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Pokémon Uno! and Dos!
Developer(s) TalixArts
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) 3DS
Release Date(s)
TBA 2014
single-player, multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platformer
Media Included Unknown

Pokémon Uno! and Dos! are future Pokémon games for the Nintendo 3DS. The games take place in the region of Arco. There are new species of Pokemon that will be revealed much more in TalixCon 2014. The games will be out in late 2014.


A young trainer (Boy or Girl) begins their his/her journey in Neuvo Ville and meets Prof. Diaz to obtain one of the three Starter Pokemon: Penquik (water), Aardmar (Grass) and Rocoal (Fire) as he/she collect the nine gym badges and other worthy Pokémon to compete in the Arco League.


{{Main article: List of Arco Region characters}}

Good Guys

Customized trainer

  • The Male Character, if you do not choose him then he appears as your neighbor.
  • The Female Character, if you do not choose her then she appears as your neighbor.
  • When you go on to the menu to choose your gender, you can change their appearance with any color combinations from hair to eye color to skin color.


  • Dumas - A Pokemon trainer and fellow rival.
  • Sue - If you choose the male character, Sue will be his girlfriend/If you choose the female character, Sue will be her best friend. She is obsesses and wants you to collect rare objects to finish a project with her father who runs the Pokémon Fair.
  • Prof. Diaz- Gives you the Starter Pokemon and Pokedex tablet.

Bad Guys

  • Team Drago- The main antagonists of the games; similar to Rocket, Magma, Galactic, and other teams, this secret organization is seek the rare Pokemon and absorbs other Pokemon to fueled their robotic pokemon.
    • Team Leader Weitz (the leader of the team and central antagonist)

Gym Leaders

  • Baja (Rojo City) -Specializes in Normal/Steel Types; Owner of the Red Rock badge.
  • Juan (Perro Town)-Specializes in Ground Types; Owner of the Bark badge.
  • Bianca (Mar City)-Specializes in Water Types; Owner of the Reef badge.
  • Rivera (Sombra Field)-Specializes in Dark Types; Owner of the Twin badge.
  • Isobel (Arbol City)-Specializes in Bug/Grass Types; Owner of the Soil badge.
  • Vega (Nube Fort)-Specializes in Flying Types; Owner of the Spiral badge.
  • Severo (Estrella City) -Specializes in Cosmic Types; Owner of the Constellation Badge
  • Diego (Luz City)-Specializes in Electric/Robotic Types; Owner of the Sprocket badge
  • Carlos (Vela Town)-Specializes in Fire Types; Owner of the Goblet badge.

Terra League Championship

The Elite Four

  • Nina champion of the Flying types
  • Ramon champion of the Water types
  • Teresa champion of the Fire types
  • Miguel champion of the Ground types
  • Rafael champion of the Normal types and Arco League Champion

Arco Region

Arco region is based off the country of Spain. The Spanish term Arco translates arc or bow.

The geography/landscape of Arco looks like a large arc. It sometimes look like a shape of a crescent moon. The largest city is Estrella City (based off Spain's largest city Madrid). A full map will be revealed in TalixCon 2014.


{{Main article: List of Pokémon in the Arco Region}}

Arco's pokedex is structured like a tablet. It has a map app to show the map of the Arco region; another app shows the index of the Arco region Pokemon. The colors of the Pokedex is a black cover with red highlights. Pokemon will be revealed starting in May 2014 leading up to the TalixCon 2014.

Unson and Devos

If you are playing the Uno! version, the legendary Pokemon the protagonist will encounter and what Team Drago is after is Unson, the Legendary Pokemon of Unity, who masters the powers of unification. Team Drago will try to summon and capture Unson from the Mito Valley.

If you are playing the Dos! version, the legendary Pokemon the protagonist will encounter and what Team Drago is after is Devos, the Legendary Pokemon of Destruction, who masters the powers of separation and destruction. Team Drago will try to summon and capture Unson from the Mito Valley.


The gameplay will continue like previous games have done as well three-Pokemon duel. For the first time ever there will be an tag elimination duel. Each type will contain a unique "special finisher power up"; (the power ups will be revealed in TalixCon 2014)

It continue to have a Create-A-Pokemon mode; and it will continue the Pokemon traveling with Gogoat; and this time will have flying ability with the new Pokemon, Zulcon; your trainer will hop aboard Zulcon and Zulcon can take you up in the sky to take you to large distances where as Gogoat take you to short distances. Another new Pokemon, Subbie will take you underwater in underwater temples as well as Mar City's Underwater Badge.

More gameplay including exclusive a revamped multiplayer mode will be revealed in TalixCon 2014.


{{More info on Pokémon Tres!}}

Pokémon Tres! is an upcoming game and the follow up to Uno! and Dos! It is coming in 2015.

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