Pokémon Trainer
The default skin of the Pokémon Trainer.
Universe Pokémon
Availability Starter
Final Smash White Flute

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Pokémon Trainer is challenged to a battle!
Super Smash Bros. Crusade

Pokémon Trainer appears as a playable character in Crusade. The Pokémon Trainer is a character who raises and trains Pokémon, but this character's alts are limited to some of the playable characters of other regions. Despite having been in Brawl, he is treated in some ways as a newcomer, being entirely revamped from his last appearance after the cut of transformations. The Trainer now fights on the battlefields through various iconic key items and actions encountered in the series of RPGs rather than by summoning Pokémon to do his bidding.


Pokémon Trainer appears as a balanced character with average power and a decent enough running speed with the help of the Running Shoes. One of the most notable features about him is the ability to be one of twelve different characters through his alts, though none of these affect gameplay. The Trainer uses many unique moves during battles, but due to Trainers not normally fighting in their games, the character's standard attacks are rather weak. The Pokémon Trainer lacks a good way to quickly rack up damage, but in exchange for this, it gets one of the longest grab ranges, powerful finishers in the form of special attacks, and a good recovery that will help in the long run.


Standard Moves

  • Neutral attack - Two punches and a sideways kick.
  • Side tilt - Kicks forward.
  • Up tilt - Throws his fist into the air, clenching a Poké Ball. 
  • Down tilt - Tosses a ticket forward.
  • Dash Attack - Dashes forward using Roller Skates. 
  • Forward Smash - Moves his hand as a Cut animation occurs. 
  • Up Smash - A sprite of a bird Pokémon appears upwards.  
  • Down Smash - A sprite of a surfing Pokémon shoots 8-bit waves in both directions. 
  • Neutral Aerial - Two spinning kicks. 
  • Side Aerial - Holds his fists together and spikes down.
  • Up Aerial - Launches a Super Training shot upwards. 
  • Down Aerial - Throws down his Super Rod hook and reels it back up.
  • Back Aerial - Backwards kick. 

Grab and Pummel

  • Grab - Throws a Super Rod hook forward. 
  • Pummel - A knee jab. 
  • Forward Throw - Takes out an X Attack and sends a sprite of a random Pokémon forward.
  • Back Throw - Takes out an X Defend and summons a Pokémon sprite, then kicks the foe back while the sprite pushes the opponent back. 
  • Up Throw - A Pokémon sprite uses Waterfall sending them up. 
  • Down Throw - A Teleport occurs, sending the opponent within a certain radius away. 


  • Weak Ledge Attack - Gets up and kicks forward.
  • Strong Ledge Attack - Throws himself up and does a downward kick. 
  • Upwards Floor Attack - Flips up and does an upward kick. 
  • Downwards Floor Attack - Gets up and spins on Roller Skates. 
  • Sitting Floor Attack - Rolls forward as a ledge appears for the Trainer to jump over and attack with a spike.

Special Moves

Neutral Special Side Special Up Special Down Special
Poké Ball: Throws a Poké Ball. If it hits someone during the toss, they'll be caught inside of the Poké Ball and take damage. Sometimes is a dud that can be thrown back for damage. Bicycle: Hop on your bicycle and charge forward in a straight line. Fly: A sprite of a flying Pokémon appears under the Trainer. The Trainer can jump two times off but the recovery cannot be used again until you land on solid ground. Dowsing Machine: Pulls out a Dowsing Machine that lets out a short wave while you walk around. Anyone caught in the wave is trapped and recieves damage.
Safari Rock: Toss a rock that does more damage. Sometimes a dud bait that can be eaten to restore health. 3rd Gear: Slower than the regular bicycle and less powerful but can be turned around multiple times. Surf: A sprite of a surfing Pokémon that moves around on it's own; however you can only jump once after. Poke Radar: Longer range through the use of sparkles that launch the opponent after caught.
Great Ball: Further range and capture time but more startup time. 4th Gear: Faster than the regular bicycle and more powerful, but cannot be ejected from and causes recoil damage. Spinner: Places a spinner tile that launches the Trainer left or right without the ability to jump. Shiny Charm: Less range, but has the added effect of healing you if you catch someone.

