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No image description available (yet)
No image description available (yet)
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) 3DS
Number of Pokémon
Generation 6
Games in Generation 6:

Pokémon Topaz
Pokémon Amethyst
Pokémon Bravery

Villainous Team(s) of
Team Echo
Pokemon Topaz Version (ポケモンライトバージョン Pocket Monsters Cosmic) and Pokemon Amethyst Version (ダークポケモンバージョン Pocket Monsters Sound) are role-playing game developed and published by Nintendo and .lennongrad (tbc). It features many improvements over past generations.



At the start, you have a dream of Prof. Maple, the Pokémon Professor in your region, Hermoso, telling you about the great world of Pokémon and showing you a common Pokémon from the region: Mousekateer. You then awake and realize that it's your 10th birthday and that you are ready to become a Pokémon trainer! You wake up and head right to Professor Maple's lab to get your Starter Pokemon, but she is not there when you arrive. Your friend, Ben, arrives and tell you that no one knows where she is, and that your Mom is calling for you.

When you return home, you see that a mysterious package has arrived. When you open it, you are surprised to see three labeled Pokeballs. When you pick yours;

After beating the Elite Four, the *group* is still at large. The player finds them ransaking the Insomnia Labs, stealing their new Sleep Pins. When you visit, they tell you that the group is headed for the western side of Cosmo Mountain, where the Dream House resides. You travel through the west side, using your new Sleep Pin to avoid falling asleep, and you reach the Dream House. Inside, the new leader of the group, Tyrone, is terrorizing Prof. Luna. The Professor tells Tyrone that the nearby portal will only work when his Musharna is commanded to use Dream Realm.

The portal starts after Luna has Musharna use the move, and Tyrone enters with his group of cronies. The player enters the lab and finds Luna tied up; the professor tells the player that the cronies also took the stabilizer, which is needed to stabalize the portal so it doesn't collapse into a black hole. The player heads into the portal to retrieve it, and eventually finds the cronies at Nightmare Peak, where Darkrai is said to reside. The player fights Tyrone and gets back the stabalizer, with the leader declaring that "it wasn't neccesary for their purposes". Suddenly, Darkrai appears and Tyrone attempts to catch it, but fails and is knocked back. The player escapes back into the portal and stabalizes it.

All seems well until Darkrai immerges from the rift, heading out into the world. He heads off towards Jerrona City after grabbing Luna's Marshuna, which would be able to lull the entire city to sleep. The player gives chase, while Luna begins to call on "the origin of the Sleep Pins". The player does not manage to stop Darkrai from reaching the city but does slow him down enough for Cresselia to immerge from the east, using its powers to keep the entire city awake. It then fuses with Darkrai, giving the player the ability to capture it. After doing so, the fusion goes back to the PC where the player can retrieve them and unfuse them.



Tradele Town

First battle, if starter chosen was ???, and player is male.
Pokemon Trainer Carolina

719MS ??? Lvl. 5 Tackle Grass Cloak None None Overgrowth

First battle, if starter chosen was ???, and player is male.
Pokemon Trainer Carolina

719MS ??? Lvl. 5 Tackle Water Sport None None Torrent

First battle, if starter chosen was ???, and player is male.
Pokemon Trainer Carolina

719MS ??? Lvl. 5 Tackle Cover Flame None None Blaze

First battle, if starter chosen was ???, and player is female.
Pokemon Trainer Jared

719MS ??? Lvl. 5 Tackle Grass Cloak None None Overgrowth

First battle, if starter chosen was ???, and player is female.
Pokemon Trainer Jared

719MS ??? Lvl. 5 Tackle Water Sport None None Torrent

First battle, if starter chosen was ???, and player is female.
Pokemon Trainer Jared

