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Pokémon Aura is part of Generation VIII in thePokémon series created by SuyoGames for the Nintendo NX and Infinity GX. This generation

The region is a medieval European like region but takes inspiration from other countries. There will be challenges similar to the Island Trials but will be branched by different trials before you can complete it and battle the "boss pokemon". The evil team is called "The Omniscient" and there is a strange phenomenon of "dark glowing Pokémon" happening.

Nintendo eShop Description

Journey across Skaphos to aim to be the next strongest trainer of the region while battling a rising evil known as The Omniscient!

  • Over 90 new Pokémon to collect!
  • New Mega Evolutions and Z-Moves to be discovered!
  • Explore the dungeons of Skaphos with friends!
  • Build your underground base and share it with other trainers!
  • Uncover the mystery behind the "corrupted Pokémon"!


Adventure through the medieval like Skaphos region completing the Trials of Skaphos to become the next champion. You will meet friends, Elias and Mona - your rivals. On your journey to become the strongest trainer you will discover a cult called The Omniscient who is plotting to take over the world with their leader Magnus. You and your friends will face off against this evil by battling their admins and a mysterious cloaked character who may be Mona, your rival! What is this epidemic of violent Pokémon with a scary aura? The story is separated by Chapters. CLICK HERE FOR THE "PLANNED STORY"

Main Story

Chapter 1: The Adventure Begins

Beginning to Trial 2

Chapter 2: The Cult from the Shadows

Trial 2-Trial 4

Chapter 3: The Trials of Skaphos

Trial 4-6

Chapter 4: The Omniscient Rises

Trial 6-9 + villain arc part 1

Chapter 5: Endgame

Trial 10 & the villain arc part 2

Chapter 6: The Road to Victory

Trial 11 and the Pokemon League

Aftergame Story

Postgame Chapter 1: Invaders From Another Dimension

Looker contacts the player asking him/her to come to a secluded island to meet a mysterious girl named Camelia who has the mythical Pokémon Hoopa. Camelia is a "Dimensional Knight" who fights otherworldly threats. New types of Ultra Beasts have been appearing around the island, but nobody knows why specifically this island.

Postgame Chapter 2: Magnavora

A gigantic legendary, Magnavora wants to cause destruction. Awaken the Regis to defend this threat and unlock "Awakened Regigigas"

Postgame Chapter 3: Vengeance

The Omniscient returns under a new leader, one of the admins. Shut down the cult for a good and discover another legendary, Auragon. Zinnia makes an appearance.

Special Episodes

Similar to Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky there are side-stories unlocked after making progress in the game. These stories allow you to play as NPCs and you are not using your player character. You cannot catch Pokémon, use the PC, or gain experience while controlling NPCs.


The controls are exactly the same as it would play on Sun/Moon but without the bottom screen. The region is the most open world to date. Your pokedex is a tablet that was given to the Professor from a company in Sinnoh. The pokedex has a Siri rip-off and can be used to access the online features.

New Features


This feature puts you (or you and a friend) into a randomized dungeon and your goal is to make it to the exit which can only be unlocked by defeating a boss Pokémon (which is similar to a Totem Pokémon). You can only bring three Pokémon and their levels will be set to 50. There are Pokémon that may be lower or higher leveled Pokémon encountered and you cannot gain experience from them. You cannot use your own items but you can find items that will disappear when you leave the dungeon.

To navigate you must go through doors, some doors need to opened by completing challenging puzzles or defeating a certain number of Pokémon. Items are scattered through the rooms, some include Energizers which are like O-Powers and give certain effects to your Pokémon.

Ship Minigame

Think of like those social simulation games (Farmville) as this is basically that but with ships. You wait and send out ships to get special items and explore small islands in an island like archipelago in the east.

Eventually you will visit that archipelago in the postgame.

Pokémon Games

Pokémon Contest replacement, inspired by the Pokéathlon from HeartGold & SoulSilver.

Battle Colosseum

A new type of "battle" arena, similar to the Battle Maison, the player can partake in Single, Double, Triple, and Rotation battles. In the after-game you will unlock "The Festival of Champions" which is a spiritual successor to the Pokémon World Tournament.


Festival Plaza is gone because it sucks ass and that's why most of the Global Events in SuMo have failed and so is PokePelago. They have been replaced by a spiritual successor that combines the aspects and makes it much better and there are no version exclusives.

You have your own Utopia, you are the ruler so you tell your subjects what to do. Just like PokePelago, you can leave your Pokemon from your PC to rest there so they can gather berries or other rare items. Inspired by My Castle from Fire Emblem Fates. People on your friends list can also visit and you can let them reside in your Utopia so they can battle other visiting trainers (just like the Super Secret Bases from ORAS).


