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Starter Deck

Unlockable Decks

  • LockDown (Used by Andy Pasta; Unlocked when you beat him)
  • DragonSnarl (Unlocked when you beat Lance for the first time)
  • Dragon Speed (Used by Lance in both battles; Unlocked when you beat him the second time)
  • Blackout (Bought in shop for ¥700)
  • Eeveelution (Used by Eevee Cosplayer; Unlocked when you beat him)
  • Magma Spirit (Bought in shop for ¥1,000)
  • Inferno Zone (Used by Firebreather Mike; Bought in shop for ¥650)
  • Raiders (Given to you by Dr. Mason after you beat the first Grand Master)
  • Ruby (Used by May; Unlocked when you beat her)
  • Sapphire (Used by Brendon; Unlocked when you beat him)
  • Battle Roads Gyarados (Bought in shop for ¥1,000)
  • Golden Sky (Unlocked when you beat Blaine)
  • Trouble (Used by certain Team Great Rocket grunts; Bought in shop for ¥800)
  • Mind Machine (Given to you by Dr. Mason after you beat the game)

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