719MS ??? Lvl. 5 Tackle Cover Flame None None Blaze

In Pokemon Brain version.
Pokemon Master Petea

730MS ??? Lvl. 9 Confusion Light Screen None None Overcoat

In Pokemon Brawn version.
Pokemon Master Petea

733MS ??? Lvl. 9 Spin Punch Reflect None None Overcoat

Youngster Ben

019MS Ratatta Lvl. 7 Quick Attack Tackle None None Hustle

Youngster Ben

020MS Raticate Lvl. 22 Quick Attack Crunch Tackle None Hustle


  • Ghost type Pokemon cannot be Cursed.
  • Dark Pokemon are not affected by Nightmare or Perish Song.
  • Many changes to the type chart have occurred, as illustrated.
  • Competitions return.
  • Berry trees are removed in favor or Pokemon Berry Farm.
  • Abilities have been expended greatly, allowing for various new things, such as a "third type" of sorts, and Pokemon are now able to have two Abilities
  • dawn stone new use
  • hyper beam/giga impact changes type
  • dragon ascent is both dragon and flying
  • palkia/dialga/altered form giratina as cosmic/dragon  types
  • deoxys is cosmic/psychic, its form depends on whether it is holding the attack, defense or speed stone
  • hoopa is now cosmic/ghost and unbound is cosmic/dark, new movesets to reflect new types; hyperspace fury is now cosmic
  • absol is considered a legendary
  • genesect drives change porygons type
  • clauncher family water/dark
  • lucario has mega launcher and knows related moves
  • electrabuzz mega, electric/fighting, 
  • hurricane is water/flying move
  • cosmic move, does damage and confuses
  • sword dance a signature move of honedge
  • hammer moves do more damage to smaller
  • heavy ball returns
  • dragon mark, builds up, adds stat
  • mega glalie is now a normal evolution to it
  • mega bannete doesnt have prankster
  • meloetta doesnt need relic song
  • reggies mega-evos, maybe fusions
  • regirock has more physical moves 
  • slow start only applies to first 2 turns
  • ability solar for mega volacona and mega solrock, gives boosted power to cosmic and fire-type attacks, plus the effects of levitate
  • ability lunar for mega cresselia and mega lunatone, gives boosted power to cosmic and dark-type attacks, plus the effects of levitate
  • double battles is the focus
  • sleep-causing moves less accurate in general
  • moody increases only one stat
  • pursuit does full damage to volt switch/u-turn, etc
  • bestow forces the held item of the opponent to go away until the item you give them goes away
  • constrict always lowers speed and does more damage
  • remove deposit/withdraw options for box
  • onix/steelix now have flying instead of ground
  • trading no longer needed to evolve; items that cause evolution upon trading all now work as either leveling up items or applied items like evo stones
  • mega roserade with ability Trapper, boosts effects of moves with continuing effects like Toxic Spikes and Leech Seed 
  • charge beam is now completely different; it takes one turn to charge and then the next turn it launches. has a 70% change to raise the users special attack during the charging turn, and now has 100 base power
  • mega zebstrika with new ability: increases priority by 3 on all electric-type moves
  • regular zebstrika new ability: increases speed every turn
  • sonic boom is now a sound type move that increases power based on the users speed in addition to special attack
  • mega blastoise now has mega launcher
  • mega obamansnow has better main ability
  • aftermath now causes ½ damage to be dealt when activated
  • explosion now causes 500 damage to both the user and the target; self-destruct is the same as before
  • effect spore now only causes sleep
  • multitype users are now affected by most ability and type changing moves; other pokemon that gain the ability can also change type with plates, although only their main type is changed, not their secondary
  • new plates: basic plate (normal), noise plate (sound), and origin plate (cosmic)
  • primal kyogre is now part cosmic type
  • ditto now has imposter as a standard ability, instead of hidden
  • play nice is now fairy
  • smeargles tail color is now the same color as the type of the first move on its list; it is no longer affected by shineness
  • disable is now a psychic type move, and is in a ™ that can be used by almost all pokemon
  • mega evolution is different now; while the pokemon can still hold a mega stone, it can also evolve if it knows its signature Mega move; this move is learned by leveling up while holding the mega stone or by move tutoring
  • water type move; infuses target with water, and any ice attack afterwards or hail damage will cause large amounts of damage to the target if they are rock or ground type
  • dragonite/sandslash/tropius(dragon/grass)/rapidash(fire/flying)/golurk mega evolution
  • tropius pre-evo
  • steel is weak to electricity
  • fighting is immune to ghost
  • steel/fairy/ghost moves are better

Pokemon League Changes

This game features many new changes to the Pokemon League system established by the first games of the series.