A really small feature, you grow berries and items that are used for the Mixtures.

The Underground

It's back, almost identical to the one in Gen 4 but expands on it.


The (third?) captain who uses Poison Types will introduce you to mixtures. Drinks/potions that give special boosts to your Pokémon in battle but can also be used to increase EVs. You will mix ingredients and berries and use new items grown from the Pokemon Farm. It's basically the replacement for Pokeblocks/Poffins.

The Pokémon Cup

The replacement to the Battle Spot, it is pretty much the same thing.

Every month there is a unique tournament hosted, the rules may change up a bit. You are paired with players with similar skill level and you gain rank points if you win or lose points if you are defeated. At the end of the tournament the top 100 trainers will be shown.

Some unique challenges include...

  • Draft Cup: You must choose one Pokémon out of multiple sets of two rental Pokémon. Choose one that you think will work for you. The other Pokémon you don't choose goes to the opponent! Think carefully, that Pokémon you didn't choose could end up sweeping your team.
  • Inverse Cup: The rules are now changed to an Inverse battle.
  • Randomized Cup: You are given random rental Pokémon.
  • Skaphos Cup: A battle using only Pokémon caught in Skaphos.
  • Legendary Cup: A battle using only Legendary Pokémon.
  • Synchronization Cup: A battle requiring you to use Mega Evolution and Z-Moves.


Main Characters

Name Description
Klaus/Alice The player character of the game, they've lived in the village for years, now they are old enough to set off and get their first Pokémon.
Elias A friend of yours since you were a child, your male rival that uses the super-effective starter.
Mona A friendly girl, she is your female rival but she is not who she seems. Uses the starter weak against yours.
Professor Cypress A scholar who studies the history of the Pokémon world. If you complete the entire dex you can battle him with the highest level team in the game.
Apollo A very strong trainer who is the champion of Skaphos, he will appear often during the story.
Magnus A sinister looking man, brother of Apollo (or maybe his friend) and the leader of The Omniscient (the evil team), he may not be truly evil though.

Type Specialists

Maggie A school teacher at Merca Town and a Normal Type specialist.
Simon An archeologist who is a Rock Type specialist
Morgan A girl who looks like she is on drugs, she introduces you to the "Mixtures" feature of the game and is a Poison Type Specialist.
Buzz An old man who catches Bug Pokémon, he is a Bug Type Specialist.
Shawn A teenager who claims he can communicate with Ghost Pokémon, he is a Ghost Type Specialist
Elysia Fairy Type Specialist
Gill A laid back fisherman who is the Water Type Specialist
Ignis A tribal man who is the Fire Type Specialist
Orion A viking like person who is the Ice Type Specialist
Cleo An egyptian like lady, she is the Ground Type Specialist
Athena A female knight, she is the last Trial Captain and the Steel Type Specialist. She has a double battle against you.
??? An old man who is the Dark Type member of the Elite 4.
??? A fortune teller who is the Psychic Type member of the Elite 4
??? Another viking (sister of Orion) who is the Dragon Type member of the Elite 4
Faust Teaches you Z-Moves and Mega Evolutions early in the game, he is the Fighting Type member of the Elite 4
Ivy A gardener at Silvarbor Town. Not a trial captain but she uses Grass Type Pokémon.
Phos A person who works at the observatory, not a trial captain but he uses Electric Type Pokémon
Antonio A poet who relaxes at Pidgeot Peak, not a trial captain but he uses Flying Type Pokémon.


(these are not in order)

  • Initius Village: Where you start off
  • Merca Town: Small town with a few traders, there is a school with the first trial captain
  • Port Nava: A town where ships take off, you start the ship minigame here.
  • Piscatoris Town: A town with a few people, lots of Pokémon to fish here.
  • Castra Town: A town with log cabins in Mordar. People are afraid of "werewolf and vampire pokemon" coming to attack them. There is some girl who tells the story of "The Three Little Tepigs & The Big Bad (Werewolf Pokemon)"
  • Shantay Town: Arab/egyptian like town, there is a jewelery shop there that sells evolution stones.
  • Arcane Village: A very secluded village with lots of trees
  • Ariolus Town : A city full of Psychics.
  • Silvarbor Town: A town that is basically a giant treehouse with lots of mini houses (it's like Fortree City from Gen 3)
  • Spartan City: A cool gladiator like city! The Pokemon Games and Battle Colosseum are located here.
  • Kilaronga City: A jungle like city, originally inhabited by tribal people but now fisherman and other tourists are welcome.
  • Congregate Town: A city full of trees and fishing spots. There are lots of spots to plant berries here. Farmers, fisherman, and lumberjacks come here.
  • Asgardia City: A city that does not welcome people who aren't native to the city, it is full of viking like people and some hikers.
  • Menephis City: Another arab/egyptian location but bigger, it is like Dubai or something. The Ground Type captain lives here.
  • ???: A town with hot springs and mud baths.
  • Eastern Island 1
  • Dracobreath Isle
  • Eastern Island 2

