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Pokémon Tanzanite & Amazonite
Developer(s) Dreams Inc., Game Freak
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Starry Skies
Genre(s) RPG
Single Player
Pokémon Tanzanite & Amazonite is a brand new installment in the Pokémon franchise released by Dreams Inc. in conjuction with Game Freak and will be released in 2018 for the Starry Skies.



The game takes place in the region of "Yanvia", based on SouthAmerica and more specifically Venezuela, where the royal family has been under alert after many attacks have taken out parts of the royal family, one group of terrorists shows up and claims to be the source of these attacks, but what Yanvelle doesn't know is that this group of terrorist is much bigger than they expected, and is actually a giant secret organization known as "Team BlackOut". Meanwhile, a young boy decides to set off in a journey to collect all of the Gym Badges and become the new Champion of the region.


The game plays like a normal Pokémon game, you go around a Region and collect Gym Badges to face off against the Champion but has a lot of new features:

Gyms and Gym Badges

Gyms work a little different in this game, instead of having to do them in a strict order, Gyms are separated in what could be considered "Tiers", Tier 1 consists of Gym 1, 2 and 3, Tier 2 consists of Gym 4, 5 and 6 and Tier 3 consists of Gym 7 and 8, you can face the Gyms of Tier 1 in any order you want but you need to win them all in order to access the Gyms of Tier 2, which can also be faced in any order, not only that but if for example you beat Gym 3 first, Gym 2 and 1 will become tougher and if you face Gym 1 second Gym 2 will become even stronger to make more balance.

Gym Badges also work differently, now Gym Badges can be equipped to Pokémon, Gym Badges usually boost the Type the Gym is based on and have a secondary effect in general to all Pokémon (for example a Steel Type Gym Badge has a boost to Steel Type Moves but also boosts the Defense of whoever holds it, meaning it's useful even if none of your Pokémon have Steel Type moves).

Blade Type

Blade Type is a new Type introduced in this new installment, Blade Type includes all Pokémon who have blades or sharp features in their design, for example Scyther's blades, Weavile's claws, even Farfetch'd's leek can count. Blade Type are weak to Rock and Dark Types but are super effective against Dark and Dragon Types. The reason why Blade is weak yet strong to Dark type at the same time, is because someone evil could use a blade to do evil things but someone good could use a blade to do good and serve justice. Apart from this, Rock is strong against Blade because a hard rock could break a blade, and Blade is strong against Dragon because in mythology Dragons are usually killed with swords.

Other Type Effectiveness Changes

In order to make the Type chart a bit more balanced, Rock now resists Electric, Ice is now super effective against Psychic (because of brain-freezes) and resists Dragon and Water, Poison is now super effective against Water (because pollution), Electric is now super effective against Steel (because steel is electricity's main conductant), Water no longer resists Ice while Ice is still resisted by it, Grass is immune to the Fairy type (because fairies are often related to nature and connected to it, in some media even helping nature grow, which means that there's little they could do to harm nature) and resists Ghost (because nature is filled with life and energy, which Ghosts lack) and Ground.

Trump Cards

Every Pokémon, apart from an Item Slot, has a Card Slot, these Slots are for giving Pokémon Trump Cards to hold, Trump Cards can be bought in certain stores, Trump Cards always have a "Circumstance" to them, if this Circumstance is met in the middle of a battle, the Trump Card will activate and perform a special effect, some of these are just weakened versions of actual Abilities but others are completely original, however, once a Trump Card's effect has been activated, the Card will need a one-battle cooldown (example: Trump Card is activated in Battle 1, player goes through Battle 2 without Trump Card, Trump Card can be used again in Battle 3).


Friendship works the same in this game but it's expanded on a little more, now you can see your Pokémon's "Friendship Points" whenever you want, Friendship Points start at 50, if you let your Pokémon's Friendship go down and down too much, the Pokémon will become a "Dark Pokémon", a form in which they're much darker and angrier, in this form either their Attack or Special Attack stat will be increased depending on the Pokémon but they'll only be able to use attacking moves, not only that but most of the time they won't listen to you regardless of Level and do something else entirely or do nothing at all, however, if a Pokémon's friendship goes way too high, they will become "Light Pokémon", in this form they will get a boost in both Attack and Special Attack, it won't be as big as the boost when you're a Dark Pokémon but in this form the boost is applied to both instead of just one, the Pokémon's accuracy is increased and positive stat-changing moves increase the stat even more, however retaining any of these forms for more than around 4 Battles is tough, specially with Dark Pokémon as winning battles slightly increases Friendship, and with Light Pokémon because their Light forms burn out after a couple battles and getting it back takes some time.

Wonder Launcher and Battle Items

A feature originally only used in certain Trainer Battles in Unova, now it can be used in all Trainer Battles in the region of Yanvelle, if you're battling a Trainer, in a turn you will get a certain amount of points depending on the damage dealt to the opponent, the Types of each Pokémon, the amount of damage endured from the opponent's attack, etc. these points can be spent in Trainer Battles to give your Pokémon Battle Items such as X Speed, X Defense, etc. as Battle Items are no more in the region, this means that the only way to get Battle Items is via your Wonder Launcher, you can also spend the points collected in a battle to buy minor healing items if you run out or Ethers.

