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Pokémon ??? (originally Vermilion & Azure, name is still there because I can't think of a new one) are both new Generation VIII Pokémon Games created by SuyoGames for the Nintendo 3DS and Infinity GX. It's probably going to be a standalone game despite there being a legendary duo.

The region is a medieval European like region but takes inspiration from other countries. There will be challenges similar to the Island Trials but will be branched by different trials before you can complete it and battle the "boss pokemon". The evil team is called "The Omniscient" and there is a strange phenomenon of "dark glowing Pokémon" happening.


Story takes place in the (Skaphos?) region, where the player takes the challenge of the (insert trial name here). The protagonist will meet friends, Klaus and Athena - your rivals. On your journey to become the strongest trainer you will discover a cult called The Omniscient who is plotting to take over the world with their leader Magnus (brother of the champion). You and your friends will face off against this evil by battling their admins and a mysterious cloaked character who may be Athena, your rival!


New Features


This feature puts you (or you and a friend) into a randomized dungeon and your goal is to make it to the exit which can only be unlocked by defeating a boss Pokémon (which is similar to a Totem Pokémon). You can only bring three Pokémon and their levels will be set to 50. There are Pokémon that may be lower or higher leveled Pokémon encountered and you cannot gain experience from them. You cannot use your own items but you can find items that will disappear when you leave the dungeon.

To navigate you must go through doors, some doors need to opened by completing challenging puzzles or defeating a certain number of Pokémon. Items are scattered through the rooms, some include Energizers which are like O-Powers and give certain effects to your Pokémon.

Ship Minigame

Think of like those social simulation games (Farmville) as this is basically that but with ships. You wait and send out ships to get special items and explore small islands in an island like archipelago in the east.

Eventually you will visit that archipelago in the postgame.

Pokémon Games

Pokémon Contest replacement, inspired by the Pokéathlon from HeartGold & SoulSilver.

Battle Colosseum

A new type of "battle" arena, similar to the Battle Maison, the player can partake in Single, Double, Triple, Rotation, and now Inverse battles. May be changed.


Festival Plaza + PokePelago combined but much better. You have your own Utopia, you are the ruler so you tell your subjects what to do. Just like PokePelago, you can leave your Pokemon from your PC to rest there so they can gather berries or other rare items.


A really small feature, you grow berries and items that are used for the Mixtures.

The Underground

It's back, details will come later.


The (third?) captain who uses Poison Types will introduce you to mixtures. Drinks/potions that give special boosts to your Pokémon in battle but can also be used to increase EVs. You will mix ingredients and berries and use new items grown from the Pokemon Farm. It's basically the replacement for Pokeblocks/Poffins.

New Pokémon

NOTE: The names are placeholders, they will be changed and some that already have names may/may not. 2nd Note: Bold abilities indicate that the ability is a Hidden Ability.

___Dex Name Type Evolution Ability Entry/Description
803 Grass Horse Grass Overgrow
Grass Pelt
Horse that evolves into a Grass/Steel Pokémon that gains armor making it resemble a Trojan Horse.
806 Fire Starter Blaze
809 Dolphin Water Torrent
Dolphin Pokémon, may gain Psychic typing in its final evolution.
812 Grawky Normal
Big Pecks
Keen Eye
The regional bird, final stage is Flying/Ground
816 This gen's Normal Type Normal Like Rattata, Watchog, Bunnelby. This is the regional Normal type.
818 Critink Bug Shield Dust This regions bug Pokémon, becomes Bug/Fairy
??? Malefesoleum Rock
Force Alive A tombstone like Pokémon with a unique ability that is similar to Shields Down. This tombstone is haunted and a ghostly hand comes out of it. When it is angered the grave opens to reveal a ghostly figure that looks quite familiar...
??? Scabhite Bug
2 stage Chitin Scarab/dung beetle like Pokémon. It's ablity halves damage when at full health but when not at full health it becomes like Filter/Solid Rock.
??? Widoom Bug
2 stage Merciless
"Priority Boost"
Black widow/tarantula like Pokémon. It's ability boosts the power of priority moves.
??? Werewolf Dark No evolution Fur Coat Although we have Lycanroc, this one looks more like an actual werewolf.
??? Vampire Dark No evolution Vampyrism
??? Gemini Fire
No evolution Technician Based off the Gemini constellation. Signature move is a two-turn attack that is Fire Type first, then the Ice Type last.
??? Swishor Water 2 stage Sharp Blade
Hyper Cutter
Based off a Swordfish. It's unique ability boosts the power of "slashing moves".
??? Gila monster Ground
No evolution ???
??? Plunchego Rock
Two stage Herbivore Stegosaurus Fossil Pokémon. Slow but bulky.
??? Jolrastic Rock
Two stage ??? Velociraptor Fossil Pokémon
??? Wyvern Ice
Two stage ??? Ice wyvern.
??? Impyre Fire
Three stage ??? Imp Pokémon, final stage is a black demon (which retains the same typing) and is used by the antagonist.
??? Herchilles Ice
Hyper Cutter
Ice warrior like Pokémon.
??? Fenrir Ice
3 stage Fur Coat
Snow Warning
Based of Hati, Skoll, and Fenrir. Has a high BST but evolves at a high level.

