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Pokémon Names Base Level Encounter Location
Eletorpaz 55

Cave of Corruption

[Topaz Only]

Draleopal 40

Cave of Corruption

[Opal Only]

Mew[Postgame] 45 Found in Wild after freeing pokemon from Corruption Experimentation Lab.
Mewtwo[Postgame] 50 Found in CEL Floor 9 after freeing Pokémon from lab.
Articuno[Postgame] 50 1/100 chance to encounter in Floating Tundra
Moltres[Postgame] 50 1/100 chance to encounter on top of Firebird Peak
Zapdos[Postgame] 50 1/100 chance to encounter on a lightning cloud.
Lugia[Postgame] 55 Encountered at Shining Waterfall in JOHTO [Opal Only]
Ho-Oh[Postgame] 55 Encountered at cave under Firebird Peak. [Topaz Only]
Celebi[Event] 35 .Able to be revisited until caught in the Mystical Forest Event.
Entei[Postgame] 50 Roams Johto
Suicune[Postgame] 50 Roams Johto
Raikou[Postgame] 50 Roams Thunder Clouds after Zapdos is caught
Regirock[Postgame] 40 Roams Halon
Registeel[Postgame] 50 Roams Halon after Regirock is caught
Regice[Postgame] 55 Roams Halon after Regirock is caught
Regigigas[Postgame] 65 Roams Regi Temple after Regi Trio is caught
Latios 40

Found on Floating Mystic Island


Latias 40

Found on Floating Mystic Island


Kyogre 50

Found at Underground Ravine


Groudon 50

Found at Mount Flarion


Rayquaza 60 Found at Central Halon tower with Groudon/Kyogre in party.
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