgame) Normal/Fighting Ambipite Ancient Village
Mega Weavile (Postgame) Ice/Dark Weavite Snow Cap Peak
Mega Claydol (Postgame) Ground/Psychic Claydoite Sea Spirit's Den
Mega Primape (Postgame) Fighting Primeion Connecting Cave
Mega Crobat (Postgame) Flying/Poison Crobite Kalos Victory Road
Mega Golurk (Postgame) Ground/Ghost Golurite Lumoise Station
Mega Florges (Postgame) Fairy/Light Floronin Winding Woods
Mega Wailord (Postgame) Water Wailite Tower of Mastery
Mega Magnezone (Postgame) Electric/Steel Magnezite Ruined Team Flare HQ
Mega Skarmory (Postgame) Flying/Steel Skarmorite Reflection Cave
Mega Dragonite (Postgame) Dragon/Fairy Dragonitenite Geohenge Town
Mega Hydreigon (Postgame) Dark/Dragon Hydregite Kalos Route 7
Mega Hallowpump (Postgame Event) Grass/Ghost Hallowpumpite Ghost Ship
Mega Mewthree (Postgame) Psychic/Electric Mewthreenite Laboratory Ruins
Mega Zygarde X (Postgame) Dragon/Light Zygardite X Terminus Cave
Mega Zygarde Y (Postgame) Dragon/Cosmic Zygardite Y Terminus Cave

Mega Mewtwo Z (Postgame)

Psychic/Dark Mewtwonite Z Mysterious Dungeon


See more at: Pokemon Z/Pokedex and Lore.

Pokemon Retypings

Name New Type
Starmie Water/Electric
Staraptor Fighting/Flying
Granbull Fairy/Fighting
Masquerain Bug/Water
Cyrogonal Ice/Steel
Beartic Ice/Fighting
Politoed Water/Light
Clefable Fairy/Light
Farfetch'd Flying/Light
Chimecho Psychic/Light
Pachirisu Electric/Light
Audino Light
Absol (Mega) Dark/Light
Deoxys Cosmic/Psychic
Elgyem Cosmic
Beheeyum Cosmic/Psychic
Solrock Cosmic/Fire
Lunatone Cosmic/Dark
Wigglytuff Fairy/Cosmic

New Battle Elements


Name Type Power PP Description Type of Attack Signature Move
Salvage Normal 0 10 The user's lost item in battle is gained back (Focus Sash, Berries, etc.). N/A
Encouragement Normal 0 10 All ally Pokemon's stats are boosted by 1 until the end of the turn. N/A
Repeat Normal N/A 20

The move done before is repeated (If Fury Swipes landed three times had a critical hit, it would land three times and have a critical hit once again).

Maelstrom Water 45 10 The target becomes trapped in a whirlpool that continues for four turns. Special
Flash Flood Water 50 10 An inital surge of water hits all enemy Pokemon before bringing a Flood effect. Special
Firecracker Fire 60 20 A firework is fired at the foe, leaving a burn effect. Special
Temper Flare Fire 25-80 25 An attack that gains power the lower the user's health is. Physical
Fire Tower Fire 0 10 A wall of fire surrounds the user and its enemies. Physical attacks going through the wall has an 80% chance to burn the user. N/A
Freeze Tower Ice 0 10 Like Fire Tower, but can freeze instead of burn. N/A
Icy Claymore Ice 70 20 The target is hit with a giant sword made of packed ice. It has a 5% chance to freeze the foe. Physical
Lightning Tower Electric 0 10 Exactly like Fire Tower, but can paralyze instead of burn. N/A
Thunder Sheet Electric 0 10 A Thunderstorm effect is created. N/A
Fuse Charge Electric 0 10 The user's Special Attack and Attack are raised by 2, but the Special Defense, Defense, and Speed are decrased by 2. N/A
Thunderstorm Electric 0 5 Boosts the power of Electric-type moves for 5 turns. It also gives a Thunderstorm effect. N/A
Spiked Club Rock 65 20 A club is swung at the target. Physical
Hammer Head Ground 70 15 The target is hammered into the ground, prevented from switching out. Physical
Poisoned Lance Poison 75 20 The user rams into the target with a 20% chance to poison the target. Physical
Pressure Punch Fighting 90 10 The user punches a target's pressure point, dealing damage but increased their Attack and Special Attack by 1 stage. Physical
Hive Mind Bug 80 15 Tiny ants pop out of the ground and attack enemies (Up to 3). Special
Devious Charge Dark/Electric 85 15 The user releases a dark discharge with a 20% chance to paralze the target. Special
Silver Spark Electric/Steel 90 10 The user releases a giant silver flash, also releasing several bolts of electric power. Special Signature move of Magnezone
Wrecking Ball Steel 85 15 A large ball is swung into the target, shattering shields. Special
Black Magic Fairy/Dark 75 15 A surge of dark magic is cast on the target. Special
Time Travel Cosmic 0 5 When used on itself or an ally, all status effects are removed. N/A
Skill Swap Cosmic 0 1 The moveset of the user and the target are swapped. N/A
Transfer Cosmic 10 15 Moves like Toxic Spikes and Sealth Rock are thrown to the target's side of the field. It also inflicts slight damage. Special
Blazing Meteor Cosmic/Fire 130 5 A meteor falls from the sky, smashing into enemies. However, the user's Defense and Special Defense are lowered by 2 stages. Special
Holy Water Light/Water 60 15 Holy Water deals damage and deals 1.5 damage to Dark-types (combined with the type advantage, it deals 2.5 damage). Special
Solar Burst Light 75 15 Deals damage and has a 15% chance of burning the target. Special
United Blast Light 30-75 10 The more Pokemon who are not fainted on the user's party, the more powerful the blast is. Special
End of Days Dragon/Light (Zygarde X)/Cosmic (Zygarde Y) 200 5 Zygarde crushes the target's mind with magic powers then slams them with energy beams. It makes Zygarde recharge the next two turns. Special Zygarde's Signiture Move
Sunlight Uppercut Light 100 10 Dieion releases an uppercut powered by the sun. Physical Dieion's Signiture Move (Solar Form)
Moonlight Blast Dark 100 10 Dieion sends explosions powered by the moon. Special Dieion's Signiture Move (Lunar Form)
Mind Slam Psychic 110 5 Mewthree rattles the target's thoughts before tossing the target with telekinesis. Special Mewthree's Signiture Move
Horrifying Devastation Ghost/Dark 100 10 Hallowpump shoots black flames out of its eyes before whipping the target with four spiked vines. Physical Hallowpump's Signiture Move