Legendary okémon

These are the legendaries of the game, there is a lot. The mascot "duo" is Telos and Typhon. The other main legendaries are a quartet which are the "Elemental Quartet" who are of fire, water, earth, and air.

AonaDex Name Type Evolution Species Ability Entries
AP01 Telos Fighting (?) None Guardian Pokémon Warden Said to live deep within the region, it guarded and protected (regionname) in ancient times. It's ability Warden allows it to nullify its opponents ability. It is the main legendary.
AP02 Typhon Dark None Harrowing Pokémon ??? The frightening villainous Pokémon that is somehow connected to Telos. Think of it like the legendary duo in every game. Does it have to do with the "dark Pokémon" and The Omniscient?
AP03 "Hydra" Water
None Maw Pokémon ??? Its name strikes fear in sailors, as none of them survive. Yet one told the tale, the psychotic sailor constantly repeated its name terrified after it devoured his cabin mates. There is a ghost girl who mentions it, but nobody will be able to hack this in because it will come in a downloadable patch!
AP04 Ouroboros Poison
None Loop Pokémon ??? part of dragon trio
AP05 Bahamut Dragon
None Gladiator Pokémon ??? Alongside Xau-Tok and the Ouroboros, the three form a legendary trio.
AP06 Agielem Rock
Fighting ?
None Scopulus Pokémon Sheer Force (?) Giant golem/rock creature. Protects the land. Part of the elemental quartet.
AP07 Zegrygale Flying
None Majestic Pokémon ??? Based off a Griffin and part of the elemental quartet.
AP08 ??? Fire
None ??? Pokémon ??? Fire Legendary of the Elemental Quartet
AP09 Water Serpent Water + something None Sea Pokémon ??? The physical embodiment of water, it is looks like a serpent made out of water. Part of the elemental quartet.
AP10 ??? Dark
+ Ice , Bug , Ghost , Poison
None Abomination Pokémon Pressure Said to be weaved from different essences of Pokémon, this one is feared throughout the region. It was trapped in a freezing prison so it wouldn't escape. A special item will give this Pokémon a secondary typing of either Bug, Ghost, Poison, or Ice.
AP11 The Boar Ground ? None Ravaging Pokémon Devour Known as the "world eater", she is the biggest Pokémon yet and will devour anything, even the region! She may battle against Regigigas?
AP12 Pegasus Electric
Flying ?
None Majestic Pokémon Speed Boost (?) Electric pegasus, signature move is like Hyperspace Hole but is the fastest move in the game.
AP13 Cerberus Fire
None Monstrous Pokémon Rock Head A destructive hound, it was too much for the region so it lies beneath. Learns lot of recoil moves.
AP14 Soul eating Beast Normal
None Corporeal Pokémon ??? Beast that devours the souls of human and Pokémon. Maybe there is a side-quest because it's spiritual form (which is very strong) is trying to reach the physical world.
AP15 Auragon Normal
None Balance Pokémon ??? A golden dragon that is connected to the elemental quartet and the mascot duo. It is the third member but will appear after game in the eastern island archipelago. May be able to change into all types by replacing the Normal Type but shall retain the secondary Dragon typing.

Unnanounced Pokémon

  • Automaton
  • Drasylon: Dragon/Fairy, the psuedo-legendary.
  • Shrieech/Necroar: Banshee Pokémon with Ghost type -ate ability. Learns Boomburst.
  • Black Tortoise
  • White Tiger
  • Tauros evolution

New Mega Evolutions

NatDex Sprite Name Mega Stone Type Ability
78 Mega Rapidash Rapidashite Fire Drought
171 Mega Lanturn Lanturnite Water
357 Mega Tropius Tropiusite Grass
Solar Power

Version Exclusive Pokémon

New Abilities

Name Description
Warden Nulifies the ability of your opponent, but only if the user is in battle.
Sharp Blade Increases the damage of slashing moves by 20%.
Devour Removes stat increases by opponents and transfers it to the user. Does not work against Pokémon with the Defiant ability.
Raw Power Slightly increases the damage of moves with no effect.
Noxious The users attacks will badly poison opposing Pokémon rather than inflicting the regular poison condition.
Shadowize Normal Type moves turn into Ghost Type moves, their power is increased slightly.
Chitin Lowers damage taken slightly.
Herbivore If the opponent is a Grass Type, their damage taken will increase.
Vampyrism A small amount of health is restored if using a move that makes contact.
Aquatic Armor Increases defense and special defense in rain.