  • Athasus: The biggest "city" in the game, has the clothing and salon shop. Lots of stores too.
  • Kingdom 2: Full of knights and it is full of white people, a castle is located there. The Steel Type (final trial captain) Captain is there.
  • Mordar: A dark kingdom that used to be different, now most of the land is swamps and dead trees and is full of scary Pokémon. It is east of Athasus and the only way to access it is either going north of Shantay Town or through a bridge in Athasus. The Poison Type captain is there.
  • Kingdom 4

Other Locations
  • The Digsite: Northeast of Athasus is an archeology site where the second trial captain (Rock specialist) is. He gives you the regional Fossil.
  • Polypore Cavern: A cavern with mushrooms and Poison Type Pokémon, nothing much to do here. It is near Shantay Town.
  • Skaphos Badlands: Apparently it used to be another kingdom but wars broke out and eventually most of the kingdom was destroyed. Now the only thing that inhabits it are ghosts and recently, "vicious Pokemon". To defend the kingdom of the deadly pokemon, a large ditch and wall structure was built. A guard makes a joke that references Donald Trumps comment about building a wall but doesn't mention his name
  • "Underground Pass": West of Kingdom 4 is a underground path that leads you to Arcane Village, a very secluded area.
  • Illusion Forest: A forest in Arcane Village that is really the Fairy trial, it is a maze.
  • Kilaronga Jungle: A large annoying jungle to navigate
  • Kilaronga Ruins: Ancient jungle ruins where the "Orb of Fire" is located.
  • Kilaronga Volcano: A volcano, but there is a cave near it which is really the Fire Trial.
  • Pidgeot Peak: A mountainous range that has a lot of windy weather.
  • Mt. Frostentooth: Another mountain that is snowy, Ice Pokemon and mainly the Hati/ice wolf pokemon are located here. You get to it from Spartan City in order to cross into Congregate City
  • Askeladden Mountain: A bigger snowy mountain, legends say that Kyurem sleeps in a cave on the peak of the mountain.
  • Mount Olydeus: A big rocky mountain range which is considered "Victory Road" that is north of Spartan City. This is your path to the Pokemon League.
  • Osiris Pyramid: A large ancient pyramid which is technically the Ground Trial location. A legendary snake pokemon lives in it.
  • The Ancient Temple: A very large temple that has a portal leading to different worlds.
  • The Heart of Skaphos: An underground cave where the mascot legendary rests, the place is covered with trees and roots and Pokemon who enter it feel a powerful divine energy.
  • Void Island: An island shaped like a portal, it is kind of like Bermuda Triangle I guess? The Dimensional Knights stay there and the UBs have apparently taken refuge there, but why?
  • Shrine of Balance: A sacred shrine in the eastern part of Skaphos, the legendary Auragon sleeps there.
  • Omniscient Stronghold: A barricaded fortress near Askeladden Mountain, guarded by many vicious Pokémon. This is the big villain hideout.
  • Another Cave: A hazardous rocky cave with rock and electric pokemon that you must go through in order to get to Asgardia City.
  • The Monastery: A monastery taken over by the Omniscient.
  • The Observatory: Just a regular observatory
  • Cypress' Lab: It really isn't big but there is a library full of Skaphosian history and some machines. It is located in the Athasus Kingdom.

New Pokémon

NOTE: The names are placeholders, they will be changed and some that already have names may/may not. The dex numbering is NOT COMPLETE, there is more Pokémon to be added. 2nd Note: Bold abilities indicate that the ability is a Hidden Ability.

