VictoryRed Logo W Pokemon
VictoryRed Boxart (WIP)
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Category: RPG
Developer: Game Freak
Publisher(s): Nintendo/The Pokémon Company
Release Date: 2016
TriumphBlue Logo
TriumphBlue Boxart (WIP)
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Category: RPG
Developer: Game Freak
Publisher(s): Nintendo/The Pokémon Company
Release Date: 2016


Pokémon VictoryRed (Japanese: ポケット モンスター力を 1 本 Pocket Monsters Victory Red) and Pokémon TriumphBlue (Japanese: ポケット モンスター勝利青 Pocket Monsters Triumph Blue) are paired Generation VII games that are enhanced remakes of the first-generation titles Pokémon Red and Blue. The new games were revealed in a worldwide announcement on the official Pokémon websites on August 31, 2015, and will be released in most regions of the world on September 28, 2016.


Sitting at their desk of their new room, the player reads over a letter that was sent to them from Professor Oak before their arrival. The player then heads downstairs, is greeted by their mother, and then leaves. Upon leaving the house, the player notices a shady man attaching a flier to the side of their house. The man quickly notices the onlooking player and alarmingly flees. The player observes it more closely, and sees that it displays a large red 'R' that casts the shadow of a similar purple 'R'. Underneath the image it reads "Rocket Revival." Unfortunately confused about the flier's meaning, the player decides to finally head to Professor Oak's lab. Upon entering, they notice that their friend, Aria, if the player is male, or Marshall, if the player is female, has been impatiently awaiting their arrival. The professor escorts the player and their friend outside, to the entrance of Route 1, where he explains the many dangers of the world, and then allows the player to choose a starter Pokémon, Squirtle, Charmander, or Bulbasaur. After the player's friend chooses a Pokémon, he/she will ask to battle. Once the battle is over, Professor Oak will advise that the two return home and explain this all to their parents. Once the player returns home and explains the situation to their mother, she will claim that she understands and also entrusts them with a Pokédex. She reads aloud a letter that was given to her by Professor Oak, explaining why the player was given a Pokédex and what they are to do with it. Before leaving, the player's mother gives them the Running Shoes.

Outside, the player finds their friend, who suggests they head towards Pewter City. Arriving at Viridian City, the player notices the shady man posting up fliers. Once again, he is alarmed by the player's presence, proclaiming "You! Stay out of my way, alright?" and then leaves. An old man approaches the flier, and then explains to the player that the man is trying to bring about the 'Rocket Revival', an attempt to finish the job that the original Team Rocket could not complete. The old man then tries to convince the player to help stop this from happening, saying that if they want to see change in this world, they must be the beggining. The old man leaves and wishes the player good luck on their adventure.

The player continues on towards Pewter City, traveling through the Viridian Forest first. At the Pewter gym, the player batles the rock-type Gym Leader, Brock, and earns the Boulder Badge. After his defeat, the player heads down Route 3, and into Mt. Moon. There, they find numerous Rocket Revival grunts, as well as two cornering an excavator. Once the members of Rocket Revival are defeated and the player recieves either the Dome or Helix Fossil, they exit Mt. Moon and arrive in Cerulean City. There, the player battles the water-type Gym Leader, Misty, and recieves the Cascade Badge. The player then travels north and recieves a ticket for the S.S. Anne from Bill in exchange for a Moon Stone. The player then continues down Routes 5 and 6, which will lead to an underground path that will allow them to bypass Saffron City. Arriving in Vermilion City, the player has no choice but to board the S.S. Anne, as the gym is blocked by a prickly tree. On board, the player fights many trainer, including the captain, who will give them the HM Cut as a reward. Arriving back at Vermilion, the player can now attempt the electric-type Gym Leader, Lt. Surge. After his defeat, the player can take a detour through Diglett's Cave, or head directly through Route 9.