The first change, and most major, is the addition of Ranks. Each trainer starts off with an F rank when they enter the league, but can progress up ranks when a Pokemon League Admin believes they are ready. These times are during the following events (note that these ranks allow access to things beside those noted; they only include actions that have to do with plot progression and the path to the next rank promotion):

  • F rank: After the player travels to Francis Town and enters the Pokemon League, they are automatically given the F rank. This allows them to enter the Junior Leagues at Jancinto Town.
  • D Rank: After the player completes the Junior Leagues in Jancinto Town, they are brought up to D rank and given the choice between Smoochums, Magby, and Elekid. This allows the player to enter the gyms at Elezea City, Kaff City and Gerald Town.
  • C Rank: After the player recieves the Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire badges and speaks to Professor Maple, she will promote the trainer to C rank, allowing him to visit the gyms at Sypress City, Arnold Town, Embridge Town, and Hermoso Station.
  • B Rank: After the player collects the Gold, Jade, Pearl, and Diamond Badges, they are able to revisit Francis Town and battle the Gym Leader Rose to win the final badge, the Aquamarine Badge.
  • A Rank: By aquiring the Aquamarine Badge, the player is promoted to A Rank. With this in hand, they are allowed to battle the Elite Four and Pokemon League Champion, Graham.
  • S Rank: Unlike past games, defeating the Champion does not allow the player a spot as Pokemon Master, but rather a promotion to S Rank, which allows them to enter the final challenge: the 4th Annual Pokemon Cup.
  • Master Rank: By conquering the 1st place on the Pokemon Cup, enters the Hall of Fame, the player is finally deemed a Pokemon Master, and promoted to Master Rank.

Battle Frontier

The previously mentioned Battle Frontier once again returns from the fourth Generation, and features many new events. It itself is a small town-sized area with various different buildings scattered about with different purposes. This area is exclusive to only those with an S or Master Rank, and is meant to be the main area for post game battling and other fun activities. Each major building has various challenges, where you can earn Stamps on your Postbook. The following buildings are present:

Major Buildings
Building Challenge Description
Battle Tower 7 Battle Bash! Head up the battle tower for 9 battles!
Battle Tower 30 Battle Bash! Head up the Battle Tower for 30 Battles! Every 5 floors you get to change Pokemon, restore your Pokemon's health, and open a checkpoint that you can access later if you leave or black out.
Battle Tower Fights till Forever! Head upwards on the Battle Tower forever! Same rules as 30 Battle bash, but continues on until the player blacks out. Ascend past the 20th battle and you get the Stamp.
Battle Factory Renting Ruckus Battle 5 consequtive trainers with 6 Pokemon you rent out at the begining of the game. There are 18 different to choose from.
Battle Factory Renting Royale Battle 10 trainers, each round choosing 4 Pokemon to rent with tips about who the trainer will be. Each round the tips are more vague. Checkpoints included after battle 3, 6, and 9, and the battles are randomized each time.
Battle Factory Choose 'n Clash! 12 Pokemon are displayed for rent; you choose one to use, your opponent chooses a different one, you choose another one, and so it continues until no Pokemon are left. Afterwards, you battle. Beat 3 battles this way for the stamp.
Battle Arcade Arcade Attack Matches each play out infront of a big Game Screen; each turn, 16 event icons appear, and 2 are randomly chosen, one for you and one for your opponent. Events may be helpful, hurtful, or passive. Beat 7 consequetive trainers this way for the Stamp.
Battle Arcade Trouble Tournament Eight trainers enter and battle against one another in a tournament with the same affects as Arcade Attack; win three tournaments for the stamp.
Battle Arcade Hectic Handicaps

Matches once again play out infront of a Game Screen; every 3 turns, a tally is taken over who lost the least amount of health the last 3 turns, and they are given a hurtful affect, whilst their opponent is given a helpful one. You must beat 7 consequetive trainers for a Stamp.

