Pokemon Sunset or Twilight?

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Pokémon Sunset and Pokémon Twilight
Developer(s) Game Freak
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
January 3rd, 2015 (Worldwide)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Role-Playing
Media Included Nintendo 3DS Cartridge

Pokémon Sunset and Twilight are the fist games of 7th generation of Pokémon (Others are: Pokémon Zero and Infinity and Pokémon U) and are released exclusively on Nintendo 3DS (Also playable on 4DS, thanks to backwards compatibility). Sunset's main legendarry is Nathel (Light/Dragon) and Twilight's main legendarry is Temno (Dark/Steel). Boy character is Michael and the girl character is Cathie. Games has introduced 128 new Pokemon. New types are introduced: Light, Energy, Chemical, Physics, Plastic, Rubber, Glass, Paper, Cosmic, Time and Corrupted. Main region - Pilda is based on these countries: UK, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Russia, Greece), Portugal, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Georgia and Italy). Pilda's shape resembles europe's shape. Capitalopolis is the capital city of Pilda Region and is also the largest city in the entire Pokemon Universe. Names of Pokemon are also in many languages, such as Amigtorro (Combination of spanish words Amigo and Toro, ) Nathel (Sinathle (სინათლე) or Natheli (ნათელი) means Light in Georgian), Temno (Temnota (Темнота́) means darkess in Russian) and Energie (Energie means Energy in German). After you wil beat the game, you will be able to travel to Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos and 5 more Pilda cities/towns.

New Pokémon

Starter Pokémon and their evolution

  • Florna (Grass)->Lv. 16->Flauna (Grass/Normal)->Lv. 36->Flonimal (Grass/Normal). Florna is a Grass Rat pokemon. Name Flauna is originated from word Flora (Plant) and Fauna (Animal).
  • Burnun(Fire)->Lv. 16->Burnoise (Fire)->Lv. 36->Flamiron (Fire/Steel). Burnun is a fiery knight Pokemon.
  • Formulter (Water)->Lv. 16->Comph2ound (Water/Chemical)->Lv. 36->Chateral(Water/Chemical). Formulter is a chemical compound Pokemon. Formulter is originated from words Formula and Water, Comph2ound is originated from words Compound and H2O. Chateral is originated from words Chemical and Water.
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New Eevee Evolutions

Name Type How to evolve
Toxeon Poison Use Toxic Stone on Eevee.
Haunteon Ghost Use Scary Stone on Eevee.
Fisteon Fighting Use Fight Stone on Eevee.
Solveon Physics Use Physics Stone on Eevee.
Drageon Dragon Use Dragon Stone on Eevee.
Wingeon Flying Teach Eeevee the move Sky Dash by using TMs.
Blinkeon Light Level Up Eevee, must have any Light-type Pokemon in your party.
Energeon Energy Level Up Eevee, must have any Energy-type Pokemon in your party.
Compeon Chemical Make Eevee drink special chemical compound in Roadhalfer town.
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Pilda Legendaries

Choice Trio

  • Nathel (Light/Dragon) - Nathel is a legendary light dragon Pokemon, it is said that it was guarding the Pilda region from dangerous asteroids.
  • Bnel (Dark/Steel) - Bnel is a legendary dark Pokemon, it is said that it was guardiing the Pilda region from dangerous asteroids.
  • Energie (Energy/Cosmic) - Energie is a legendary energy Pokemon, it is said that it was keeping the balance of Light and Dark in Pilda region. It is also the most powerful Pokemon ever.

The Legend of Chemical Failure

  • Chemilure (Chemical/Poison) - Chemilure is a Pokemon made by scientist of Roadhalfer Town long time ago. Scientist failed a chemical test, then this Pokemon was created. This is also the first Poison-type legendary Pokemon and the first Chemical-type legendary Pokemon.


