Pokémon Trading Card Game: Remastered Edition
TCG EN boxart
"I wanted to use an actual boxart for this, but this was the best I could do."
Developer(s) Phazonworks
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) New 3DS
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
E for Everyone, Pegi 7
Genre(s) Strategy
Series Pokémon Trading Card Game (adaptation)
Cost $30.00

Pokémon Trading Card Game was originally a title released in the late 1990s (December 18, 1998 for Japan; April 10, 2000 for North America; April 7, 2000 for Australia; and December 15, 2000 for Europe); due to lack of broading spectrum in Pokemon spinoffs, Game Freak decided to give the original a remastering exclusive to the New Nintendo 3DS.



Main Story

Start of a Journey​
8 Emblems of Victory
The Final Battle



Traditionally you get a Starter Deck of 60 Cards, usually revolving around one central theme involving one element type and usually having a 30/30 ratio of Play Cards and Energy Cards.

However, the selection of decks is different in this game; whereas the selection in the original version was mirror to that of the mainstream series' Starter picking tradition, the remastered version has 4 deck options stemming from the original:

  • Zap - a deck built to paralyze, confuse or sleep opponents while the player whales away at them,
  • Overgrowth - a deck made to quickly bring out the tougher evolutions right out the start of the battle to make things easier,
  • Brushfire - a deck arranged to attack swiftly and fiercely with strong Pokemon,
  • and Blackout - a deck constructed to have a team that can drain an opponent's energy, leaving them unable to fight back.

Naturally you can construct your own thanks to the computer's specialized system, but you'd need the cards for it, which can take a while to collect.

Club Masters

As with Gym Leaders in the mainstream games, the TCG game has Club Masters, those who wield decks of a certain element and with powerful Pokémon to boot.

The Grand Masters

As with the Club Masters being the Gym Leaders of the game, the Grand Masters are the Elite Four of the game; they construct decks to match an element, but usually wield the Legendary Pokemon cards spoken about by most ordinary Card players.

TCG Clubs

Like with Pokemon Gyms, there are 8 TCG Clubs throughout the island; their Club Emblems are the badges you collect to get into the Pokemon Dome. Be warned: as with the Badges, collecting the Emblems are no easy task.


The Rock Club is usually the first Club players visit on their journey to the Legendary Pokemon Cards, as Club Master Gene demands no pre-emptive requests before you challenge him; it would help to build up your deck before hand, however, since Club Masters are usually a couple notches higher than traditional duelists. So, if you are a little underprepared before taking on Gene, it would be a good plan to challenge the Club duelists Ryan, Andrew, and Matthew.