Pokémon Topaz Version and Pokémon Peridot Version are a pair of upcoming Pokémon games, and the first two games of Generation VII of the Pokémon series. This game is one of the most innovative of the series, introducing new Battle types, extension on normal features, and a whopping Four new types (these being Cosmic, Cyber, Sound,, and Mystic). The game is set for a 2017 release for the Nintendo 3DS.


"Explore a brand new region in a brand new adventure!"

"Face the malicious Team Azure and save the region from corrupted Legendaries!"

"Catch up to 150 new Pokemon!"

New Features

New Types

In Topaz and Peridot, a whopping four types are introduced to the game, making a total of 22 types in the series now. These four types are Sound, Cosmic, Mystic, and Cyber.

The Sound type is for Pokemon with noise-inducing powers or properties, and for music-based Pokemon. Pokemon retyped to Sound include Noivern, Kricketune, Chimecho, and Exploud. There are also many new Sound type Pokemon introduced in this game, like Screechick and . The Sound type is confirmed to be supereffective against Cyber (technology made to generate sound), Fairy (fairies represent light, and I'm sure Sound can outshout it) and Electric (most sound-producing machines need electricity to work), but weak against Bug (bugs using noise to communicate) and Cosmic (can you be heard in space?). Sadly, Sound-type moves don't affect the Cosmic type. One of the Gym Leaders, Xyla, specializes in Sound-type Pokemon.

The Cosmic type is for Pokemon with space or cosmic relation, or Pokemon with cosmic properties. Pokemon retyped for the Cosmic type include Clefable, Claydol, and Deoxys. There are also many new Cosmic-type Pokemon to sue, like Astreon and Shuttlore. The Cosmic Type is super-effective against Sound (nobody can hear you sing in space), Ice (its pretty cold in space), Dark (it's pretty dark in the galaxy), and Steel (metal rocket ships, baby), but weak to Rock (meteors) and Fire (it's pretty cold in space, so why not heat it up?). It also has an immunity to the Sound-type. One of the Gym Leaders, Astrein, specializes in Cosmic-type Pokemon.

The Mystic type is the third type that was confirmed for the game. The Mystic-type is dedicated to Pokemon with magical properties. Retyped Pokemon for the Mystic type include Delphox, Mismagius, and Dunsparce. New Mystic-type Pokemon include Drillnysti and Encharmente. The Mystic-type has many strengths, specifically against Dragon, Ghost, Poison, Fairy, and Fighting. However, it's weak to Dark and Cyber. One of the Gym Leaders, Arcani, specializes in Mystic-types.

The final type confirmed was the Cyber type. The Cyber-type is made for Pokemon made with technology, or for technology-related uses. Some retyped Pokemon were Porygon, Genesect, and Magnezone. New Pokemon for this type include Ampixel and Uesbee. The Cyber type is strong against Electric (duh), Fighting (because sitting at a computer is much more fun then playing outside, right?), and Mystic (many video game characters use magical powers). However, it is weak to Bug (you don't want to get a virus on your computer, right?) and Water (spilling water on your computer is not good). One of the Elite 4, Cody, specializes in the usage of Cyber types.

List of Retyped Pokemon

With a whopping four types being introduced, it's evident that some Pokemon will go through type changes for the new types; but since there are so many new types, there are more retypes then ever before. The type below each Pokemon is the new typing; whether it's purely the new type or a dual type alongside the new type.



Gen VII Typechart

New Evolutions to Past Pokémon

Akin to Gen 2 and Gen 4, Topaz and Peridot introduces several new evolutions to previously unevolved or second stage Pokémon. Most of these methods now include a new method of evolution. Here they are;

  • Wingyang (Evolves from Farfetch'd if it levels up to a level past 35 if it is holding a Stick.)
  • Galaxeon (Evolves from Eevee if it levels up with high enough friendship if in a Cosmic Zone.)
  • Wispeon (Evolves from Eevee if it levels up while holding a Spell Tag.)
  • Evoleon (Evolves from Eevee at Level 38 if it hasn't already evolved.)
  • Drillnysti (Evolves from Dunsparce by trading it with Soft Sand.)
  • Barriaut (Evolves from Wynaut at Lv. 15 if it has an Attack/Sp. Att stat higher than any of its Defense stats.)
  • Smuggluin (Evolves from Delibird while it knows 4 moves, and none of them are Present.)
  • Mathemectric (Evolves from Plusle/Minun if it levels up during a Double Battle)
  • Brightefli (Evolves from Volbeat/Illumise if it levels up during a Double Battle)
  • Ancielicotta (Evolves from Claydol if it is traded with its Special Attack as its highest stat)
  • Stingone (Evolves from Combee at Level 21 if it is a male)
  • Screechick (Evolves from Chatot when it evolves to a level past 35 if it knows Chatter AND is loud enough.)
  • Porygon-X (Evolves from Porygon2 if it is trade with the Software Disc.)
  • Tangesert (Evolves from Maractus at Level 30 while in a Desert or sandy environment)
  • Pirahtript (Evolves from Basculin if it is traded with a Shard of its opposite color. Trade with Red Shard if Blue Stripe, and trade with Blue Shard if Red Stripe.)
  • Alomalola* (Evolves from Luvdisc at Level 25.)
  • Shockeek (Evolves from Dedenne if it levels up to Level 30 or higher while holding a Berry.)

More to be confirmed

Gen VII Pokédex

New Gen VII Pokémon

For the full Pokédex, see here.

