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Pokémon Temporal Diamond and Pokémon Spatial Pearl Version
Developer(s) Ghostrealm Studios
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Genre(s) RPG
Release Date(s)
October 2017
1-4 players
Age Rating(s)
E for Everyone
Media Included Game card, and a digital download.

Pokemon Temporal Diamond and Spacial Pearl are remakes of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl set to be released on 20th October, 2017.

Nintendo eShop Description

Sinnoh needs you! Return to Twinleaf Town once again and begin your journey!

  • Mega Evolve Torterra, Infernape, and Empoleon to achieve victory!!!
  • Explore the new Underground and find new Trainers to battle!
  • Reveal the mystery of Genesis Dialga/Palkia!
  • Enter the Distortion World again to stop Team Galactic to capture Giratina in a post-story mission!


The storyline is the same as Diamond and Pearl, with some of Platinum thrown in, with the following changes:

  • Cyrus's role is expanded upon considerably, as he appears in the post-game Platinum Episode, which involves him attempting to use the opposite member of the Creation Trio after his defeat atop Spear Pillar, but Giratina tries to stop him. The Ultra Beasts of Alola also appear, and are revealed to have fought with Giratina before. For more information on the Platinum Episode, click here.
  • You receive a map of Mt. Coronet from Looker before you enter it to stop Team Galactic atop Spear Pillar.
  • Team Magma and Team Aqua make cameo appearances in the Battle Zone area, where they hunt down Heatran or Manaphy depending on the team.
  • The Spatia/Cronos Ruins exist where Pal Park once stood. These ruins hold the opposite member of the Creation Trio, which cannot be caught.
  • After completing the Platinum Episode, various legendaries from Kanto, Johto, Unova, and Kalos begin appearing in Sinnoh:
Legendary (or Legendaries) Method to Obtain
Speak with Professor Oak in Eterna City to trigger the spawning of the birds. Unlike in Platinum, they eventually rest on Route 216, the Fuego Ironworks, and the Ravaged Path, respectively.
Obtain the Rocket Insignia from the Galactic Eterna Building, and speak to Saturn about it. After telling you about the former ties with Team Rocket that Team Galactic once possessed, the Forgotten Chamber may be entered, where Mewtwo lies.
The beast that is strong against your starter roams Sinnoh once all three Legendary Birds are caught. They eventually rest in Celestic Town.
Obtain the Tidal/Clear Bell from Jasmine in Sunyshore by showing her a Legendary Beast, and then travel to the Sinjoh Ruins. Once there, Lugia or Ho-Oh will be waiting depending on your version.
Terrakion XY

Visit Alder at the Valor Lakefront to trigger the Swords of Justice appearing in three locations:

  • Cobalion on Iron Island.
  • Terrakion in Mt. Coronet.
  • Virizion in Eterna Forest.
Kyurem PWW
Find the Dark Stone/Light Stone in the Underground, and bring it to the Relic Tower on Route 231. Zekrom/Reshiram will be waiting at the top, with the dragon you fight depending on your version. If you bring both to the top of the tower, Kyurem appears.
Find Thundurus/Tornadus on Route 215, and catch them, with the Pokemon you get changing depending on your version. Bring both to Route 215, and Landorus attacks.
Travel to the Chamber of Life/Death in Lower Mt. Coronet, and either Xerneas or Yveltal will be there depending on your version.
  • Arceus can be caught if you bring a party full of all three members of the Creation Trio and all three Lake Guardians to the cave in Celestic Town, where you receive the Azure Flute from an Aether Foundation scientist. Play it at Spear Pillar, and you can battle Arceus.
  • Eterna and Hearthome City are now covered in snow due to being the closest to Mt. Coronet, as are the routes connecting them to the mountain.
  • Routes 231 and 232 are introduced, which are linked to southern Mt. Coronet. These mountainous and dry routes take you to the Sinjoh Ruins, where Ho-Oh or Lugia can be caught after the Platinum Episode depending on your version. The Relic Tower, a tower with a connection to Unova, is located along this route.
  • Fullmoon and Newmoon Island are opened up after the Platinum Episode is complete, and hold Cresselia and Darkrai, respectively.
  • The opposite-gender character can be battled in Sandgem Town every week after you complete the main story.
  • Barry, Lucas/Dawn, Cynthia, and Cyrus can mega evolve their starters, Garchomp, and Weavile, respectively.
  • A Kanto starter may be obtained from Professor Oak after obtaining the National Pokedex. A Unova starter can be obtained by visiting Alder at the Valor Lakefront in the post-game.
  • Lower Mt. Coronet is opened up once the Platinum Episode is done, and holds the Forgotten Chamber, where Mewtwo lies, alongside various Pokemon species not in the Sinnoh Pokedex and a direct entrance to the Underground.
  • Z-Moves are obtained in the post-game, with Z-Crystals being located in the Underground.
  • The Sinnoh Pokedex is no longer required to visit the Survival and Resort Areas.