Battle Castle Battle Castle #1

The battle castle is a large area with a middle stadium where battles occur. When the player first enters, they are given 10 Castle Points (or CP) to use in the interior walls. These points can be used to buy items, heal a Pokemon, or purcahse special abilities or handicaps. More CP can be won by battling trainers in the stadium of the castle.

Pokemon are not healed after battles, and must be healed with items, special drinks bought with CP, or by leaving and using another method. Also, all items from the outside are deposited into the PC when you enter, so you must buy items with CP to use them. To get this Stamp, purchase it for 50 CP.

Battle Castle Battle Castle #2 To get this stamp, purchase it for 50 CP.
Battle Castle Battle Castle #3 To get this Stamp, purchase a ticket to battle Lady Caitlin, owner of the Castle, with 50 CP, and beat her team of Pokemon.
Battle Hall Beautiful Battles The Battle Hall is a long catwalk where you can battle, one-on-one. Every round you choose a single Pokemon to use and a type to compete against. You then battle a Pokemon of that type, and if you win, that type levels up and your streak increases. Everytime the type levels up, tougher Pokemon can be selected for it. Get a streak of 7 wins to get this stamp.
Battle Hall Fan Fights Each time you win a battle, you get a varying amount of fans between 10 and 50 added to your fandom depending on how well you did, but everytime you lose you lose about 5 to 20 fans as well. After 3 battles a streak starts, which increases your fan gain ratio. Fans can also help with battles, providing special stat boosts. You need to gain 350 fans to get this Stamp.
Battle Hall Double Decisions This time, you use the same setting as Beautiful Battles, but it there are a few changes; for one, you can only choose the type of Pokemon you get, not which one you use, meaning the Pokemon you utilize will be randomized; and two, each battle features two Pokemon on each side within the specified types. Get a 10 win streak to get this Stamp.
Battle Palace On your own! Choose a single Pokemon to go out and fight against another Pokemon. Rather than tell them what to do, you sit back and watch it attack on its own. The attacks it uses are based on it's nature and HP remaining. Win 3 battle for a Stamp.
Battle Pyramid Labyrinth Levels This facility is organized like regular areas in the game. You must tranverse 7 different levels to find the staircase on each one. Each level is pitchdark, and you can only brighten it by battling trainers. Each level has about 4 or 5 trainers and their types are all synced up based on randomization. Get to the end to recieve this stamp.
Minor Buildings
Battle Entrance A Pokemon Center is present here, along with the Battle Frontier Center.
Pokemon Center Everything a typical Pokemon Center has; a Pokemart, healing, a PC, and the ability to use Fly to access the Battle Frontier thanks to it's presence.
Battle Frontier Center Learn about the Battle Frontier and it's facilities, receive the Postbook, and trade in Stamps for prizes.
Stat Judge's Booth A man is present to rate the selected Pokemons stats, IV's, EV's, and other areas for free.
Sratch-Off Booth After selecting an amount of Pokedollars, you can choose a scratch off ticket and use the stylus to rub off 3 of the 12 spaces. If you get 2 matching Pokemon, you get thrice the amount you entered; if you don't, you lose the money.

