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Pokémon Temporal Diamond and Pokémon Spatial Pearl Version

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Pokémon Temporal Diamond and Pokémon Spatial Pearl Version
Developer(s) Ghostrealm Studios
Publisher(s) Ghostrealm Studios
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Genre(s) RPG
Release Date(s)
October 2017
1-2 players
Age Rating(s)
E for Everyone
Media Included Game card, and a digital download.

Pokemon Temporal Diamond and Spacial Pearl are remakes of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl set to be released on 20th October, 2017. The Sinnoh region itself has drastically changed after the events of the original games

Nintendo eShop Description

Sinnoh needs you! Return to Twinleaf Town once again and begin your journey!

  • Mega Evolve Torterra, Infernape, and Empoleon to achieve victory!!!
  • Explore the new Underground and find new Trainers to battle!
  • Enter the Battle Tournament and crush your opponents!
  • Reveal the mystery of Primal Dialga/Palkia!
  • Enter the Distortion World again to stop Team Galactic to capture Giratina in a post-story mission!


The storyline is the same as Diamond and Pearl, with some of Platinum thrown in, but with the following changes:

  • After beating the Elite Four for the second time, the remnants of Team Galactic go after Palkia/Dialga at the Cronos/Spatia Ruins, located near the Poke Transfer Lab, where Pal Park once stood. The Heatran storyline is done by members of Team Magma if you are playing Temporal Diamond. In Spatial Pearl, Team Aqua is hunting down Manaphy.
  • Professor Sycamore can be seen in Sinnoh searching for Mega Stones, and will give you your starter's mega stone.
  • The other legendary can be caught if you find the Spatial Stone/Temporal Stone and bring it to the Cronos/Spatia Ruins. After both legendaries are caught, Giratina can be seen at Turnback Cave, but it opens up a portal to the Distortion World and goes through. You may chase it through the portal and catch it. This all happens on a side quest after the main story.
  • After completing the main story, Pokémon from Generation V, VI and VII can be caught all around Sinnoh.
  • A Snorlax will block a pathway of Route 208.

New Features

  • Torterra, Infernape, and Empoleon are given Mega Evolutions. Torterra is Grass/Rock with Tough Bark, Infernape is Fire/Fighting with Flash Fire, and Empoleon is Water/Steel with Tidal Weaponry.
  • Other Pokémon who received new Megas besides the Sinnoh starters are Staraptor who becomes Fighting/Flying and gains the Ability Tough Claws, Roserade who retains his typing and gains Bramble Fencer, Mega Floatzel becomes Water/Fighting and gets Lifesaver, Magnezone retains its typing and gets Lightning Rod, Ambipom who becomes Normal/Fighting and gets Limber, Drifblim retains its typing and gets Helium Lift, Mismagius becomes Ghost/Psychic and gets Magic Lock, Honchkrow who retains its typing and gets Dark Aura, Bronzong who retains its typing and gets Amplify, Rapidash who becomes Fire/Flying and gets Drought, Gliscor who retains its typing and gets Tough Claws, Raichu who becomes Electric/Fighting and gets Flash Speed, Dusknoir who becomes Ghost/Dark and gets Spirit World, Hippowdon who becomes Ground/Steel and becomes Heavy Metal, Octillery who becomes Water/Steel and gets Ink Fire, Mantine who regains its typing and gets Jet Stream, Weavile who regains its typing and gets Tough Claws and Froslass who retains its typing and gets Snow Warning.
  • Some Pokémon, like Wormadam got new formes. New formes for Burmy and Wormadam are Tidal Cloak (Bug/Water), Nest Cloak (Bug/Flying) and Snow Cloak (Bug/Ice).
  • The Underground has been revamped. Battles may occur there now, and it opens up access to the Battle Tournament, which I will be explaining next. Secret Bases are similar to those in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.
  • The Battle Tournament allows for Pokemon battles, but with several twists, like no *insert name of type here* Pokemon allowed, or a Pokemon can only be out for a few turns at a time. It allows for battles with custom rules, and also supports battling against friends and people on the Nintendo Network with these rules.
  • The Game Corner in Veilstone now has different minigames due to the European gambling issues that led to no game corners after the release of HeartGold and SoulSilver. The minigames have nothing to do with gambling, and the building is even renamed to the "Veilstone Arcade". The minigames are similar to those in FireRed and LeafGreen's Game Corner in the Sevii Islands, as well as Voltorb Flip from HeartGold and SoulSilver.
  • Three new Primal Reversions: Primal Dialga (not to be confused with the Mystery Dungeon one) is Steel/Dragon with the Slowdown ability, which causes moves that take up multiple turns or weather moves to last longer, and has the Time Warp move, which forces the opponent's move to consume an additional turn before the move is used. Primal Palkia is Water/Dragon, with the Distorted Space ability that prevents the use of moves like Dig or Fly, as the Pokemon cannot leave the area the battle is occuring in, and the Spatial Storm move, which steals the effects of stat-raising moves. Primal Giratina is Ghost/Dragon with Antimatter Aura, which reduces the damage of all Physical Moves by 25%, and Antimatter Blast, which deals extra damage to Pokemon with high Defense even though it's a Special move.
  • Many features from OR/AS and X/Y return, like the PSS, Super Training, Pokemon Amie, and others.
  • The Poketech has been upgraded to the Poketech 2, with new apps such as a Menu app for menu buttons, a News app similar to the BuzzNav, a Pokedex app similar to the DexNav, and others.
  • Returning features from XY/ORAS are Trainer Customization and Horde Battles. In addition to this, the Battle Royale mode, Hyper Training, Pokémon Refresh and Z-Moves also returns from S/M. Unlike its predecessor, the Mega Ring and Z-Ring have merged into one item, called the Power Ring. However, you can only use either Mega Evolution or Z-Move to your Pokémon.
  • You can also customize not only your trainer, but also your Pokémon, which is known as PokéCosplay. However, not all of the items suit for all Pokémon. Bipedal Pokémon like Gardevoir or Lucario can wear full-body costumes and headgears, while quadrupedal Pokémon or Pokémon who doesn't have legs or can fly, like Bulbasaur or Pidgeot can only wear headgears. Some costumes can be unlocked by scanning certain amiibos on the TouchScreen.
  • Pokémon from Unova and Alola receive special forms known as Sinnoh Forms, but they are not registered in the regional Pokédex.


The amount of Pokémon in TD/SP is still the same as in Platinum, but got changed with the addition of the Fairy-type, so it has exactly the same number of Pokémon as the Hoenn Pokédex in ORAS. All Pokémon from the Original Sinnoh Pokédex of D/P regain their Pokédex entries from the games while the rest gets their entries from X/Y. Link here!

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