For the possible final list of the new pokemon CLICK HERE

___Dex Name Type Evolution Ability Entry/Description
803-805 Grass Horse Grass 3 stage Overgrow
Battle Bond
Horse that evolves into a Grass/Steel Pokémon that gains armor making it resemble a Trojan Horse. When under battle bond, the pokemon will gain a small stat buff to its defenses and speed.
806-808 Fire Type Minotaur Fire Blaze
Battle Bond
In its first form it represents a bull/ox until it becomes a minotaur that is Fire/Ground typing. When Battle Bond is activated this Pokémon will become faster.
809-811 Dolphin Water Torrent
Battle Bond
Dolphin Pokémon, may gain Psychic typing in its final evolution. When Battle Bond is activated this Pokémon will gain a buff to its Special Attack and Speed.
812-814 "Chikalry Normal
3 stage Big Pecks
Keen Eye
The regional bird, final stage is Flying/Steel
813 Aviacota Normal
3 stage Big Pecks
Keen Eye
Evo of the regional bird, next evo is Steel/Flying
814 "Knightingale Steel
3 stage Gale Wings
The final stage of the regional bird.
815 Yakiddy Normal 2 stage Thick Fat
Like Rattata, Watchog, Bunnelby. This is the regional Normal type.
816 Yakpak Normal 2 stage Thick Fat
Like Rattata, Watchog, Bunnelby. This is the regional Normal type.
817-819 Critink Bug Shield Dust This regions bug Pokémon, becomes Bug/Fairy
820-823 Giaent Grass 3 stage Harvest
Grassy Terrain
Based off an Ent, slow but bulky attacker. May gain Ground typing.
824 Swishor Water Swishor
Sharp Blade
Hyper Cutter
Based of a Swordfish, the ability Sharp Blade increases damage to Blade/Slash moves.
825 Swaster Water Swishor
Sharp Blade
Hyper Cutter
Based of a Swordfish, the ability Sharp Blade increases damage to Blade/Slash moves.
826 Impyre Fire
Based off an Imp, eventually evolves into a demon like pokemon and retains its Fire/Fairy typing.
827 Lethemon Fire
828 Diablazon Fire
829-830 Electric Type Electric 2 stage Volt Absorb
831-832 Manbearpig Fairy
2 stage Stamina
Fusion like pokemon with a bear/wolf appearance but has horns. The ability "Vicious" may activate when a contact move is used on an opponent, they will take small amounts of damage each turn and their defense is slightly lowered.
833 Torwyce Fire
No evolution Technician Gemini Pokemon, its unique move is like Double Hit but the first hit does Fire Type damage, the second does Ice Type damage.
834 Pikachu Clone Electric No evolution ??? Another pikachu clone.
835-836 Scabhite Bug
2 stage Chitin Scarab/dung beetle like Pokémon. It's ablity halves damage when at full health but when not at full health it becomes like Filter/Solid Rock.
837-838 Widoom Bug
2 stage Merciless
Quick Striker
Black widow/tarantula like Pokémon. Widooms ability boosts the power of priority moves.
839 Gila Monster Ground
No evolution Dry Skin
Rough Skin
840 Strassa Rock
Shell Armor
Solar Power
Stegosaurus Pokemon, the ability Herbivore increases damage on Grass Types.
841 Plunchego Rock
Shell Armor
Solar Power
Evo of Strassa
842 Raptovolt Rock
Volt Absorb
Speed Boost
Solar Power
Based on the Raptor dinosaur.
843 Jolrastic Rock
Volt Absorb
Speed Boost
Solar Power
Based on the Raptor dinosaur.
844 Barbolar Ice
Clear Body
Barbarian like Pokemon
845 Herchilles Ice
Clear Body
Barbarian like Pokemon
846 Werewolf Dark No evolution Fur Coat Although we have Lycanroc, this one looks more like an actual werewolf.
847 Vampire Dark No evolution Vampyrism Vampire Pokemon, signature abiity Vampyrism allows it to restore a small amount of HP when using contact moves.
848 Gargoyle Rock
No evolution Weak Armor
Gale Wings
849 Schrieech Ghost Schrieech
Banshee like Pokemon, the Phantamize ability turns Normal Type moves into Ghost type moves. Also learns Boomburst.
850 Necroar Ghost Schrieech
Evo of Schrieech.
851-853 Triflecta Steel
3 stage Magic Bounce
No Guard
Clear Body
Mirror Pokemon.
854 Peawee Normal
2 stage Big Pecks
Peacock Pokemon.
855 Peafowl Dark
2 stage Marvel Scale
Peacock Pokemon and Mandibuzz 2.0
??? Crystal Psychic No evolution Rattled (Aggressive Forme)
Steadfast (Legion Forme)
Triage (Support Forme)
Battle Armor (Tank Forme)
These Pokémon used to be humans until a strange power turned them into mindless crystalline creatures. This Pokémon has 4 different formes with unique abilities and moves.
857-858 Tombstone Rock
2 stage Force Alive Tombstone Pokémon possessed by a ghost like looks familiar. Its unique ability is Shields Down 2.0.
??? Sunaku Fire
No evolution Magic Guard
Vermilion Bird Pokemon.
859 Torciela Water
No evolution Solid Rock
Huge Power
Black Tortoise Pokemon.
860 Lyakko Electric
No evolution Filter
Pure Power
White Tiger Pokemon.
861-862 Crynovorn Ice
2 stage Slush Rush
Poison Point
Ice Body
Wyvern Pokemon, first evo is Ice/Flying
863-864 Bahamut Dragon
2 stage Raw Power
Bahamut Pokemon, first stage is pure Dragon. The ability Raw Power increases power to moves with no secondary effect.