New Moves

Name Type Description PP Power Accuracy Category
Acid Rain Poison A five-turn acid like rain is summoned to heal Poison types and hurts those that don't have Poison typing. 10 -- -- Status
Dark Type Psyshock Dark The user materializes an odd dark energy to attack the target. This attack does special damage. 10 80 100% Physical
Fairy Flare Fairy A massive energy sphere is unleashed from the user, this move has a 10% chance to lower the targets Special Defense. 5 120 85% Special
Featherstorm Flying The user attacks by sending out a massive wave of feathers against opposing Pokémon 10 100 90% Special
Iron Wall Steel A metal like barrier will guard the opponents team and lower the opponents attack if they make contact. 10 -- 100% Status
Mud Cannon Ground The user attacks by shooting a beam of mud at the target. This also lowers the target's attack stat. 15 70 95% Special
Polverize Ice The user unleashes a chilling energy that has a 15% chance to freeze the target. 10 80 100% Special
Smite Steel The user uses all their might and strikes, if the target uses a protecting move then it will be bypassed and the opponents defense will be harshly lowered. 10 40 100% Physical
Tidal Crash Water The user surrounds themselves in water and crashes into the target. This also damages the user quite a lot. 15 120 100% Physical
Wipe Out Water The user will unleash a huge tidal wave that will cause the player to change their Pokémon. 10 60 90% Special
Vengeance Dark Rebounds 75% of incoming damage against the opponent, excessive uses will make the move likely to fail. 5 -- 100% Status
Intercept Psychic Redirects your attack to your ally and that damage is slightly reduced. 10 -- 100% Status
Sparkling Dome Fairy Create a dome that shields you and your allies that temporarily reduces damage taken slightly. 10 -- 100% Status
Prison Dome Dark The user creates a dome that will prevent all opposing Pokémon from switching out for a few turns. Volt Switch or U-Turn will not switch the Pokémon out. The move can be nullified if you use a move that targets Pokémon adjacent to the user. 5 -- 100% Status
Asphyxiate Psychic The user telekinetically strangles the opposing Pokémon, may cause them to flinch. 15 80 100% Special
Magmic Meteor Fire Engulfed with extreme flames, the user charges like a meteor and crashes into the opponent. 5 120 85% Physical
Deadly Strike Poison The user quickly strikes with a poisonous attack that may poison the opponent. Only works if the opponent is attacking. 5 70 100% Physical
Phantasm Ghost The user summons illusions and attacks the opposing Pokémon. May inflict confusion. 10 90 100% Physical

Signature Moves

Name Type Description PP Power Accuracy Category Learned By
Verdrive Grass The user charges with brute force to bypass any moves that Protect opposing Pokemon, it also ignores their defenses. 10 70 100% Physical Smisteed
Echolocator Psychic The user uses echolocation to predict sudden movements, allowing the user to ensure the next attack doesn't miss. Affects multiple Pokémon. 5 -- 100% Status "Dolphin Starter"
Beetlejuice Bug The user stabs the opponent with an extremely deadly poison. The foe will faint instantly if it hits. Does not work against Poison or Steel Types. 5 -- -- Physical "Dung Beetle"
Omnipower Dragon Harnessing the power of the elements, a powerful burst of energy is released that may paralyze, burn, or freeze the targeted Pokémon. 5 100 100% Special Auragon
Anima Stream Fighting 10 100 100% Special Telos
Twin Fury Fire / Ice The user attacks twice, the first attack being a Fire Type move while the second hit an Ice Type Move. 15 40 100% Physical "Gemini"
White Storm Ice A cold storm is summoned to strike opposing Pokémon, may leave them frozen. 10 100 90% Special "Fenrir"
Volting Velocity Electric The user quickly rams into the opponent surrounded with electricity. This move always goes first and bypasses protection moves. 5 70 -- Physical "Pegasus"
Power of Water Water 5 120 85% Special Water Serpent
Scorching Quasar Fire 5 120 85% Physical Fire legendary
Earthbreaker Rock 5 100 100% Physical Agielem
Turmoil Flying 5 100 100% Special Zegrygale
Wrath Dark The user unleashes their destructive energy which may cause a bad side-effect, the type can change depending on what forme Nihil is taking. 10 90 100% Special Nihil



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