Number Name Species Typing Abilities
? Sproub Lion Cub Pokémon Grass Overgrow
? Felieen Flower Lion Pokémon Grass Overgrow
? Petalion Flower Lion Pokémon Grass/Fairy King of Nature
? Gophlame Gopher Pokémon Fire Blaze
? Magmole Mole Pokémon Fire/Ground Blaze
? Volecano Flaming Rodent Pokémon Fire/Ground Dry Skin
? Coralife Undersea Pokémon Water Torrent
? Reephoria Undersea Pokémon Water Torrent
? Anemonystius Undersea Guardian Pokémon Water/Mystic Contrary
? Leafk Baby Bird Pokémon Flying Keen Eye/Natural Cure
? Aeroma Sweet Bird Pokémon Flying/Grass Keen Eye/Natural Cure
? Sweecock Sweet Bird Pokémon Flying/Grass Keen Eye/Natural Cure
? Hairmster Hamster Pokémon Normal Run Away/Pickup
? Snuffuzz Hairy Hamster Pokémon Normal Furcoat/Pickup
? Furrodennt Hairy Rodent Pokémon Normal Furcoat/Pickup
? Exotick Tropical Pest Pokémon Bug Swarm/Water Absorb
? Flisland Tropical Pest Pokémon Bug/Water Swarm/Water Absorb
? Palmantis Tropical Predator Pokémon Bug/Water Moxie/Water Absorb
? Meowatt Kitten Pokémon Electric Static/Outlet
? Electrynx Lynx Pokémon Electric/Dark Static/Outlet
? Pebbull Rocky Bull Pokémon Rock Rock Head/Anger Point
? Bouldorn Rocky Bull Pokémon Rock Rock Head/Anger Point
? Stalagmadore Cave Bull Pokémon Rock/Steel Rock Head/Solid Rock
? Waspear Wasp Pokémon Bug/Poison Swarm/Annoyance
? Bumblade Bumblebee Pokémon Bug/Poison Swarm/Annoyance
? Sheepix Lamb Pokémon Fairy Furcoat/Healer
? Familaries Lamb Guardian Pokémon Fairy/Cosmic Furcoat/Cosmic Horns
? Squink Squid Pokémon Water Water Absorb/Artistic
? Tentaclor Squid Pokémon Water Water Absorb/Artistic
? Inkrakein Kraken Pokémon Water Water Absorb/Artistic
? Uesbee Computer Bug Pokémon Bug/Cyber Download/Hacker
? Virasp Computer Bug Pokémon Bug/Cyber Download/Hacker
? Judoak Forest Pokémon Grass/Fighting Wooden Fists
? Treekwondo Forest Pokémon Grass/Fighting Wooden Fists
? Fuslight Exploding Pokémon Steel/Fire Flammability/Filter
? Explofer Exploding Pokémon Steel/Fire Flammability/Filter
? Simpill Helpful Pokémon Normal Healer/Simple
? Medicync Gentle Giant Pokémon Normal/Cyber Protector/Simple
? Mirra Mirror Pokémon Steel/Mystic Levitate/Reflection
? Reflectris Shattered Mirror Pokémon Steel/Mystic Levitate/Reflection
? Spetite Dark Mage Pokémon Dark/Mystic Magical Spirit
? Necrodage Dark Wizard Pokémon Dark/Mystic Magical Spirit
? [[|]]
? [[|]]
? [[|]]
? [[|]]

Returning Pokémon

New Mega Evolutions

Here are all the new Megas of this region.

Mega Pokémon Design Typing Mega Stone Stone Location

New Moves

Expand to see all of the new moves introduced to Topaz and Peridot.
Name Type Description Damage Accuracy Class

Retyped Moves

New Abilities

Expand to see all of the new abilities introduced to Topaz and Peridot.
Name Description Pokémon
Artistic When the user uses an attacking move, it has a 10% chance to change it to a type that is super-effective against the target (for example, if fighting a Rock type, it may change to Fighting or Grass.) Smeargle, Squink, Tentaclor, Inkrakein
Bird of Prey If the user uses a physical Flying-type move, it drains 1/8 maximum health from the opponent to heal the user. ???
Flytrap If a Pokémon with this ability is on the field, all Bug-types and Bug-type moves have negative priority. Mega Carnivine
Glass Cannon Any ball, sphere, or pulse moves used by the user will always be a critical hit. However, each use of this type of move decreases the user's Defense and Sp. Defense by 1. ???
Stretchy This Pokémon can hit Pokémon underground, in the air, or in the water. It can also hit Pokémon anywhere on the field, in the case of a Triple or Rotation Battle. Does not affect Phantom Force users. ???

Significant Trainers

Gym Leaders

Unlike previous Pokémon games, Topaz and Peridot features 10 Gym Leaders rather than 8.

Gym 1: Rocky
Type: Rock
Ralime Town
Ore Badge

Info coming soon

Gym 2: Lars
Type: Fire
??? City
Scorch Badge

Info coming soon

Gym 3: Marina
Type: Water
Catarrhactes Town
Waterfall Badge

Info coming soon

Gym 4: Percy
Type: Fighting
??? Town
Duel Badge

Info coming soon

Gym 5: Xyla
Type: Sound
??? City
Musical Badge

Info coming soon

Gym 6: Erin
Type: Normal
??? City
Common Badge

Info coming soon

Gym 7: Sylvia
Type: Fairy
??? Town
Tinker Badge
Info coming soon
Gym 8: Arcani
Type: Mystic
??? Town
Arcane Badge

Info coming soon

Gym 9: Claus
Type: Dragon
??? Town
Grotto Badge

Info coming soon

Gym 10: Astrein
Type: Cosmic
Bothynus City
Planet Badge

Info coming soon

Elite 4

Elite Four Member Indigo
Type: Dark
Elite Four Member Cody
Type: Cyber
Elite Four Member Trixie
Type: Poison
Elite Four Member Flora
Type: Grass

Team Hunter

New Locations

Venes Region

Sinnoh Region


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