Pokémon VictoryRed and TriumphBlue introduced 23 new Mega Evolutions, listed here.

Pokémon capable of Mega Evolution

Pokémon Mega Stone Type(s) Desc.
Mega Lapras Laprasite Water/Ice Grows a twisting horn on its head, as well as many icy scales on it's body. Its shell grows large spikes of ice, that form a circle around the center of the shell where the user can ride.
Mega Rapidash Rapidashinite Fire/Dragon Entire body turned to a grey color, and gains a large horn on its forehead. Its fire grows in size and also turns blue, along with large fiery wings on either side of its torso.
Mega Parasect Parasectite Bug/Dark Becomes primarily black, with its claws and feet growing in size as the arms and legs stay the smae size. The spots glow a bright blue, and it begins to grown many small blue mushrooms off of it.
Mega Raichu Raichunite Electric Gains a large, fluffy gray collar, similar to a thundercloud, that entends along its chest. Its ears gain a gray fluffy texture as well, and its tail changes to a glowing cyan color, as does most of its electric moves.
Mega Ninetails Ninetailsite Fire/Psychic The tips of its tails change to pink, burning with purple flames. Its chest also gains a pink texture. Its eyes change to purple, and a purple gem appears on its forehead. Purple flames appear from its mouth.
Mega Bisharp Bisharpite Dark/Steel The red colors change to a plum purple, and it gains gauntlet and boot-like armor around its hands and feet. It now weilds a bow with piercingly sharp arrows.
Mega Marowak Marowakite Ground/Ghost It gains a ghostly, shadowy collar, as well as a rib-like chest. Its shadow extends out and then rises up, forming a large Marowak-esque spirit with glowing red eyes. Its ability becomes parental bond.
Mega Golem Golemite Rock/Fire Golem's cracks become filled with lava, and also gains many large diamond spikes entending from its head down to its tail. Its eyes also becomes a blue-diamond color.

Mega Machamp

Machampite Fighting/Dark Bone-like armor appears around its shoulders and knees. It gains black, leather-esque sports tape around its wrists and ankles. It gains white, furry chest hair as well.
Mega Dragonite Draconite Dragon/Psychic Dragonite gains a teal spine, as well as a blue orb at the end of its tail. Its eyes become closed and squinty, and its wings become similar to the small wings of Dragonair. 
Mega Aegislash Aegislashinite Steel/Ghost It grows to become very large, and forms a more distict handle. It returns to having one eye on the hilt, and also posseses a large shield that it holds with the end of its tassle. It is stated that this form is meant to be wielded by the user.
Mega Chesnaught Chesnaughtite Grass/Fighting Grows large spikes on its back and head. It also grows a two-part shield that is attached to its wrists, which can be put together and placed on the ground as a large shield.
Mega Delphox Delphoxite Fire/Psychic Gains a furry witch's hat on top of its head, which its ears extrude out of. Its dress grows shorter as well, more similar to Braixen.
Mega Greninja Greninjite Water/Dark Greninja gains four arms, each with black wrappings around the wrists. The water droplets around its body change to frozen, white star-shapes.

Mega Mew

Mewnite Psychic/Fairy Mew's legs and head change to resemble Mewtwo's, and its tail now ends with a DNA-esque twist. Its eyes glow a bright diamond blue.
Mega Milotic Miloticite Water/Dragon The scales around its tail change to a rainbow pattern, and the hair around its head grows to become large fins.
Mega Wobbuffet Wobbuffetite Dark Wobbuffet's tail wraps around its neck, creating a scarf with eyes at either end. Its legs grow larger and become black, resembling pants.
Mega Magmortar Magmortite Fire/Steel Its arm cannon grows much larger, dripping lava. It also gains armor, comprised of steel and magma.
Mega Electrivire Electrivite Electric/Dark Its two-part tail now ends with red and blue tips, with the right one wrapping around its right arm and the left ready to strike. It also gains numerous black highlights on its fur.
Mega Electrode Electrodite Electric The red on its body becomes purple, and also gains two pink dots on each side of its body. This resembles a Master Ball.
Mega Snorlax Snorlaxite Normal/Fighting A large, white tuft of fur runs down its back and chest. It sleeps chest-down during battle.
Mega Magnezone Mangezonite Electric/Steel Grows a large antenna on its head, while two Magnemite-esque probes (previously its arms) float in circles around it. This resembles an alien spacecraft.
Mega Porygon Z Porygonite Z Psychic Porygon Z folds its head into its body, and its arms become two polygonal cannons (similar to the shape of Porygon's feet.) This resembles a fighter jet/spaceship, a nod to Porygon's involvement with programming and video games.

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