Battle Royales

Battle Royales are a new addition to the Pokemon series. 6 buildings with the title are scattered throughout Hermoso. In the Battle Royale, the player can challenge multiple trainers in a row, and can only use Pokemon of a certain type. Every 6 hours, the trainers and type restriction change. The following rules are in effect:

  • Trainers may only use Pokemon of the type displayed on the list.
  • Dual typed Pokemon are allowed, provided that one of the types is the one displayed on the list.
  • Pokemon with abilities and formes that make them the displayed type are allowed. However, if the forme or ability changes they must switch out. The Pokemon will always start with the forme with the type needed.
  • Moves not of the type provided are allowed.
  • Mega Evolution is not allowed except on certain Mega Days (always on Saturday). If the Pokemon loses the type displayed when it Mega Evolves, it will not be allowed to Mega Evolve.
  • If a Pokemon evolves between trainers and loses the displayed type, the trainer will be allowed to switch it out for another from the box. Otherwise, all Pokemon must be kept the whole time.

The HPAD has an App which allows the user to view a list of all Battle Royals events within the next 7 days and see what the settings are for them.

Rare Pokemon locations

  • Jirachi: Found at the Wish Shrine in Wisdom version, when a Wish Sceptor is held to the pedestal. Jircachi will then fly away and go to one of the Wisdom Statues. Once there, it will awaken the corresponding Pokemon and will fight the player on a two-on-two battle. If the player defeats Jirachi it can be re-awakened at the Wish Shrine. If the player catches Jirachi and brings it to a Wisdom Statue, it will awaken the corresponding Pokemon.
  • Darkrai and Cressilia: DarkraiK and CressiliaW can both be found in the Moon Caverns when the player recieves an event-only Cavern Pass and uses it to enter their resting place. They will always be shiny, and will be level 50.
  • Manaphy: If the player brings the event-only Sea Ticket to a boat captian in Lusoso Docks, they can go the Esulive Isles where Manaphy lives.
  • Victini: An event-only item, the V Emblem, can be used in the Secret Elevator in the warehouse on Route 16. It will take the player down a small room where a shiny Victini lives.
  • Klefki: Only 3 Klefki are found in the game, and none can be found in the wild. The only way to catch them is to chase them around the overworld and press A, after which a battle will begin. If the player catches it, they will always hold a Key that can be used to unlock doors.

New Moves

Type Move Category Description Power Accurancy PP
Water State Change Status Allows Aquio to change his form based on his held item. N/A 100 50
Steel Hatarang Physical The user takes off it's hat and throws it like a boomerang at the target. The target's defense is lowered beforehand. 80 80 10
Poison Venom Body Special The user prepares itself by releasing venom on itself. All Pokemon that hit it during the next turn are poisoned, but so is the user. N/A 100 10
Sound Loud Noise Status The user lets loose a loud scream, overpowering all other sound. Sound-type attacks do less damage for a few rounds. 30 80 10
Cosmic Black Hole Special The user creates a large black hole, causing a large amount of damage if it hits. A one-hit knockout move. N/A N/A 5