865-867 Fenrir Ice
3 stage Fur Coat
Snow Warning
Based off Hati, Skoll, and Fenrir. The final stage has high BST but evolves at a very high level (59) and the last stage evo gains the Dark typing.
868 Mightior Rock
Shields Down Evolution of Minior.
869 Eucalypso Normal Komala
Comatose Evolution of Komala
870 Zangrath Normal
Toxic Boost
Evolution of Zangoose, gains Fighting type.
871 Sevenom Poison
Sheer Force
Evolution of Seviper, gains Dark Type.
??? Jynx Evo Ice
Jynx Evo
Dry Skin
Jynx finally gets an evo.
??? Tauros Evo Normal Tauros
Tauros Evo
Mold Breaker
Anger Point
Tauros' attack is boosted.
??? Octentator Water Remoraid
Quick Draw Octillery evolves? Yes, with the ability "Quick Draw" bomb/ball moves have +1 priority.
??? Thornfish Water
Swift Swim
Innards Out
Qwilfish got an evolution too, it now is bigger with a stat boost in its defenses and attack. It learns Baneful Bunker too.
872-874 Drasylon Dragon
3 stage Serene Grace
Sheer Force
Magic Guard
The psuedo-legendary, it is a fairy dragon.
875 UB-06: Clamp Dark
No evolution Beast Boost
A strange figure who has a black hole like body, it seems to move through the water and "eats" the poor Water Pokémon.
876 UB-07: Vacuum Water
No evolution Beast Boost
Sap Sipper
The beasts mouth sucks the nutrients out the land and sucks in water, with no action this Pokémon could ruin the entire planet with no natural resources for humans.
??? UB-08: Nuclear Electric
No evolution Beast Boost
A strange mosquito looking Pokémon with spider legs, it spits out dangerous acid that can melt the sturdiest of steel. It is said to have murdered thousands of trainers and Pokémon by burning their flesh until their bones are only left.
??? UB-09: Sphere Normal
No evolution Beast Boost
A spherical Pokémon that resembles a Dyson Sphere, it has sharp scales covered on it that can be shot at opponents and they will explode. The beast has one eye that fires beams of energy.
??? UB-10: Infestation Bug
No evolution Beast Boost
Flying termites, swarms of them. This Ultra Beast is a swarm of mysterious insectoid creatures that swarm areas and feed off wood and other materials. A source says that a whole city had no more houses due to these hungry creatures.
??? UB-11: Disguise ??? No evolution Beast Boost
It looks like a cute Pokémon until it reveals its terrifying true form.
??? UB-00: Mother Bug
No evolution Beast Boost Said to be the mother of the Ultra Beasts, this gigantic abomination appears be a hybrid of the other Ultra Beasts, it lays eggs which contain the dangerous beasts and summons Ultra Wormholes with its power. If it were to be killed, another would be born in just a few years.
877 Agielem Rock
None Berserk A large rock golem like Pokemon, part of the Elemental Quartet.
878 Zephyros Flying
Steel ?
None Stamina Based off the Stymphian bird. Part of the Elemental Quartet
879 Molavaar Fire
None Solid Rock Part of the Element Quartet, this volcanic beasts body is covered with obsidian.
880 Yakamura Water
None Water Compaction Part of the Elemental Quartet, it is a water serpent.
881 Telos Fighting
None Warden Said to live deep within the region, it guarded and protected Skaphos in ancient times. It's ability Warden allows it to nullify its opponents ability. It is the main legendary.
882 Typhodius Dark
None Fearsome The frightening villainous Pokémon that is somehow connected to Telos. Think of it like the legendary duo in every game. Does it have to do with the "dark Pokémon" and The Omniscient?
883 Magnavora Ground
None Devour She is the largest Pokémon yet, she will eat anything, even other Pokémon. The ability Devour allows the user to steal stat changes, even when switched in.
885 Ouroboros Poison
None ??? A snake Pokemon that is based off the Ouroboros.
886 Soul Eater Normal
None Cursed Body This behemoth like Pokémon feasts off the souls of Pokemon.
887 Nexaedus Dark + Poison, Ghost, Bug, or Ice None Pressure (Regular Form)
Poison Touch (Fume Form)
Cursed Body (Umbral Form)
Vampyrism (Blood Form)
Snow Cloak (Ice Form)
A mysterious Pokémon and the unofficial member of the Elemental Quartet. Weaved off the different essences of Pokémon, this abomination can gain a second typing through a special key item.
888 Auragon Dragon None Protean A golden dragon that is the "third member" of the Balance Trio (Telos, Typhodius, Auragon).
889 Pegasus Electric
None Speed Boost A pegasus Pokemon, its unique move is an Electric Type version of Hyperspace Hole.
890 Cerberus Fire
None Rock Head A cerberus Pokémon who learns a lot of recoil moves. Its unique move traps the opponent and prevents switching.
891 Orozami Water
None ??? A orochi Pokémon feared by sailors as it has destroyed many ships and ate the passengers. An insane man mentions its name repetitively in shock.