Name Description Users
Supernova The Pokemon detonates upon fainting. Mega Golem, Electrode (New Hidden Ability)
Overload Turn losses are now replaced with a small HP loss (Hyper Beam, Giga Impact, etc.). Mega Golurk
Colossus Halves damage taken by smaller Pokemon. Archeops (Hidden Ability)
Fortified Raises Defense when the Pokemon is hit by a physical attack. Forretress, Mega Skarmory
Critical Cutter Slash attacks are always critical. Mega Sceptile
Rage Mode Whenever the Pokemon is injured, its Attack stat is increased. Mega Swampert
Mythical This Pokemon is immune to Fairy-type moves. Dariary, Mega Hydreigon
Blinding Aura Powers up all Light-type moves. Mega Zygarde X
Extraterrestrial Aura Powers up all Cosmic-type moves. Mega Zygarde Y
True Terror All physical attacks Hallowpump

Battle Effects

Name Description
Flood During a Flood, all non-water type Pokemon take 1/16 of damage each turn, the power of Surf and Dive are doubled, and Electric attacks damage all Pokemon on the field, even the attacker.
Thunderstorm This effect has lightning strike each Pokemon every turn, taking off 1/16 of their health. This doesn't effect Electric or Ground types and takes 1/12 of Water type Pokemon's health.

Significant Trainers

See more at: Pokemon Z/Significant Trainers

Connectivity with Pokemon X and Pokemon Y

New Pokemon from Pokemon Z are transferrable to X and Y, being able to hold new items from Z, and vice verca. If Pokemon X data is found, Zygardite X can be found in Terminus Cave in Z, and Zygardite Y for Pokemon Y. If both are found, both stones are found.

Legendary Pokemon

Pokemon Level Location

50 (Draining Chamber)

65(Terminus Cave)

Draining Chamber

Terminus Cave (if defeated)

Xerneas (Postgame) 70 Legendary Peaks (Floor B10)
Yveltal (Postgame) 70 Legendary Peaks (Floor 10)
Genesect (Postgame) 65

Wild Encounter (1st Encounter)

Lost City (2nd Fight)

Lunieon (Postgame) 60 Moon Chamber
Solherion (Postgame) 60 Sun Chamber
Dieion (Postgame) 65 Gray Chamber
Darkrai (Postgame) 70 Sea Spirit's Den
Celebi (Postgame) 60

Flower Shrine

Giratina (Event) 50 Distortion World
Hallowpump (Event) 60 Ghost Ship
Volcanion (Event) 45 Kalos Power Plant
Mew (DLC) 30 Fairy Fields
Deoxys (DLC) 30 Meteor Mountain
Manaphy (DLC) 30 Ampardo Coastline

Super Training

Regular Super Training

Rank HP Attack Defense Special Attack

Special Defense

1 Weedle Gible Caterpie Litwick Abra Porygon
2 Kakuna Gabite Metapod Lanturn Kadabra Porygon2



Butterfree Chandelure Alakazam Porygon-Z

Secret Super Training

Rank HP Attack Defense Special Attack Special Defense Speed Finale
4 Happiny Goomy Trapinch Duskull Carvanha Shinx
5 Chansey Sligoo Vibrava Dusclops Sharpedo Luxio
6 Blissey Goodra Flygon Dusknoir Surmissil Luxray





See more at: Pokemon Z/Soundtrack.

Credit (Author's Note)

I would like to give credit to Xous54 on DeviantART for making the image of Zygarde for the box art. Thank you.

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