Pokémon Trainer Heroes is a 2.5D platformer game released for the Nintendo 3DS made to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the Pokémon series. It looks very different to the mainstream games, as the characters don't use Pokémon to fight enemies.
Pokémon Trainer Heroes
Developer(s) Game Freak, Ye Olde Baker Boy Productions
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
November 2011
Story mode
Age Rating(s)
PEGI: 3+


Genre(s) 2.5D platformer
Media Included Nintendo 3DS- Game card


A mysterious man arrives at the Pokémon world and gathers all the evil organizations to take it over. Unfortunately, this being is able to create space rips that has brought monsters from other dimensions to terrorize the folk.

The Pokémon researchers studied these dimensions and found out that they also had heroic people. With this, they created the Hero Gears, special items that would bring people the powers of said interdimensional heroes.

The story starts with Red and Leaf receiving their own.


The game is divided in 6 chapters, each one taking place in a different region along with the final chapter. The player must use the character's powers to reach the end of the level.

The touch screen can be used to switch character anytime (Unless there's some sort of condition that doesn't allow you to do so in that moment).

Playable characters

  • Red: Playable since the beginning
    • Hero Gear: Red Plumber. This Hero Gear gives Red the jumping abilities of Mario and his balanced traits.
  • Leaf: Beat the 4th act of the 1st chapter
    • Hero Gear: Pink Princess. This Hero Gear gives Leaf the ability to float briefly and attack with a parasol like the princess Peach.
  • Ethan: Beat the 4th act of the 1st chapter
    • Hero Gear: Elf Swordsman. This Hero Gear gives Ethan a billiard cue that he uses to attack like Link does with his sword.
  • Lyra: Beat the 1st act of the 2nd chapter
    • Hero Gear: Green Plumber. This Hero Gear makes Lyra very high-jumpy but with low traction in the same way as Luigi.
  • Brendan: Found at the beginning of the 2nd act of the 3rd chapter
    • Hero Gear: Blue Hedgehog. This Hero Gear gives Brendan super speed and several abilities of Sonic.
  • May: Found at the beginning of the 1st act of the 3rd chapter
    • Hero Gear: Purple Cat. This Hero Gear makes may as fast as Brendan but also able to use fire like Blaze.
  • Lucas: Found at the beginning of the 2nd act of the 4th chapter
    • Hero Gear: Psychic Boy. Lucas can use this Hero Gear to use various PSI attacks from Ness.
  • Dawn: Beat the 1st act of the 4th chapter
    • Hero Gear: Pink Puffball. The Hero Gear gives an inflatable coat to Dawn which allows it to inhale enemies or float like Kirby
  • Hilbert: Found at the end of the 7th act of the 5th chapter
    • Hero Gear: Blue Robot Warrior. This Hero Gear gives Megaman's Mega Buster to Hilbert.
  • Hilda: Found at the beginning of the 1st act of the 5th chapter
    • Hero Gear: Galactic Bounty Huntress. This Hero Gear gives the Plasma Whip of Samus' Zero Suit to Hilda


Chapter 1: Kanto

This region is being attacked from monsters from a place called Mushroom Kingdom and are leaded by Giovanni, owner of Team Rocket.

  • Act 1 (Viridian Forest): The mystery of the space rips
  • Act 2 (Pewter City Gym and Rock Tunnel): Traversing the dark caves
  • Act 3 (Lavender Town): Ghost's revenge
  • Act 4 (Team Rocket HQ): In the rescue of Leaf
  • Boss: Giovanni's Bowser Rocket Mecha

Chapter 2: Johto

A squadron of Team Rocket, aided by monsters from various fantasy lands like Hyrule, is plotting to capture the Red Gyarados.

  • Act 1 (Tohjo Falls): Journey to Johto
  • Act 2 (Ilex Forest): Cutting weeds
  • Act 3 (Goldenrod Radio Tower): Radio tower reconquest
  • Act 4 (Lake of Rage): Calming down the Red Gyarados
  • Boss: Red Gyarados

Chapter 3: Hoenn

Team Aqua and Team Magma are working together to revive Groudon and Kyogre. Along with that, strange robots named as Badniks are invading the region.

  • Act 1 (Petalburg Woods): Badnik invasion
  • Act 2 (Slateport City): GUN robots in rampage
  • Act 3 (Abandoned Ship): Gardevoir in trouble
  • Act 4 (Cave of Origin): Rise of the weather duo
  • Boss: Groudon and Kyogre

Chapter 4: Sinnoh

Monsters from other Nintendo realms are aiding Team Galacting in capturing the Lake Trio. Appearently, they plan to use the Red Chain to bring back a Pokémon that could be helpful to their plans...

  • Act 1 (Lake Verity): Pursuit of Mesprit
  • Act 2 (Veilstone City): Giovanni's rematch
  • Act 3 (Snowpoint Temple and Lake Valor): After the lake pixies
  • Act 4 (Mt. Coronet): Rude awakening
  • Boss: Darkrai

Chapter 5: Unova

Eight Robot Masters have taken over the region's gyms! On the other hand, Team Plasma is bringing back Reshiram and Zekrom!

More coming soon...

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