Final Smash

Pokemon Trainer's Final Smash is the White Flute. When used, the Pokémon Trainer will take out a White Flute and play on it. The background flashes as it circles around in black, a reference to the encounter animation of a wild Pokémon. Pokémon sprites then pop out from the background, where they will move around. The sprites will either walk back and jump on/tackle the opponent, or spew an energy beam at them, causing good damage. After about 8 seconds, the background will start to glitch. This glitching covers a part of the screen, making it impossible to see. After about 15 seconds, the glitching stops, and the Pokémon jump back into the blackness as the background returns.

This Final Smash is based upon the White Flute from Pokémon. The item would increase the wild encounter rate of Pokémon, which explains why so many sprites appear when the flute is played.



  • Grabs a Poké Ball from his belt and poses.
  • Stretches his arms and yawns.
  • Clenches his fists and pulls his arms back.
  • Gets on his bike, cueing a familiar "ding, ding" sound before hopping off again.

Idle Poses

  • Takes a look at a machine on their arm. This will be the PokéNav, Pokégear, Pokétch, C-Gear, Holo Caster, or Fame Checker, depending on the character.
  • Pulls out a Poké Ball and tosses it up, then catches it before putting it away.

On-Screen Appearance

A patch of wild grass splits into 2 and disappears as the Pokémon Trainer makes a pose and steps onto the field.

Palette Swaps

Rather than palette swaps, the Pokémon Trainer has ten different costumes based off of different heroes and heroines in the series.

  • Brendan and May from Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire
  • Ethan and Lyra from Heart Gold/Soul Silver
  • Red and Leaf from Fire Red/Leaf Green
  • Lucas and Dawn from Platinum
  • Nate and Rosa from Black 2/White 2
  • Calem and Serena from X/Y



If you've ever played Pokémon, surely you're familiar with the phrase, "Gotta Catch 'Em All!". That's what the life of the Trainer is; collecting and training Pokémon in an attempt to earn the Gym Badges and become Champion. While normally the Trainer sits in the background watching the battle, he's front and ready to take care of opponents on his own using memorable items such as the Bicycle. Unfortunately it was tricky for us to get indoor stages with him on the roster; we kept hearing echos about him not to ride that bike...


Pokémon Trainer's fighting for his first time here, so his standard attacks are quite weak. When he calls on the help of Pokémon sprites, however, he can be pretty tough, so often his grabs and smashes are his most reliable moves. The Poké Ball move is a unique way to trap foes and follow up. One way to use this advantage is to follow up with the Bike. It has a bit of start up time, but it's very powerful and can even bury opponents, giving you more time to emphasize strategy.


When Pokémon Trainer is by himself, he doesn't have much choice of recovery. His Fly gives him a nice resting spot, and is the most reliable of his Up Specials. He can also use the Super Rod as a sideways tether. The Down Special is the Dowsing Machine, which can suck in opponents and deal damage; if you use the Shiny Charm instead, you can even gain health. The Pokémon Trainer is a character who relies heavily on a short variety of moves but is still very unpredictable with the ability to keep his foes trapped!

Battle Spire

A Pokémon Trainer may seem helpless without a Pokémon, but the Trainer manages to prove that just because he normally relies on them to fight has nothing to do with how he fights himself. Pokémon Trainer will pull out the White Flute when he initiates his Final Smash, causing the screen to black out as Pokémon sprites start appearing through the background to cause havoc. The overload of sprites causes a weird glitch near the end of the tune, covering some of the fight, but it goes away once the tune of the White Flute stops.


Reentering The Battle


  • Pokémon Trainer is one of two cut veterans to make a return in this installment, alongside Pichu. In addition, Roy was planned to return as well, but didn't make the cut in the end.
    • Pokémon Trainer is also the only cut veteran to return and have been changed from his last appearance.
  • Pokémon Trainer is one of two human characters from the Pokémon series to ever be playable in a Smash Bros. game. The other is the Pokémon Ranger.
  • The sprites that appear from Pokémon Trainer's smashes, grabs, and Final Smash appear as stripes from Gen 1 and Gen 2. However, the sprite of Fly resembles the Gen 4 sprite instead.
    • The sprite that appears to cover the screen in the Final Smash heavily resembles Missingno., an infamous glitch Pokémon that appeared in Gen 1.

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