Communication with Other Games

Temporal Diamond and Spatial Pearl are capable of trading and battling with Pokemon Sun and Moon as well as other copies of Temporal Diamond and Spatial Pearl, and Pokemon can be transferred over to Pokemon Solid and Liquid via Pokemon Bank as well. Pokemon from X & Y as well as ORAS can also be transferred over via Bank.

However, in order to honor the original Diamond and Pearl, Pokemon from any Gen IV game can be transferred directly to Bank without having to go through Gen V, and if you bring a Pokemon from the original Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum to the GAME FREAK director at the Valor Lakefront, you will get the Time Traveler Award.

New Features

  • New Mega Evolutions:
Pokemon Type Ability Stat Changes/Competitive Analysis Mega Stone Required and Where to Obtain
Grass/Rock Solid Rock Torterra gains increased Defense and Attack, with Special Attack and Speed reduced to compensate. With this, it can serve as a powerful tank in the metagame.


(Received with the Mega Ring after defeating Fantina if Turtwig was chosen, or given to you by your rival after becoming Champion)

Fire/Fighting Sheer Force Infernape's Special Attack is reduced in favor of it's Attack and Speed, and it's Defense and Special Defense are also reduced to make it a heavy-hitting physical attacker.


(Received with the Mega Ring after defeating Fantina if Chimchar was chosen, or given to you by your rival after becoming Champion)

Water/Steel Healer Empoleon's Speed is increased, as is it's Special Attack and Special Defense, allowing it to serve as a good support Pokemon.


(Received with the Mega Ring after defeating Fantina if Piplup was chosen, or given to you by your rival after becoming Champion)

Fighting/Flying Aerilate Staraptor sees improved Attack and Speed, building on the strengths it had before, but providing a new twist.


(Given to you by Mercury after the Platinum Episode)

Bug/Ghost Moody Kricketot gains increased Special Attack and Speed, along with the Moody ability.


(Eterna Forest, after Spear Pillar's events)

Electric/Steel Stamina Magnezone sees a Defense and Special Attack buff, and is well-suited towards tanking and taking the brunt of attacks.


(Valley Windworks, after Spear Pillar's events)

Ground/Steel Battle Armor Rhyperior gains an Attack and Defense buff, and with the inclusion of the Steel type, it's more versatile than he was before.


(Mt. Coronet, after Spear Pillar's events)

Normal/Psychic Installation (Attacks boost a random stat) Porygon-Z gains the Psychic type to help counter Fighting types, and gains a Special Attack and Speed buff.


(Galactic Veilstone Building)

Fire/Steel Infiltrator Magmortar's Special Attack and Special Defense are raised, and Infiltrator allows it to break Substitute barriers and other obstacles.


(Fuego Ironworks, after Spear Pillar)

Electric/Fighting Iron Fist Electivire gains an Attack and Speed buff, and Iron Fist boosts Electivire's punch arsenal.


(Sunyshore City, after Spear Pillar)

Ice/Ground Unaware Mamoswine sees Attack and Special Defense boosts, and a powerful new ability.


(Lake Acuity, after Spear Pillar)

Grass/Poison Magic Guard Roserade's Special Attack and Special Defense are increased.


(Given to you by Gardenia after Spear Pillar)

Yanmega XY
Bug/Dragon Speed Boost Yanmega's Attack and Special Attack are boosted and made equal to each other, along with Speed.


(Great Marsh, after Spear Pillar)

Dark/Ice Long Reach Weavile's Attack and Speed is raised, and the new ability in Long Reach allows for hits to be made more effectively.


(Route 216, after Spear Pillar)


Frozen Song

(Sound-based moves change to the Ice-type)

Froslass's Special Defense and Speed will rise, while Attack and Special Attack decline.


(Snowpoint Temple)

Rock Reckless Rampardos's Attack and Speed are increased, especially it's Speed.


(Oreburgh Mine, after Spear Pillar)

Steel/Dragon Arena Trap Bastiodon's Defense and Special Defense are increased.


(Iron Island, after Spear Pillar)




(Normal-type moves become Fighting-type moves, and their power is increased)

Machamp's Attack and Speed are increased.