New Mega Evolutions

NatDex Sprite Name Mega Stone Type Ability
78 Mega Rapidash Rapidashite Fire Drought
171 Mega Lanturn Lanturnite Water
357 Mega Tropius Tropiusite Grass
Solar Power


PokéRide replacement, now featuring a few more HM replacements.

Pokémon Used Description
Tauros Ride Ride Tauros to charge at a fast speed and break rocks.
Scyther Slash Call Scyther for help to cut down trees in your path!
Pidgeot Ride Fly across the region using Pidgeot!
Lapras Paddle Ride Lapras across the vast seas of Skaphos.
Sharpedo Jet Calling Sharpedo allows you to move even faster across the sea and can break rocks in your path.
Machamp Shove Call Machamp to use its strength can move heavy rocks in your path.
Luxray Light Call Luxray to shine a light that will help you navigate through dark caves.
Stoutland Search Stoutland can sniff out and find hidden items.
Lanturn Dive Lanturn can help you dive into the sea to explore underwater caverns.
Rhyhorn Ride Use Rhyhorn to cross rocky terrain and also rock climb up mountains.

New Abilities

Name Description
Warden Nulifies the ability of your opponent, but only if the user is in battle. Does not affect unique abilities like Stance Change, Multitype, and Comatose.
Fearsome The users terrifying power will cause the opponents Pokémon to switch out when at half health. Only works if the opponent takes direct damage, Hail/Sandstorm and poison/burn will not switch the opponents Pokémon out.
Sharp Blade Increases the damage of slashing moves by 20%.
Devour Removes stat increases by opponents and transfers it to the user. Does not work against Pokémon with the Defiant ability.
Raw Power Slightly increases the damage of moves with no effect.
Quick Striker Priority moves have increased damage.
Phantamize Normal Type moves turn into Ghost Type moves, their power is increased slightly.
Chitin Lowers damage taken slightly.
Herbivore If the opponent is a Grass Type, their damage taken will increase.
Vampyrism A small amount of health is restored if using a move that makes contact.
Storage If the users item is lost/used they can receive another one by switching out. Does not work if you are holding a Z-Crystal.
Vicious Contact moves may inflict a damage over time affect.
Force Alive When the "Tombstone" is at half health, it will come out of its tomb and reveal its true form. Its attack, special attack, and speed will be boosted.


New Z-Moves

Z-Moves return from SuMo, this time there are unique Z-Crystals which can be used on any Pokémon as long as they have the move required. For example, nearly all Pokémon can learn Protect so they utilize the new Z-Move "Barricade" as long as it his holding the Protectium Z. The new Z-Moves are also very stronger and a bit overpowered. It is intended that way due to the one time use of the move, so Z-Moves can be used more often in battles.

