Pokémon Trainer is one of the forty-nine playable characters in Super Smash Bros. Supernova available from the start. He is similar to his Super Smash Bros. Brawl appearance, using a Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Charizard in battle. He wears an outfit similar to Red's from the original two Pokémon games, which change drastically between his different costumes. He can use his down special to switch Pokémon, and his final smash is Mega Charizard X.


Squirtle is the water-type starter of the Kanto region, introduced in Pokémon Red and Blue versions. His attacks consist of using water in various methods to move quickly or throw targets away. He also capable of using his shell in physical combat. Appearance-wise, Squirtle is a blue turtle with rather simple, brown shell and a tail shaped like a swirl.


The second Pokémon on the trainer's team, Ivysaur is a grass/poison type and the evolved form of Bulbasaur. It can use vines from its back, among various seeds and spores, to attack his opponents. It is also capable of directly slamming into its targets for large damage. In appearance, Ivysaur is a green, reptillian creature with a large, red bud on its back. It sports many leaves around the bud, and has a rather wide head.


Charizard is the final Pokémon on the trainer's team, and is the powerfuly flying/fire-type evolution of Charmeleon. It can fly through the air using its wings, smash boulders into its targets, or use powerful streams of fire in combat. As for appearance, it appears to be similar to a massive, bipedal lizard with two large wings on its back. It is orange in color, with a flame on the tip of his tail and yellow stomach.

In his final smash form, Charizard becomes black in color with blue highlights, most notably his flames. He becomes much faster and more agile, as well as gaining other interesting skills.

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