(Veilstone City, after Spear Pillar)

Ground/Dark Strong Jaw Krookodile's Attack and Special Attack will rise, while Defense and Speed will fall.


(Route 228)

Dragon/Flying Simple Dragonite's Special Attack is heavily buffed, with it's Attack reduced to compensate. It's new Ability helps with burst attacks.


(Victory Road)

Dark/Dragon Dark Aura Hydreigon's Attack and Speed stats rise, while Defense and Sp. Attack will fall.


(Relic Tower)

Heatran XY

Volcanic Presence

(Halves all damage taken from Water and Ground-type moves)

Heatran gains increased Special Attack and Special Defense, a pure Fire typing, and a great ability in Volcanic Presence.


(Stark Mountain)

Water Stakeout Manaphy's Special Attack and Speed is boosted, along with Stakeout leaving Manaphy to take out enemies.


(Ocean Temple)


Quick Start

(Attack and Speed are increased by 25% for the first five turns)

Regigigas's Attack and Defense are boosted.


(Snowpoint Temple, after awakening and catching Regigigas)


Super Protean

(Your first type is the type of the Plate/Z-Crystal you are holding, and the second type is that of the move you are using)

All of Arceus's stats are boosted by a tiny amount, and Super Protean makes it arguably the most versatile Pokemon in the game.


(Celestic Town, after Arceus is caught)

  • Z-Moves have been introduced for the lake guardians, Shaymin, Darkrai, and Cresselia, upgrading their Psychic, Seed Flare, Dark Void, and Lunar Dance moves to Power of the Lakes, Seed Burst, Endless Suffering, and Moonstrike, respectively.
  • Some Pokémon, like Wormadam got new formes. New formes for Burmy and Wormadam are Tidal Cloak (Bug/Water), Nest Cloak (Bug/Flying) and Snow Cloak (Bug/Ice).
  • The Underground has been revamped. Battles may occur there now between players, and Secret Bases are similar to those in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, and you can even dig a tunnel that connects your base to the surface. The Underground can also use the Nintendo Network to find people to play with, providing a new source of flags to help get Spiritomb.
  • The Game Corner in Veilstone now has different minigames due to the European gambling issues that led to no game corners after the release of HeartGold and SoulSilver. The minigames have nothing to do with gambling, and the building is even renamed to the "Veilstone Arcade". The minigames are similar to those in FireRed and LeafGreen's Game Corner in the Sevii Islands, as well as Voltorb Flip from HeartGold and SoulSilver.
  • The Global Terminal in Jubilife City has been replaced with the Battle Terminal, which holds the Battle Institute and the Battle Royale Arena.
  • The Creation Trio gets new Formes known as Genesis Forms, which are activated by holding their respective orb, or in Giratina's case, knowing the move Void Pulse:
Pokemon Type Signature Move (Due to the power of these moves, they only have 2 PP, and that number cannot be boosted) Ability Stat Changes/Competitive Analysis

Temporal Rift (Dragon-type)

(Deals damage to the opposing Pokemon while also restoring Dialga's health by a quarter of the damage done)

Chronal Warping (Two-turn moves don't waste a turn) Dialga's Special Attack and Defense are increased, with it's Ability providing a hefty boost to moves like Giga Impact and Solar Beam. Temporal Rift allows for Dialga to see a boost in damage and survivability.

Gravity Lapse (Dragon-type)

(The entire enemy team takes damage, with the Pokemon currently out taking more)

Spatial Power (Moves can be used regardless of typing) Palkia gets a Special Attack and Special Defense increase, and it's Ability allows for attacks to hit regardless of typing, which helps against Fairy-types. Gravity Lapse hits multiple foes, making switching out difficult.
Giratina Origin XY

Void Pulse


(Deals heavy damage and heals Giratina for twice the damage dealt)