Regional Pokédex

Söder Dex Öster Dex Vanligt Dex
Pokémon Type Type
023MS Ekans Poison
024MS Arbok Poison
172MS Pichu Electric
025MS Pikachu Electric
026MS Raichu Electric
043MS Oddish Grass Poison
044MS Gloom Grass Poison
045MS Vileplume Grass Poison
058MS Growlithe Fire
059MS Arcanine Fire
060MS Poliwag Water
061MS Poliwhirl Water
062MS Poliwrath Water Fighting
186MS Politoed Water Sound
083MS Farfetch'd Normal Flying
084MS Doduo Normal Flying
085MS Dodrio Normal Flying
090MS Shellder Water
091MS Cloyster Water Ice
092MS Gastly Ghost Poison
093MS Haunter Ghost Poison
094MS Gengar Ghost Poison
107MS Hitmonchan Fighting
108MS Lickitung Normal
463MS Lickilicky Normal
111MS Rhyhorn Ground Rock
112MS Rhydon Ground Rock
464MS Rhyperior Ground Rock
116MS Horsea Water
117MS Seadra Water
230MS Kingdra Water Dragon
114MS Tangela Grass
120MS Staryu Water Cosmic
121MS Starmie Psychic Cosmic
127MS Pinsir Bug
128MS Tauros Normal
131MS Lapras Water Ice
132MS Ditto Normal
133MS Eevee Normal
134MS Vaporeon Water
135MS Jolteon Electric
136MS Flareon Fire
196MS Espeon Psychic
197MS Umbreon Dark
470MS Leafeon Grass
471MS Glaceon Ice
700MS Sylveon Fairy
137MS Porygon Normal
233MS Porygon2 Normal
474MS Porygon-Z Normal
170MS Chinchou Water Electric
171MS Lanturn Water Electric
175MS Togepi Fairy
176MS Togetic Fairy Flying
468MS Togekiss Fairy Flying
182MS Bellossom Grass Fairy
298MS Azurill Normal Fairy
183MS Marill Water Fairy
184MS Azumarill Water Fairy
187MS Hoppip Grass Flying
188MS Skiploom Grass Flying
189MS Jumpluff Grass Flying
200MS Misdreavus Ghost
429MS Mismagius Ghost Cosmic
207MS Gligar Ground Flying
472MS Gliscor Ground Flying
211MS Qwilfish Water Poison
213MS Shuckle Bug Rock
214MS Heracross Bug Fighting
215MS Sneasel Dark Ice
461MS Weavile Dark Ice
216MS Teddiursa Normal Cosmic
217MS Ursaring Normal Cosmic
220MS Swinub Ice Ground
221MS Piloswine Ice Ground
473MS Mamoswine Ice Ground
222MS Corsola Water Rock
273MS Seedot Grass
274MS Nuzleaf Grass Dark
275MS Shiftry Grass Dark
303MS Mawile Steel Fairy
309MS Electrike Electric Sound
310MS Manectric Electric Sound
455MS Carnivine Grass
433MS Chingling Sound Ghost
358MS Chimecho Sound Ghost
Pokémon Type Type
280MS Ralts Psychic Fairy
281MS Kirlia Psychic Fairy
282MS Gardevoir Psychic Fairy
475MS Gallade Psychic Fighting
290MS Nincada Bug Ground
291MS Ninjask Bug Flying
292MS Shedinja Bug Ghost
293MS Whismur Sound
294MS Loudred Sound
295MS Exploud Sound
304MS Aron Steel Rock
305MS Lairon Steel Rock
306MS Aggron Steel Rock
328MS Trapinch Ground
329MS Vibrava Ground Dragon
330MS Flygon Ground Dragon
331MS Cacnea Grass
332MS Cacturne Grass Dark
333MS Swablu Normal Flying
334MS Altaria Dragon Flying
335MS Zangoose Normal
336MS Seviper Poison
337MS Lunatone Rock Cosmic
338MS Solrock Rock Cosmic
345MS Lileep Rock Grass
346MS Cradily Rock Grass
347MS Anorith Rock Bug
348MS Armaldo Rock Bug
353MS Shuppet Ghost
354MS Banette Ghost
355MS Duskull Ghost
356MS Dusclops Ghost
477MS Dusknoir Ghost
357MS Tropius Grass Flying
361MS Snorunt Ice
362MS Glalie Ice
478MS Froslass Ice Ghost
363MS Spheal Ice Water
364MS Sealeo Ice Water
365MS Walrein Ice Water
401MS Kricketot Bug Sound
402MS Kricketune Bug Sound
403MS Shinx Electric
404MS Luxio Electric Dark
405MS Luxray Electric Dark
415MS Combee Bug Flying
