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Pokémon Trainer 2 (SSBL)
SSBL Pokemon trainer 2
Full Name Pokémon Trainer 2
Gender Female
Location Nuvema Town
Class Hero
First Appearance Pokémon Black and White

Pokémon Trainer 2 (ポケモントレーナー 2, Pokémon Torēnā 2), is a selectable character in Super Smash Bros. Legends. She is modeled after Hilda (トウコ, Touko), the female protagonist of the Black and White versions of Pokémon. As with the original Pokémon Trainer, rather than fighting directly as the Trainer, the player instead controls her three Pokémon, Zoroark, Victini and Hydreigon.

Pokémon Trainer 2's Pokémon all have different playstyles. Zoroark is of medium weight and attack strength but is quite speedy, and uses illusion and darkness powers to confound its opponents (and other players). Victini is very small and light, and focuses on charging up energy to use to power up its fire- and mental-based attacks. Hydreigon is a heavyweight of fairly average speed that hovers above the ground, but is the strongest of the three Pokémon and uses various energy beams and melee attacks with its many appendages. Zoroark in particular has decent matchups against many characters due to its Illusion attack allowing it to transform into the opponent (at least momentarily), allowing for a negative matchup to become a neutral one. Furthermore, the stamina system has been removed for both Pokémon Trainer 2 and the original Pokémon Trainer, which has allowed them to become far more effective character choices and allow the player to only have to master the playstyle of one Pokémon (and has allowed their six Pokémon to occupy separate spots on the tier list).

To unlock Pokémon Trainer 2, the player must clear one of the following conditions:

  • Clear Event Match 37 (Cross Generation of Pokémon).
  • Complete 550 Vs. Matches.
  • Meet her in Story Mode.

Pokémon Trainer 2 is voiced by Aki Toyosaki in Japanese and Lisa Ortiz in English.

Special MovesEdit

  • Bv: Pokémon Switch - Switches out her Pokémon.
  • Final Smash: Triple Finish - Similar to Pokémon Trainer's Triple Finish, with Zoroark, Victini and Hydreigon using Night Daze, V-create and Draco Meteor respectively.

See also the "Special Moves" section on the Zoroark (SSBL), Victini (SSBL) and Hydreigon (SSBL) pages.


  • Up: Points towards the screen and opens her mouth.
    • Zoroark: Claws the ground while saying "Zoro-zoroark".
    • Victini: Jumps up and down while saying "Ti-ni! Ti-ni!"
    • Hydreigon: Growls while baring its teeth on all three heads.
  • Side: Crosses her arms and stands at ease.
    • Zoroark: Transforms into the Trainer herself (using Illusion), imitates the Trainer by crossing its arms and standing at ease, and transforms back.
    • Victini: Brings its arms together and says "Bi-ku-te-i-ni!" as its forehead glows.
    • Hydreigon: Raises all three heads and roars "Hydreigon!" indistinctly.
  • Down: Clutches a Poké Ball with both hands and giggles to herself.
    • Zoroark: Faces the screen and snarls while raising its arms.
    • Victini: Takes a short nap.
    • Hydreigon: Violently bites the air around it with all three mouths.

Stage EntranceEdit

Pokémon Trainer 2, from the background of the stage, says "Go! <name of Pokémon>!" and throws a Poké Ball onto the stage that releases the chosen Pokémon.

Home StagesEdit

Musical ThemesEdit

  • Team Plasma Battle (when unlocking, and All-Star Mode theme)
  • To Their Respective Futures (credits theme)


U-no-va! Pok-é-mon!

Kirby HatEdit

  • Zoroark: Kirby gets Zoroark's hair.
  • Victini: Kirby gets Victini's ears.
  • Hydreigon: Kirby gets Hydreigon's collar, and his hands turn into Hydreigon's hand-heads.

Trophy DescriptionEdit

Another Pokémon trainer, this time from the Unova region. Located far away from the rest of the known Pokémon world, Unova is a fantastic land filled with Pokémon not seen anywhere else. This trainer, a determined individual, has been sent by Professor Juniper to help complete the Pokédex - but not without running into Team Plasma, an organization led by the enigmatic N with the goal of separating Pokémon from human control. It's up to her to set things right - and along the way, she may learn a thing or two about herself and the Pokémon around her, too.
  • Pokémon Black/White
  • Pokémon Black 2/White 2