Dying Breath (When Giratina faints, the enemy Pokemon loses 30% of their HP) Giratina's Special Attack and Speed are boosted, and Dying Breath allows you to set up powerful revenge kills for when you are eventually killed. Void Pulse helps keep you alive with great healing.
  • Many features from ORAS and X/Y return, like the PSS, Super Training, Pokemon Amie, and others. Trainer Customization also returns, but isn't available until the postgame.
  • The Pokech has been upgraded to the Pokech Plus, with new apps such as a Menu app for menu buttons, a Jubilife TV app similar to the BuzzNav, a Pokedex app similar to the DexNav, and others. It also brings back the phone feature that hasn't been seen since HeartGold and SoulSilver's Pokegear.
  • The Battle Royale mode, Hyper Training, Pokémon Refresh, Poke Pelago, and Z-Moves also returns from S/M. Unlike its predecessor, the Mega Ring and Z-Ring have merged into one item, called the Power Ring. However, you can only use either Mega Evolution or Z-Moves on your Pokémon, not both.
  • The Battle Frontier reappears again, and the Fight Area now holds a Day Care along with an Egg-hatching route similar to the one in ORAS.
  • The Pokédex has been expanded to an amount of 360 Pokémon, 150 more than the original Platinum Pokédex.
  • The Poke Radar now brings out Pokemon who were not registered in the new Pokédex.
  • Sinnohian forms are introduced: 
Pokémon Type Ability Hidden Ability Description
Sinnohian Sentret & Furret Normal/Ground Speed Boost or Sand Force Infiltrator Sentret in the Sinnoh region have adapted to a burrowing lifestyle, using their claws to tunnel through the earth. They always give chase to their favourite prey, Bidoof. To differ from their Johtoan relatives, they have bushier tails and a black mask.
Sinnohian Zubat, Golbat & Crobat Dark/Flying Inner Focus or Synchronize Tough Claws The dark energy coming from the Distortion World has corrupted most of the Zubats, causing them to glow in a faint, purple light. If anyone sees a Zubat flying by, the person will be cursed for a week.
Sinnohian Herdier & Stoutland Normal/Ice Slush Rush or Intimidate Sinnoh's colder climate caused Lillipup to evolve into this form. Easily identified by their white fur and thier shorter moustaches, they are good companions for mountain travelers.
Sinnohian Pikipek, Trumbeak & Toucannon Grass/Flying Mega Launcher Grassy Surge This form of Pikipek has adapted to hunt in the thicket of the forest. Although they're able to fly, they prefer to hunt on the ground. Unlike their Alolan relatives, Toucannon's beak can't heat up, so the seeds are stored in the crest made out of wood.
Sinnohian Wynaut & Wobbuffet Fighting Guts Toughened to endure the colder climate of the Sinnoh region, these Pokémon often bas their bodies onto rocks to train their sturdy.
Sinnohian Noctowl Psychic/Flying Forewarn or Keen Eye Tinted Lens This form of Noctowl ties with Slowking as one of the most intelligent Pokémon. It is often seen carrying a staff containing psychic energy.
Sinnohian Xatu Psychic/Ghost Anticipation Due to its close link to the Legendary Pokémon, this form of Xatu has been worshipped as a messenger of the legends by the ancient people of Sinnoh.
Sinnohian Cubone & Marowak Dragon/Fighting Berserk Sinnoh's Cubone lack the mood of sadness of their Kantonian relatives. However, they only show sadness when one of the comrades have died.
Sinnohian Salandit & Salazzle Poison/Water Dry Skin or Dazzling Having adapted to an aquatic lifestyle due to lack of volcanic activity in mainland Sinnoh, this Salandit swims through murky water, targeting prey with poisonous fangs. One of Sinnoh's folklores mentions Salazzle as a beautiful woman wading through the water, however it is often observed chasing small childreon out of its territory.
Sinnohian Mienfoo & Mienshao Dragon Tai Chi (boosts Attack stats after being hit by a Fighting-type move) Unlike their Unovan counterparts which focus often on fighting techniques, this Mienfoo uses the power of the legendary dragons of Sinnoh. When enraged, they thrash their opponents with slashing claws and burning fire.

Version-Exclusive Pokémon

Temporal Diamond-exclusive Spatial Pearl-exclusive
Cranidos & Rampardos Shieldon & Bastiodon
Lycanroc Midday Form Lycanroc Midnight Form
Elekid, Electabuzz & Electivire Magby, Magmar & Magmortar
Heracross Pinsir
Stunky & Skuntank Glameow & Purugly
Sableye Mawile
Mime Jr. & Mr. Mime Bonsly & Sudowoodo
Cleffa, Clefairy & Clefable Igglybuff, Jigglypuff & Wigglytuff
Hoothoot & Sinnohian Noctowl Natu & Sinnohian Xatu
Binacle & Barbaracle Wimpod & Golisopod
Dratini, Dragonair & Dragonite Deino, Zweilous & Hydreigon
Dialga Palkia
Lugia Ho-Oh
Zekrom Reshiram
Thundurus Tornadus
Xerneas Yveltal


The amount of Pokémon in TD/SP is now 360, 150 more than the original. All Pokémon from Generation VI receive their Pokédex entries from D/P, while the rest of the Pokémon receives Pokédex entries from X/Y. Pokémon from the Alola region and Sinnohian forms get completely new Pokédex entries. Link here!

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