Developer(s) Stevendieseltje and Lucoshi Productions
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo VR, Wii U
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
PEGI: Three years and older
Genre(s) RPG

Pokémon: The Return of Team Galactic is a new game from the Pokémon franchise, with new Pokémon in a brand-new region, the Borba region. It's for the Wii U , Nintendo VR and Nintendo 3DS.


You are a young boy/girl that found a Pokémon in his garden and she/he asks his/her mother what it is. She says that it is a pokémon. Than you say that you want to catch him and your mother sends you to Professor Baobo and he gives you a starter Pokémon. You want to win a match of each gym and you have a lot of problems and adventures when you travel around in the Borba region.


Timbork (Whistle Wood)

  • Cacnea (level 15)
  • Burmy (level 12)
  • Tangela (level 14)

Elite Four


Special zones

Bug Bush (bug)






Caterpie (in the grass)

Weedle (in the grass)

Paras (in the grass)

Venonat (in the grass)

Scyther (in the grass)

Pinsir (in the grass after the cave)

Ledyba (in the trees)

Spinarak (in the trees)

Yanma (in the trees)

Pineco (in the trees)

Shuckle (in the cave)

Heracross (in the cave)

Wurmple (in the grass)

Surskit (in the water and around the water in grass)

Nincada (in the grass after the cave)

Volbeat (interactable pokémon on top of the cave)

Illumise (interactable pokémon on top of the cave)

Kricketot (in the grass)

Burmy (in the grass)

Combee (in the trees)

Whistle Wood (grass)


Timmy: TBA


Oddish (in the grass)

Bellsprout (in the grass)

Exeggcute (in the grass)

Tangela (in the grass)

Hoppip (in the grass)

Sunkern (in the grass)

Celebi (interactable pokémon after the cave of death)

Lotad (in the water and in the grass around the water)

Seedot (in the trees)

Shroomish (in the grass)

Cacnea (in the grass after the cave)

Lileep (in the caves)

Tropius (in the grass after the cave of death)

Budew (in the grass)

Cherubi (you get Cherubi when you defeated timmy)

Carnivine (in the grass in the gym)

Shaymin (interactable after the gym in the cave and over the water)



Starter Pokémon

In this game you can use all the previous starters and some new starters but I am
Starter kiezen

View choosing starter Pokémon

busy with creating them so I have the names and the pictures of them.

Previous Pokémon

All the previous generations exept of the fifth generation are in this game.

New Pokémon

Codini (water)

Wrassega (water)



click the link to see the Pokémon The Return of Team Galactic/Gallery .

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