PokéGear Plus

With Silph Co. returning to try and take down their competition, Devon Corp., they have made an upgraded version of their old PokéGear, called "PokéGear Plus", this PokéGear comes with a lot of new features, some of which are upgraded features of the original PokéGear and others are completely new, the PokéGear Plus' new features include:

  • Time: The PokéGear Plus tells you the current day, date and hour, as well as any current event that's going on such as discounts in stores and swarms of rare Pokémon.
  • Hologram Calls: You can get calls from people, who appear in the form of a hologram floating above the screen. Later on in the game you can get the phone numbers of Gym Leaders and even Elite 4 members, once you do you can give them a call to get a rematch every so often.
  • Vs. Signal: If you want to fight a Trainer who you've fought before, just turn on the Vs. Signal and all Trainers near your area will be alerted that you want to fight, now you can rematch your previously fought adversaries, after that you can wait a while and then come back to turn the Vs. Signal again, but be warned that every time you do this they become stronger.
  • VideoRadio: You can listen to the radio like before, but now you can get visual cues in the form of a screen that shows what's going on, there are a variety of Radio Shows, like Professor Oak's Pokémon Talk, Love in Hoenn, The Adventures of the Bisharp Samurai in Ye Olde Johto II, DJ Samantha's Super Singing Show and Linda's Pokémon Quiz. The VideoRadio can also be put on the background while you do other things, when you do this you can't see the screen but you can hear them talking and you can see the subtitles in the bottom, sometimes DJ Samantha's Super Singing Show might have DJ Samantha singing "songs native from [Other Region]", playing these in the background while you're looking for wild Pokémon might attract Pokémon from that specific region.
  • Map: The PokéGear contains a special Map of the region, with this Map the player can pinpoint specific locations to remember where to go and write special reminders such as what to do in there, the Map also tracks the current location of the Regi Trio once they run wild later on in the game.
  • Current News: If you have Wi-Fi, this special feature will be unlocked that allows you to check on recent news about GameFreak, Nintendo, etc. As well as updates to the game and upcoming Events.
  • Player Search System: With this system you can find other Trainers that are currently on similar journeys in Yanvelle, you can use this system to arrange Trades and Battles, but if you only want to trade and fight with those you know, then you can use a special feature to show only those who are in your Friend List currently.
  • Global Trading System: This useful system works exactly like it did in past games, you put up a Pokémon you caught in the GTS system and ask for a Pokémon in return, if somone finds and gives you the Pokémon you want in return for the Pokémon you put up, you will be notified and you'll be able to enter any Pokémon Center to claim your Pokémon.
  • Wonder Trading: In this system you make a trade with a random person in the world, he can't see what Pokémon you've traded and you can't see what he's traded until after the trade.
  • Super Training: Through this new method, you can now improve a Pokémon's Effort Values through minigames and hitting sandbags. You can also spend Bottle Caps obtained throughout the game to improve your Pokemon's Individual Values.
  • Pokémon-Amie: Through this program, you can improve your friendship between your Pokémon by playing minigames with them, feeding them, making faces, petting them, and even washing them. Not only does this raise their friendship but it also increases their "affection" which can increase their evasion, increase the chances of them scoring a critical hit, and even allow them to snap out of a status effect and avoid flinching.


Flying, while still the same in-battle, in the Overworld it works more like Soar, meaning that it lets you explore the skies of Yanvelle, though if you want to get to a place fast you can just use the controller screen and tap a specific place on the Map to instantly travel there, exploring the skies of Yanvelle also lets you find "Mirage Spots" which work just like they did in ORAS.

HM Slot

Now in battles Pokémon technically have 6 Move Slots, but the last two can only be wasted by HMs, this way HMs don't take up actual move space yet can still be used in battle, TMs and the new "SMs" however still have to be placed in the normal 4 Move Slots.


Support Machines or SMs are a new category of "Machines" that are similar to HMs, SMs are all in-battle moves that have some sort of use outside of battle that is helpful to the player but is not required to move on, for example, Dig, which can be used to get out of Caves similar to an Escape Rope, or Rock Climb which can help scale up mountainous areas faster.

Bottle Caps

Bottle Caps can be obtained throughout the game by doing sidequests for people, such as finding a certain Pokémon for them, fetching them an item, completing a task for them, etc., Bottle Caps can be spent to access Hyper Training and upgrade a Pokémon's Individual Values, you can get Bottle Caps of different values which upgrade a Pokémon's IVs by different amounts, after beating the Champion and completing a few postgame quests, you will unlock the ability to directly buy Bottle Caps from "Mr. Hyper".