  • NOTE: Corrupted type is not listed in Super effective against/by in other types' chart, because it is obvious that it's super effective against/by every type.
  • 12 Types have been introduced more than any other Pokémon Generation.
  • Idea of a Corrupted type came from Missingno, a glitch from Pokémon Red and Blue.
  • There's only one Corrupted type Pokémon - Porygon0. There is also only three Corrupted-type moves: Virus Shot (Power: 45, PP:10), Corruption (Power: 95, PP: 5), and Super Glitch (Power: 120, PP: 5), Porygon0 Is the only Pokémon that can learn these moves.
  • Clefairy/Clefable is now Fairy/Cosmic type. Lunatone is now Cosmic/Rock type. Solrock is now Cosmic/Rock type. Beldum/Metang/Metagross is now Steel/Cosmic type. Deoxys is now Cosmic/Psychic type. Dialga is now Time/Dragon type. Palkia is now Cosmic/Dragon type. Cresselia is now Cosmic/Light type, insteand of Psychic type. Kyogre is now Water/Energy type. Groudon is now Ground/Energy. Rayquaza is now Dragon/Energy type. Xerneas is now Light/Fairy type. Zygarde is now Energy/Ground type.
    • But they are not the only ones, who's typing has been changed, more to come.
  • Poison type is now super effective against Bug type.
  • Cosmic type's prototype name was Alien type.
  • Cosmic type is the most balanced type offensively.
  • Paper type being super effective against Rock type is a reference to the famous rock, paper, scissors game.
  • Chemical type was actually going to be separate types: Oxygen type, Hydrogen type, Radioactive-type and Platinum-type. But the idea was scrapped and then it became Chemical type.

Light Type

  • Super effective against (2X): Dark, Fairy, Electric, Ghost, Phychics.
  • Not very effective against (1/2X): Chemical, Plastic, Fire, Water, Flying.
  • No effect against (0X): Energy.
  • Super effective by (2X): Energy, Water, Bug, Plastic.
  • Not very effective by (1/2X): Fairy, Ghost, Psychic, Steel, Poison, Physics, Fire, Cyber.
  • No effect by (0X): Dark.

Energy Type

  • Super effective against (2X): Light, Dark, Ghost, Fighting, Chemical, Time.
  • Not very effective against (1/2X): Cyber, Grass, Rubber, Normal.
  • No effect against (0X): Electric.
  • Super effective by (2X): Normal, Electric, Physics, Rubber, Cosmic.
  • Not very effective by (1/2X): Ghost, Chemical, Fighting, Steel, Rock.
  • No effect by (0X): Dark, Light.

Chemical Type

  • Super effective against (2X): Cosmic, Fairy, Fire, Water, Poison, Cyber.
  • Not very effective against (1/2X): Chemical, Steel, Electric, Energy.
  • No effect against (0X): Phychics.
  • Super effective by (2X): Electric, Energy, Steel, Physics.
  • Not very effective by (1/2X): Cosmic, Cyber, Chemical, Plastic, Water, Fire.
  • No effect by (0X): Fairy.


  • Super effective against (2X): Chemical, Energy, Electric, Fighting, Ground.
  • Not very effective against (1/2X): Cyber, Paper, Light, Dark, Ghost, Fairy.
  • No effect against (0X): Psychic.
  • Super effective by (2X): Cosmic, Light, Ice, Flying, Paper.
  • Not very effective by (1/2X): Time, Fighting, Ground.
  • No effect by (0X): Chemical.

Plastic Type

  • Super effective against (2X): Dragon, Bug, Flying, Dark, Light, Grass, Poison.
  • Not very effective against (1/2X): Plastic, Chemical, Water, Ice, Fire, Rock, Steel, Ground.
  • No effect against (0X): None.
  • Super effective by (2X): Cosmic, Water, Rock, Steel, Ice, Ground, Fire.
  • Not very effective by (1/2X): Plastic, Bug, Flying, Dark, Light.
  • No effect by (0X): None.

Rubber Type

  • Super effective against (2X): Electric, Ghost, Energy, Fighting.
  • Not very effective against (1/2X): Ground, Steel, Grass, Bug.
  • No effect against (0X): Poison
  • Super effective by (2X): Poison, Bug, Grass, Ground.
  • Not very effective by (1/2X): Cosmic, Fighting, Ghost.
  • No effect by (0X): Electric.

Glass type

  • Super effective against (2X): Normal, Plastic, Paper, Ghost, Bug, