Pokémon Violet Version and Pokémon Lime Version are two Pokémon games developed by Twenty-Second Choice. This is the first game in the series to introduce more than one region; this game allows the player to travel between the two regions of Altsa and Elriah.


  • Lime: The male protagonist, and the pseudo-rival for females.
  • Violet: The female protagonist, and the pseudo-rival for males.
  • Professor Alder: The Pokémon professor in Altsa and Elriah
  • Professor Oak: A Pokémon professor who is most well-known for creating the original version of the Pokédex.
  • Amy: The rival, a female Pokémon trainer



The Pokégear from Pokémon Gold and Silver returns, serving much the same function. However, there are more cards available in Violet and Lime versions, which can be used to extend the PokéGear's functions.

Time Machine

Because of the introduction of new items, moves and Pokémon to Violet and Lime versions, to still allow trading with the previous titles, the Time Machine from Pokémon Gold and Silver versions returns. The Time Machine allows you to trade with previous versions, except you can't trade a Pokémon that is exclusive to Violet and Lime, or a Pokémon that has a move or is holding an item that was introduced in Violet and Lime versions.


Pokémon Violet and Lime versions introduces a whole new system of Pokémon breeding; it is now possible to breed crossbreeds (with certain combinations), but the most major feature is that the child can be the same species as either the mother or the father (however, if there is a crossbreed possible, it will always be the crossbreed). Various variables affect which species will be born, but it mostly factors down into chance.

While viewing the statistics of any Pokémon, a family tree is also shown that supplies information on all related Pokémon. Relatives which have been traded or released are also shown as such.


  • 001: Molawn (Grass)
  • 002: Multurf (Grass/Dark)
  • 003: Muldvarp (Grass/Dark)
  • 004: Wuflame (Fire)
  • 005: Lupusmoke (Fire/Flying)
  • 006: Vilkasmoke (Fire/Flying)
  • 007: Unnamed Water-type
  • 008: Unnamed Water/Ghost-type
  • 009: Unnamed Water/Ghost-type




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