Name Type Description Category Move Used Item Name
Sunshine Fire Summon a sunbeam around your team for a few turns. Water Type attacks are halved and Fire attacks are boosted and have a greater chance of burning with the addition of never missing. Status Sunny Day Sunium Z
Sprinkling Storm Water A storm surrounds your team, boosting your Water Type attacks. Your team is immune to burns and Water Types restore a small amount of HP and are immune to all status conditions. Water Types have their Special Defense boosted. Status Rain Dance Rainium Z
Arctic Asylum Ice A freezing field is summoned around your team for 4-5 turns. Your team will restore 10% of their HP each turn and Ice Type moves are boosted. Ice Types have their Defense boosted. Status Hail Hailium Z
Desert Dome Rock A sandstorm surrounds your team for a few turns. Those inside with the Rock, Steel, and Ground will have their Defense and Special Defense boosted temporarily. In addition, their moves are boosted and have increased accuracy. Opponents contact moves may miss. Status Sandstorm Sandstorium Z
Barricade Normal A large wall protects your entire team, you will be immune from all attacks the first turn. The next turn your team is still unaffected by status moves but you will take only 50% of the damage and on the final turn 25%. Status Protect Protectium Z
Blinding Hyperspeed Normal The user dashes with incredible speed. This move will always go first and has the highest priority out of any move in the game, it will cause the opponent to flinch. Physical Extremespeed Extremespeedium Z
Sparkling Screen Psychic A magical barrier surrounds Mr. Mimes side and raises your teams Defense while also acting like Magic Coat, Reflect, and Light Screen. A powerful move for an underused Pokémon while wasting a good move slot. Status Barrier Mimium Z
??? Fairy Clefable launches a powerful beam using the moon, the attack also heals you and your allies by 75%. It's basically Moonblast and Moonlight in one move. Special Moonblast Clefablium Z
Rumbling Rampage Ground Donphan goes berserk and stomps around causing earthquakes. This attack destroys hazards and protection moves. Physical Earthquake Donphium Z
Dragonic Debilitation Dragon Flygon soars into the sky and descends towards the opponent. Opponent will deal 50% less damage for the next 3-5 turns. Physical Dragon Rush Flygonium Z
Floral Fury Grass Roserade unleashes an explosive flower like attack. This attack also sets up Grassy Terrain in the field. Special Leaf Storm Roserium Z
Mind Melting Bell Psychic Bronzong uses its bell to emit a painful noise that lowers all of the opponents stats and prevents them from using Sound moves. Also has a chance of flinching. Special Extrasensory Bronzonium Z
Power Outage Electric Rotom overloads with electricity and unleashes it against its opponent. The attack will paralyze and harshly lower the opponents accuracy. Special Thunderbolt Rotomium Z
King of the Ring Fighting/Flying A wrestling ring is summoned and Hawlucha soars into the sky and crashes down with brute force to pin the opponent. Physical Flying Press Hawluchium Z
Shadow Shattering Slash Ghost Aegislash emits a shadow aura and delivers a sharp blow against the opponent and destroys any protections. This attack will harshly lower the opponents defense and prevent them from using protection moves for 3-5 turns. Physical Shadow Claw Aegislasium Z
Vengeful Reaping Revenge Ghost Mimikyu angrily slashes the opponent with its cursed body. The attack places a Torment status on the opponent so they cannot use the same move twice. This move one hit KOs does double damage on Pikachu. Physical Shadow Claw Mimikium Z
Tempestuous Twin Thrash Fire/Ice Torwyce beats up the opponent using fire and ice attacks. The attack either freezes or burns the opponent. Physical Twin Fury Torwycium Z
Naval Nuke Water Octentator charges and shoots a massive ink bomb that hits multiple Pokémon and will harshly lower their accuracy. Special Octazooka Octentium Z
Full Force Charge Normal (Tauros evo) charges head on to deal an extremely powerful collision. The brutal attack will flinch and harshly lower the opponents defense. Physical Giga Impact ???

New Moves

Name Type Description PP Power Accuracy Category
Acid Rain Poison A five-turn acid like rain is summoned to heal Poison types and hurts those that don't have Poison typing. 10 -- -- Status
Luminescent Dash Fairy The user is cloaked in light and charges at the opponent, this deadly attack will deal recoil. 15 120 100% Physical
Chilling Collision Ice The user is surrounded by a icy cold blue aura, they charge at the opponent. The attack is very strong so it will deal recoil damage. 15 120 100% Physical
Doomshock Dark The user materializes an odd dark energy to attack the target. This attack does special damage. 10 80 100% Physical
Fairy Flare Fairy A massive energy sphere is unleashed from the user, this move has a 10% chance to lower the targets Special Defense. 5 120 85% Special
Gigantic Gale Flying A big gale is summoned to strike any Pokémon adjacent to you. 10 100 90% Special
Smite Steel The user uses all their might and strikes, if the target uses a protecting move then it will be bypassed and the opponents defense will be harshly lowered. 10 40 100% Physical
Tidal Crash Water The user surrounds themselves in water and crashes into the target. This also damages the user quite a lot. 15 120 100% Physical
Wipe Out Water The user will unleash a huge tidal wave that will cause the player to change their Pokémon. 10 60 90% Special
Vengeance Dark Rebounds 75% of incoming damage against the opponent, excessive uses will make the move likely to fail. 5 -- 100% Status
Intercept Psychic Redirects your attack to your ally and that damage is slightly reduced. 10 -- 100% Status
Prison Dome Dark The user creates a dome that will prevent all opposing Pokémon from switching out for a few turns. Volt Switch or U-Turn will not switch the Pokémon out. The move can be nullified if you use a move that targets Pokémon adjacent to the user. 5 -- 100% Status
Soul Siphon Ghost The user vaporizes the foe, draining their energy. The user restores 50% of their health from the attacks damage. 10 75 100% Special
Asphyxiate Psychic The user telekinetically strangles the opposing Pokémon, may cause them to flinch. 15 80 100% Special
Magmic Meteor Fire Engulfed with extreme flames, the user charges like a meteor and crashes into the opponent. May inflict burn status. 10 90 100% Physical
Deadly Strike Poison The user quickly strikes with a poisonous attack that may poison the opponent. Only works if the opponent is attacking. 5 70 100% Physical
Phantasm Ghost The user summons illusions and attacks the opposing Pokémon. May inflict confusion. 10 90 100% Physical