New Pokémon

Starter Pokémon

---- Water Fire Grass
First Stage
  • Pupplug: A dalmatian with a big firefighter helmet covering its head and goggles over its eyes, his body is protected by a red armour that resembles a fire hydrant and at the top of the armour in the torso it has what seems to be a water tank in the back connected to Hydrantmatian's tail, which looks more like a hose and can be controlled to spout water.
  • Firam: A small ram with red fur with black streaks throughout, the black streaks have small glowing orange dots across them that send out smoke when he uses fire attacks, its horns are glowing orange and his eyes have shiny yellow pupils.
  • Pumbloom: TBA

Second Stage

Third Stage TBA TBA


Other Pokémon

Name Title Typing Abilities Appearance PokéDex Entry Inspiration
Torpoor The Sleeping Bird Pokémon Normal/Flying Keen Eye or Big Pecks TBA

Torpoor is a bird Pokémon known for its laziness, it is the only bird Pokémon known to sleep for long periods of time as if it were hibernating, though it seems to do this for no real reason most of the time, with the only exception being winter during which it hides under piles of rock and rests until the next season.

Torpoor's eggs are seen as easy food by most predators who feast on bird eggs due to Torpoor's laziness and tendency to sleep for weeks, however, if its eggs are endangered, Torpoor's instincts will force it awake and it will unleash all of its power onto the predator before going back to sleep.

Common Poorwill
Slumbird The Rocky Skin Pokémon Rock/Flying Rough Skin TBA

Slumbird is the evolution of Torpoor, who takes one long nap while concealed in pile of rocks right before evolving, due to this the rocks stick to Slumbird and give it better protection and even camouflage capabilities, as many wild Slumbirds decide to migrate to rocky areas once they're evolved.

Slumbird is the evolution of Torpoor, who gains the Rock typing after the rocks it usually uses to hide while sleeping become part of its body. Slumbird's feathers actually conceal a very rough rocky skin, Slumbird uses this to trick predators who try to eat it while it's asleep by having them try to bite into its flesh, only to have their teeth broken by its rocky skin.

Common Poorwill
Heatle The Dung Ball Pokémon Bug/Fire Flash Fire TBA

Heatle is known for rolling up balls of dung and igniting them on fire through a glandular substance released from its thorax that lights the dung on fire and is also known for causing bad smell, however, Heatle's characteristic balls of dung are not actually his own, but rather dung from other Bug-type Pokémon which it can skillfully find and roll up into big balls of dung rather quickly through instinct alone.

Heatle is a Pokémon that rolls up big balls out of dung and lights them on fire to throw at opponents as a defense mechanism, however, many mischevious trainers use Heatle's flaming balls of dung as a way to prank their neighbours by putting the ball inside of a a bag and leaving out in their neighbour's front door for them stomp out, due to this police officers are cautious of young trainers who own Heatles in neighbourhoods.

Dung Beetles and Stinkbugs


As mentioned above in the Gyms segment, Gyms are now divided in Tiers, and their Pokémon change depending on when they were fought, thus a single Gym can have up to 3 different Teams.

Tier 1

Saint Fernaldo Gym - Grass Type

The Gym's gimmick is TBA. Once you complete the Gym you'll be able to fight against the Gym Leader, "Yuan", an asian-inspired young man wearing a furisode filled with orchids who comes from Sinnoh.

When faced as the first Gym Leader
598Ferroseed Ferroseed Lv. 11
No image yet Mosstone Lv. 14
When faced as the second Gym Leader
No image yet Mosstone Lv. 15
598Ferroseed Ferroseed Lv. 16
465Tangrowth Tangrowth Lv. 19
When faced as the third Gym Leader
549Lilligant Lilligant Lv. 18
No image yet Mossmount Lv. 22
465Tangrowth Tangrowth Lv. 25

Once you defeat Yuan, he'll reward you with the "Orchid Badge" and the SM "Grassy Terrain", which now makes it so that in-battle all Pokémon in the field except for Grass types are slowed down and powers up Grass type moves by 50% for 5 Turns (unless the user is holding a Mossy Rock, which causes the amount of turns to be increased to 8), and outside of battle it allows you to grow certain patches of tall grass into "Long Grass" to enter Double Battles against wild Pokémon. Getting the Orchid Badge also gives you the ability to use the HM "Strength".

Duunyion Gym - Psychic Type

When you enter the Gym, you'll find a plain area group of beds with people sleeping in them, with the Gym Leader in the biggest bed in the center, there's also a drawing in one of the wall of what seems like a maze with red dots, on the side there's anh empty bad where you're supposed to lay on, after doin so a Butterfree will descend from the ceiling and uses Sleep Powder, sending you to sleep. Once you wake up, you'll be in a dark area with a glowing translucid floor, and after walking forwards a bit you'll find a maze that resembles the one in the drawing in the wall, with the red dots representing trainers, after fighting your way through the maze and finding the Gym Leader, she'll reveal herself as "Rosalba", a young therapist who uses her psychic Pokémon to read the dreams of her patients to find out and help them with their traumas, she had trained her Pokémon so well that she was offered to be a Gym Leader by the Pokémon League as a second job.


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