At the end of Route 9 lies Pitch Tunnel, an abandoned tunnel where almost no light can enter. On the other side of the tunnel, the player arrives in Lavender Town, a place believed to be haunted by Pokémon's spirits. Upon entering the Lavender Radio Tower, the player finds numerous Rocket Revival members, attempting to take control of the radio signals. At the top the player finds Jet, the Rocket Revival program's first admin. He explains that the reason for Team Rocket's failure was the absense of Mega Evolution. The player defeats him recieves either the Charizardite X/Y, the Blastoisinite, or the Venusaurite as a gift from the town. Entering Route 8, the player is stopped by their friend, who suggests a quick battle. Upon defeat, he/she suggests that the player take the Mega Stone to Bill. The player returns to Bill's house, and, after observing the Mega Stone, Bill entrusts them with a Mega Bracelet, used to Mega Evolve Pokémon. The player then returns to the underground tunnel on Route 8, and arrives at Celedon City. There, the player battles the grass-type Gym Leader, Erika, and is awarded with the Rainbow Badge. Outside the gym, an old man asks the player to check out the abandoned Game Corner for suspicious activity.

In the basement of the Game Corner lies the long-abandoned Rocket Hideout. The player traverses the lab and eventually finds the shady man, who's name is revealed to be Jasper, looking for old technology. The player defeats him and recieves the HM Fly. From here, the player can either travel down Routes 16,17, and 18, or Routes 12, 13, 14, and 15. However, both will inevitably lead to Fuchsia City. The player defeats the poison-type Gym Leader, Janine, and recieves the HM Surf from the Safari Zone's warden. Returning to Route 8, the player can now enter Saffron City, which has been unfortunately taken over by members of the Rocket Revival. The player recives the HM Strength at the unnofficial fighting-type gym, and a Rocket Revival uniform from the Pokémon Fan Club. The player influtrates the Silph Co. building, and finds Onyx, the Rocket Revival's second admin, trying to obtain a Master Ball from the President of Silph Co. so that he may capture the powerful Pokémon Mewtwo. The player defeats Onyx, recieves a Master Ball, and then challenges the psychic-type Gym Leader, Sabrina. Using the HM Surf, the player travels through Routes 19 and 20, recieving the HM Dive from the Seafoam Islands along the way. Arriving at Cinnibar Island, the player defeats the fire-type Gym Leader, Blaine. Afterwards, they recieve a message from Bill, asking the player to find and enter the hidden underground lab of the ruined Pokémon Mansion. The player dives near the coast of Cinnibar and enters the lab through a secret entrance.

Inside, the player can find many journals kept by the son of Mr. Fuji, documenting his troubles with capturing Mew and Mewtwo, then trying to trigger their Mega Evolutions. The player picks up the Unstable Key Stone and the Mewtwonite X, and then returns to the island, where Bill is waiting for them. He asks the player if they'd help him down at the Sevii Islands, and as the player agrees, they board the Seagallop Ferry. The two land on One Island, where Bill's friend Celio asks the player to obtain some Malachite, located on Two Island, and some Tourmaline, located in Three Island's Berry Forest. The player locates these items and gives them to Celio, who thanks them by giving them either the Uniphon Flute or the Triphon Flute, used to summon either Articuno or Moltres to soar with. Returning to Viridian City, the player finds their friend, discouraged from a loss against the Gym Leader. After the player defeats them, he/she runs away, and the player is left to fight the flying-type Gym Leader, Blue. After Blue is defeated, he gives the player the Diphon Flute, and gives them the choice of either keeping or giving it to their friend. If the player chooses to, they return to Pallet Town and gives one of the flutes to their friend, which the two use to soar together. Upon landing, he/she points out that she saw a lot of people enter Chrono Island. The player returns there, and finds the members of Rocket Revival attempting to use the Rocket Warehouse's computers to track down Mewtwo. The player approaches them, and engages in a battle with Jet, Onyx, and Jasper. However, if the player chose to give one of the flutes away, their friend and Blue will appear and join the player during the battle. Upon defeat, Jasper will flee towards Millenium Island, to which Blue and the player follow.