Signature Moves

Name Type Description PP Power Accuracy Category Learned By
Verdrive Grass The user charges with brute force to bypass any moves that Protect opposing Pokemon, it also ignores their defenses. 10 70 100% Physical Smisteed
Searing Shaker Ground The user slams the ground with their fiery fists, the attack may leave a burn on the opponent. 10 90 100% Physical Fire Starter
Echolocator Psychic The user uses echolocation to predict sudden movements, allowing the user to ensure the next attack doesn't miss. Affects multiple Pokémon. 5 -- 100% Status "Dolphin Starter"
Beetlejuice Bug The user stabs the opponent with an extremely deadly poison. The foe will faint instantly if it hits. Does not work against Poison or Steel Types. 5 -- -- Physical Scabhite
Omnipower Dragon Harnessing the power of the elements, a powerful burst of energy is released that may paralyze, burn, or freeze the targeted Pokémon. 5 100 100% Special Auragon
Anima Stream Fighting The user charges their energy and unleashes it against the opposing Pokémon, this move ignores stat changes and protection moves. 5 100 100% Special Telos
Corruption Tendrils Dark The user unleashes a dark power as tendrils come from the ground and strike the opposing Pokémon. This move deals a damage over time effect similar to Fire Spin/Sand Tomb/Whirlpool. 5 100 100$ Physical Typhodius
Gaia Hammer Steel The user delivers a powerful blow on the opponent, it may flinch them too. 10 100 80% Physical Bahamut
Twin Fury Fire / Ice The user attacks twice, the first attack being a Fire Type move while the second hit an Ice Type Move. 15 40 100% Physical "Gemini"
White Storm Ice A cold storm is summoned to strike opposing Pokémon, may leave them frozen. 10 100 90% Special "Fenrir"
Volting Velocity Electric The user quickly rams into the opponent surrounded with electricity. This move always goes first and bypasses protection moves. 5 70 -- Physical "Pegasus"
Tsunami Water A massive tsunami is summoned that hits anyone adjacent to the user. 5 120 75% Special Water Elemental
Scorching Quasar Fire The user slams the ground and unleashes a wave of fire that hits anyone adjacent to the user. 5 120 75% Physical Fire Elemental
Earthbreaker Rock The user creates a massive boulder and slams it, the explosion will affect anyone adjacent to the user. 5 120 80% Physical Agielem
Turmoil Flying A massive tornado is summoned, the strong wind will hit anyone adjacent to the user. 5 120 80% Special Zegrygale
Wrath Normal (changes depending on Typing) The user unleashes their destructive energy which may cause a bad side-effect, the type can change depending on what forme Nihil is taking. 10 90 100% Special Nexaedus
Caldera Chains Steel The user whips out flaming chains and strangles the opposing Pokémon. If it succeeds, they cannot switch out of battle. May inflict a burn. 10 80 100% Physical
Rain of Terror Water The user unleashes waves of blue energy against the opponent, this move will never miss and hits multiple Pokémon. 20 80 -- Special
Apoptosis Poison A deadly venom is inflicted on the opponent, may leave a badly poison condition. 5 120 80% Special Ouroboros
Life Eater Ghost The user summons a ghostly core that drains the energy of their opponent. It's basically a Ghost Type Leech Seed. 10 -- 90% Status Soul Eater


There are special downloadable events that are time based. Some are just downloadable Pokémon but there are holiday quests that earn you a festive Pokémon with the move Celebrate and some other benefits including increased chance of finding specific Type Shiny Pokémon or boosted experience.


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