Poke'mon Water Blue is a remake of Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen. It uncludes an extra quest called the missing quest at the end of the game and includes 25 new pokemon.


In Kanto, a trainer named Red once battled his way through gyms, team rocket, and more to become a pokemon master. However, that legend is almost forgotten in Kanto now. Many things have changed. A strange boy named Albert/Alfred/whatever you want to name him one day sees a Pokemon from his hometown of Cinnabar Island. The poke'mon, he described, was a mysterious, ghostly poke'mon. 5 years later, Albert became a pokemon trainer. He now searches for clues to find the mysterious pokemon!


  • The gym leaders are switched around in order-they're at the same cities, but you go to them in different orders.
  • The Elite Four has new trainers-Gold, Silver, Diamond, Pearl, and the champion, Prof. Evil.
  • The Elite Four is NOT the end of the game- the end of the game is at the end of missing quest, a bonus quest.
  • The cities have changed- same cities, differently built.
  • Team Rocket is replaced by Team Thieves.
  • A few glitch pokemon appear as Legendaries in this game.
  • The Pokemon from all the reigons of pokemon games appear

Secret Pokedex

This Pokedex is available once you beat the Elite Four.

  1. Houndice (if houndaur evolves in a snowy or icy area)
  2. Hocuspocus(evolution of Alakazam)
  3. Dratini Ice
  4. Dratini Fire
  5. Machampion (evolution of Machamp)
  6. Pachiminisu (baby pachirisu)
  7. Pacharay (evo. of Pachirisu
  8. Wailordess (evo. of female Wailmer)
  9. Skyraptor(stage 1)
  10. Sliceraptor(2)
  11. Spliceraptor(3)
  12. Spliceblender(4)
  13. Skyrapper (joke pokemon)
  14. Groundtunnler
  15. Groundpassager
  16. Groundsuperdigger
  17. Groundhammer
  18. Ultraditto
  19. Poke'Trainer (pokemon disguised as trainer)
  20. Primal Giratina
  21. Primal Dialga
  22. Primal Palkia
  23. M
  24. MisingNo.
  25. Stretch strongest pokemon in all pokemon games)

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