Here, the player finds Jasper approaching Mewtwo, to which Blue warns him not to. Unfortuately disregarding him, Jasper attempts to take Mewtwo by force. Mewtwo throws Jasper back against a wall, giving the player an opportuninty to intervene. The player battles with Mewtwo, during whitch the Unstable Key Stone causes it to Mega Evolve. The player captures Mewtwo, and Jasper vowes to disband the Rocket Revival program. Returning to Viridian City, the player then travels down Route 23, and challenges Victory Road. At the end of this area lays the Pokémon League. The player challenges the Elite Four, consiting of the ice-type specialist Lorelei, the fighting-type specialist Bruno, the ghost-type specialist Agatha, and the dark-type specialist Karen. Finally the player enters the champion's room, only to find their own friend. He/she challenges them to one last fatefull battle, and upon defeat, enters their Pokémon into the Hall of Fame.


After the credits roll, a Mew sillouette is seen flying around in front of the moon. The player is in Pallet Town again, and returns to Professor Oak's lab to have their Pokédex checked. If the player has seen at least 60 Pokémon, the professor upgrades it to the National Dex, and asks the player to travel back to the Sevii Islands to see even more Pokémon. There, Celio tells the player that he is on the track of Mew, and needs the player's help to capture it. The player must travel throughout the Sevii Islands and locate the Seafaring Egg, the Ilex Egg, and the Victory Egg.  Once these are located, the player is sent to Holon Jungle, which is full of powerful Pokémon and strong magnetic properties. In a clearing on the far side of the jungle lies the Holon Legacy. The player sets an egg on each of the pillars, effectively attracting Mew and giving the player a chance to capture it. Once again, the Unstable Key Stone causes Mew to Mega Evolve during the battle, though the player manages to capture it.

In various places around both Kanto and the Sevii Islands, the player can find a special version of Greninja, Delphox, and Chesnaught, who all Mega Evolve due to the Unstable Key Stone. The Elite Four can also be challenged again, however each of their Pokémon are 12 levels higher. Additionaly, the player can now enter Red's house in Pallet Town. Upon entering, Red will ask the player to meet him at Millenium Island, where the he and the player will battle.


Explore the Pokémon world like never before!

Mega Evolve your Pokémon and dominate the competition! 

Battle hundreds of Pokémon trainers! Become the champion! 

Behold the powerful Mewtwo!

Changes from FireRed and LeafGreen

Mechanics inherited from later generations

  • Mega Evolution and Mega Stones, including even more Mega Evolutions that did not exist in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.
  • The fairy-type, as wel as new type matchups.
  • Pokémon Amie.
  • Horde Encounters.
  • VS. Artwork or models are now used instead of sprites for Trainers and Gym Leaders.
  • Stereoscopic 3D is incorporated, and in the same manner as in X and Y, as well as Alpha Sapphire & Omega Ruby.
  • Location-specific evolutions have been accounted for.

All new mechanics

  • Zapdos, Arcticuno, and Moltres cannot be caught at their original locations, instead the player must play the corresponding flute near a drawing of that bird. However, these drawings are located near the bird's original locations.
  • The Uniphon, Diphon, and Triphon Flutes, used to summon each of the mythical birds and soar through the sky with them.
  • The male and female characters have been somewhat redesigned, while the player's rival has been completely redesigned.
  • Mega Evolution becomes important to the games plot.
  • The plot now revolves a legendary Pokémon, like most other games in the series.
  • Team Rocket has been replaced by the Rocket Revival program, and includes an entirely new staff.
  • The post-game Sevii Islands now has a minor storyline.
  • New islands added near the Sevii Islands, namely the Millenium Island and the Holon Jungle.
  • The games now include an intro cutscene, as well as an entirely revamped title screen. 
  • The touch screen becomes the PokéCell, which includes the new Super Pokémon Amie, the AreaNav, and the DexNav.
  • The HM Dives replaces HM Cut, which includes new underwater sections of certain routes. 
  • The player now begins in the empty lot of Pallet Town, as the previous house the games began in is occupied by Red.
  • Saffron City now holds the PokéFloats celebration, during which numerous hot-air balloons shaped like Pokémon's heads are released into the sky. This can be seen from inside the city as well as soaring in the sky. This event occurs every Saturday from 10 A.M. to 11 P.M.
  • New post-story events and plot.
  • New legendary Pokémon can be caught inside special areas only accessable by soaring.

New Mega Evolutions

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