416MS Vespiquen Bug Flying
418MS Buizel Water
419MS Floatzel Water
420MS Cherubi Grass
421MS Cherrim Grass
422MS Shellos Water
423MS Gastrodon Water Ground
425MS Drifloon Ghost Flying
426MS Drifblim Ghost Flying
427MS Buneary Normal
428MS Lopunny Normal
434MS Stunky Poison Dark
435MS Skuntank Poison Dark
443MS Gible Dragon Ground
444MS Gabite Dragon Ground
445MS Garchomp Dragon Ground
447MS Riolu Fighting
448MS Lucario Fighting Steel
451MS Skorupi Poison Bug
452MS Drapion Poison Dark
714MS Noibat Flying Dragon
715MS Noivern Flying Dragon
509MS Purrloin Dark
510MS Liepard Dark
517MS Munna Psychic
518MS Musharna Psychic
522MS Blitzle Electric
523MS Zebstrika Electric
527MS Woobat Sound Flying
528MS Swoobat Sound Flying
529MS Drilbur Ground
530MS Excadrill Ground Steel
557MS Dwebble Bug Rock
558MS Crustle Bug Rock
535MS Tympole Water Sound
536MS Palpitoad Water Sound
537MS Seismitoad Water Sound
667MS Litleo Fire Sound
668MS Pyroar Fire Sound
531MS Audino Fairy Sound
531MS Chatot Sound Flying
Pokémon Type Type
543MS Venipede Bug Poison
544MS Whirlipede Bug Poison
545MS Scolipede Bug Poison
559MS Scraggy Dark Fighting
560MS Scrafty Dark Fighting
562MS Yamask Ghost
563MS Cofagrigus Ghost
568MS Trubbish Poison
569MS Garbodor Poison
570MS Zorua Dark
571MS Zoroark Dark
574MS Gothita Psychic Cosmic
575MS Gothorita Psychic Cosmic
576MS Gothitelle Psychic Cosmic
577MS Solosis Psychic
578MS Duosion Psychic
579MS Reuniclus Psychic
580MS Ducklett Water Flying
581MS Swanna Water Flying
585MS Deerling Normal Grass
586MS Sawsbuck Normal Grass
590MS Foongus Grass Poison
591MS Amoonguss Grass Poison
592MS Frillish Water Ghost
593MS Jellicent Water Ghost
595MS Joltik Bug Electric
596MS Galvantula Bug Electric
597MS Ferroseed Grass Steel
598MS Ferrothorn Grass Steel
607MS Litwick Ghost Fire
608MS Lampent Ghost Fire
609MS Chandelure Ghost Fire
610MS Axew Dragon
611MS Fraxure Dragon
612MS Haxorus Dragon Steel
613MS Cubchoo Normal Ice
614MS Beartic Normal Ice
615MS Cryogonal Ice
622MS Golett Ground Ghost
623MS Golurk Ground Ghost
624MS Pawniard Dark Steel
625MS Bisharp Dark Steel
664MS Scatterbug Bug
665MS Spewpa Bug
666MS Vivillon Bug Flying
672MS Skiddo Grass
673MS Gogoat Grass
674MS Pancham Fighting
675MS Pangoro Fighting Dark
677MS Espurr Psychic
678MS Meowstic Psychic
686MS Inkay Dark Psychic
687MS Malamar Dark Psychic
688MS Binacle Rock Water
689MS Barbaracle Rock Water
690MS Skrelp Poison Water
691MS Dragalge Poison Dragon
692MS Clauncher Water
693MS Clawitzer Water Dragon
708MS Phantump Ghost Grass
709MS Trevenant Ghost Grass
710MS Pumpkaboo Ghost Grass
711MS Gourgeist Ghost Grass
712MS Bergmite Ice
713MS Avalugg Ice
736MS Grubbin Bug
737MS Charjabug Bug Electric
738MS Vikavolt Bug Electric
739MS Crabrawler Fighting
740MS Crabominable Fighting Ice
751MS Dewpider Water Bug
752MS Araquanid Water Bug
755MS Morelull Grass Fairy
756MS Shiinotic Grass Fairy
767MS Wimpod Bug Water
768MS Golisopod Bug Water
769MS Sandygast Ghost Ground
770MS Palossand Ghost Ground
781MS Dhelmise Ghost Grass
782MS Jangmo-o Dragon
783MS Hakamo-o Dragon Fighting
784MS Kommo-o Dragon Fighting
174MS Igglybuff Sound Fairy
039MS Jigglypuff Sound Fairy
040MS Wigglytuff Sound Fairy
605MS Elgyem Cosmic Psychic
606MS Beheeyem Cosmic Psychic

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