Play as a Pokémon and team up with the other! You begin as a young Pokémon who want to be as a Poké-Champion. You then set out to fight in the Battle Server! Your dad or mom (Depend your gender.) will help you to do your progress. This is a Spin-Off game.


Male Starter

  • Mudkip. (Dad: Swampert.)
  • Zubat. (Dad: Crobat.)
  • Magnemite. (This reveal that Genderless Pokémon WILL have gender!) (Dad: Magnezone.)

Female Starter

  • Porygon. (Mom: Porygon-Z,)
  • Rhydon. (Mom: Rhyperior.)
  • Vanipeti. (Mom: Baibanira.)

All of those Pokémon will have a Final Evolution with a Base Stat of 535. And Mudkip is the only Pokémon who was a Starter of the official game of Pokémon.


  • Mudkip: Torchic/Treeko. (Generated randomly.)
  • Zubat: Gastly.
  • Magnemite: Magby.
  • Porygon: Eevee. (Evolution Pokémon may vary.)
  • Rhydon: Machop.
  • Vanipeti: Pichu.

The Gender is generated randomly, no matter the player's gender.

Control (Mainly on Gamecube Controller.)

  • A: Jump.
  • B: Use Move 1.
  • X: Use Move 2.
  • Y: Use Move 3.
  • L/R: Use Move 4.
  • Z: Defend.
  • C Stick: Move Camera.
  • D-Pad: Up to Happy, Down for Sad, Left for Mad, Right for Scared.

Story...? Nope, Tutorial!

Unlike many Pokémon Games, this one have no storyline. However, there a Tutorial Mode. Complete the Basics to be able to fight in the Server. (There is alway a Team Battle mode in all Servers.)

Tutorial 1: Basics.

  • Move and Jump.
  • Using the Moves.
  • Defending.
  • Moving the Camera.
  • The Emotion D-Pad.

Tutorial 2: Advance.

  • Learning the difference between the Original Pokémon Battle and the Battle in this Game.
  • Move Effectiveness.
  • Stat Effectiveness.
  • Metro Battle Rules.

Tutorial 3: Pro.

  • Working in Teamwork.
  • Making a Level.
  • Making a Script.
  • Legendary Pokémon.

Final Tutorial: Expert.

  • Auto-Balance System.
  • Basic Modes.
  • Advance Modes.
  • Pro Modes.
  • Expert Modes.
  • Tornament.

If you complete all the Tutorial, you will have a stamp in shape of a diploma at your profile.



Last Pokémon Standing.

Beat the Enemy Pokémon Team down!


Get the most points by defeating many oppenents and by performing certain tasks.


Metro Battle.

You can only use the Move Metronome. Good luck!

Poké-Tag Battle.

It's Free for All! Take out the Pokémon when you're It. Otherwise RUN!!



You have to fight without Legendary Pokémon.


Only every Legendary Pokémon are allowed in this Mode.



Defeat the oppenent and get the trophy, Champ!


It's Free-for-All, and this time you have to fight alone!


Unlike other mode, you will play Minigames. Against every other or with Teammates, it depended on which type of Minigame it is.


Do-It-Yourself! Make your Level, make your Scripts, and have fun with everyone or with friends!


You need to play five Matches to impress random Pokémon (Including Legendary ones.) and ask you if he can join you. If so, you can switch up every time you faint or select one at the start.

Auto-Balance System

To be continued...

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