Pokémon Trading Card Game: Revolution
Developer(s) Game Freak
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
March 9, 2014
1-2 players
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Trading Card Game
Series Pokémon series
Media Included 3DS Game Card
3DS eShop Download

Pokémon Trading Card Game: Revolution (aka Pokémon TCG: Revolution) is a spin-off of the Pokémon series based on the Trading Card Game. The game is based on the original Game Boy Color game and it is a sequel/remake of it.


One day, a young Pokémon card player decided to participate into the famous Pokémon TCG World Circuit, looking to be the best of the best, and also looking for the mysterious and rare "Gold Lugia" card, the card is so mysterious that even the evil guys want it to sell it to high prices. The player will have to travel all over the PokéWorld and visit many regions from the games to be the master.


The game plays similiarly to the Game Boy Color's original game, the player takes control the player character, first selecting a Gym, the player have to travel over all the main regions from the main games: Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova and Kalos. Selecting a gym takes the player to the Hub, with three doors, the North Door leaves you to the Main Gym, where you can fight Gym Trainers or the Gym Leader himself, defeating the Gym Leader or Gym Trainers rewards you with money and cards. The South Door leaves you to the Free Battle area, where you can fight trainers to level up and gain more cards, the West Door leaves you to the Shop, allowing you to buy cards. Occasionally, vililan teams (changes depending the region) will attack a Gym, you have to go to that Gym and defeat the team, if you do it, you will gain a rare card.

The battles are shown in 3D similar to X & Y, before each battle the player must choose a Pokémon card and then the Pokémon will be shown via a hologram. The player can put five Pokémon cards (not counting the Pokémon that is on battle), so when the Pokémon that is on the battle faints, the player can replace it with a Pokémon card that is set on the field. There are three types of cards: Pokémon, Energy and Trainer. Pokémon cards are separted into two different types: Basic and Evolution. Basic Pokémon can be put on the arena at any time the player wants, where Evolution Pokémon cards require a Basic Pokémon card that evolves into that Pokémon to be in the main area. Pokémon cars have Type, Hit Points, Weaknesses, Resistences, Retreat Cost and Attacks. Type works like the main game, which a type having a advantage and a disavantage against antoher type. Hit Points is the Pokémon's health, represented by blue orbs, each blue orb represents 10 HP. Weaknesses and Resistences are self-explanatory. Retreat Cost is the cost required to remove the card from the arena, the player needs a certain number of a certain energy cards to remove the card and replace by other one. Attacks is self-explanatory, each one having their damaging deal (how much it damages the opponent) and it also requires a certain number of a certain energy card type. Energy Cards is necessary in any deck and the player can't enter a battle without an Energy Card on the deck, the Energy Cards gives the Pokémon the ability to attack or retreat, the player needs to put the Energy Card on the Pokémon they want to. Each Energy Card represents a type. Trainer Cards are cards that can help the player in many ways, it can be served to draw more cards, to retreat a Pokémon without having to pay Energy Cards for it and others.

The player can also trade cards with other players and the Wonder Trade from X & Y is back. The Pokémon Bank is also useful, if the player have a Pokémon on the Pokémon Bank and transfer to Revolution the player can get a Pokémon Card of that Pokémon. Online battles are also a feature in Revolution, including a leaderboard and a record feature allowing players to record their matches and post it online. The players can also speak which other via the 3DS microphone or via text. Miiverse is also used, where players can ask for cards or post tips to other players.


Artwork Name Description
TCGPlayerMTCGPlayerF Player The young card player who wants to be the best of the best, the master of the trading card game.
FireRed LeafGreen Professor Oak Professor Oak The Pokémon Professor of Kanto, he helps the players during their adventure on Kanto.
Oak gives the Kanto Special Pack after the player beats the Kanto's gym leaders.
BlueHGSS Blue Recurring rival in the Kanto region, Blue is the grandson of Professor Oak and he is very famous in the Kanto region.
Defeating him 3 times gives you the Blue Pack, his deck of cards.
Professor Elm Professor Elm The Pokémon Professor of Johto, he helps the players during their adventure on Johto.
Elm gives the Johto Special Pack after the player beats the Hoenn's gym leaders.
SilverPokemon Silver Recurring rival in the Johto region, Silver is the son of the Team Rocket's chief, Giovanni.
Defeating him 3 times gives you the Silver Pack, his deck of cards.


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There's 700+ cards in Revolution. Some cards can only be get via events or defeating certain trainers.




  • Kanto (15P): Complete Kanto.
  • Oak Leaf (10P): Defeat Blue 3 times.
  • 151 Pokémon Caught! (20P): Get all the 151 Pokémon Cards in Kanto.
  • All Kanto Cards Get! (25P): Get all the Kanto cards.
  • Johto (15P): Complete Johto.
  • Soul Silver (10P): Defeat Silver 3 times.
  • 251 Pokémon Caught! (20P): Get all the 251 Pokémon Cards in Johto.
  • All Johto Cards Get! (25P): Get all the Johto cards.