Developer(s) Fantasize Studios
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Age Rating(s)
ERating  3Rating  USK6  OFLC-G  CERO A
Genre(s) RPG
Media Included Nintendo 3DS Cartridge

Pokémon Teal and Pokémon Crimson are two new Pokémon versions developed by Fantasize Studios, and the first games of Generation Σ. They feature a new story, new Pokémon, and a revamp of the gameplay. They were followed by Pokémon Byzantium Version.


Long ago, in the region of Meteio, prehistoric Pokémon ruled, with amazing power. The strongest were Tricerice and Magmoth, the Pokémon of the Ice Age and global warming, respectively. However, they were sealed away by a mysterious meteor that gave life to the land ravaged by the destructive creatures. Centuries later, Meteio has become an amazing lush land. Now, a mysterious organization plans to awaken the legendary prehistoric Pokémon...

It is your 15th birthday, and the local Pokémon professor, Professor Sequoia, has decided that perhaps you could help him as a lab assistant. You head to his lab, and he explains that he has been researching the ancient history of the region. He has discovered that the meteor that sealed away the legendaries is emitting energy and may re-awaken them, and sends you to stop them with a Pokémon of your own. Your childhood friend, Fisher, comes in, getting his own Pokémon and heading off with you. Before you go, Professor Sequoia mentions the Pokémon League, saying you might want to check it out.

to be continued

Additions and Changes

  • Full 3D overworld and battles
    • Diagonal movement added
  • Sound type added
    • Strong against Steel, Fighting, and Dark, weak against Water, Steel, and Flying
  • More customization options
    • Players can customize their appearance.
    • At the Fashion House early on in the game, you can buy Accessories to put onto your Pokémon which will appear in battles.
  • Improvments on the battle system
    • IVs have been scrapped entirely, with all stats now open. Natures now effect an amount of EVs gained. (for example, Lonely increases the gain for Attack EVs, but lowers Defense EVs.)
    • If you tap A at a signaled time during some moves (including Fly, Dive, Dig, Sky Uppercut, and more), they deal more damage.

Meteio Pokédex

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Number Pokémon Type How To Obtain
#651 Ambuzz Grass/Bug Evolve
#655 Plesice Water/Ice Evolve
#657 Tarrex Fire Starter
#658 Raptepid Fire Evolve
#659 Volcretace Fire/Ground Evolve
#??? Venucide Grass/Dark Find
#??? Blasterror Water/Dark Find
#??? Charzhred Fire/Dark Find


Number Pokémon Type How To Obtain
#??? Tricerice Ice/Rock Catch
#??? Magmoth Fire/Rock Catch

Version Differences and Exclusives


  • Tricerice is the un-awakened member of the Prehistoric Duo, and the one you catch
  • Team Extinction uses the Crimson Scepter at the Temple of the Ancients


  • Magmoth is the un-awakened member of the Prehistoric Duo, and the one you catch
  • Team Extinction uses the Teal Scepter at the Temple of the Ancients

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