Name Type PP Damage Accuracy Description
Put Down Normal 5 - - - - - - The user bullies the opponent lowering it's Attack by 1 and boosting the user's attack by 1. 
Gyser Water 15 90 85 Similar to fly and bounce. When used the user uses a gyser to shoot high in to the air. On the 2nd turn they come down as a waterdrop. It may confuse the opponent by a 30% chance.
Healing Rain Water 5 - - - - - - The user creates magical rainstorm that at the end of each turn heals all Pokemon on the battlefeild 1/16 of thier HP. It heals water Pokemon by 1/8 of thiers and damages Pokemon weak to water. It's effect lasts for 4 turns.
Rainbow Water 15 - - - 75 The user creates a rainbow of many colors that arches to the opponent and lowers thier accuracy by 2.
Acid Rain Poison 5 - - - - - - Very similar to healing rain. The user creates a toxic rainstorm that at the end of each turn damages  all Pokemon on the battlefeild by 1/16 of thier hp. It raises Poison Pokemon's Hp by 1/8 of thier Hp. It's effect lasts for 4 turns.
Lock Up Steel 5 - - - 65 The user locks up the foe in a cage and returns them to the opponent's party. After this attack that Pokemon cannot be switched out until three turns have passed or it's the users last Pokemon. It cannot be used on the opponent's last Pokemon. On wild Pokemon it makes them alot eaiser to catch.

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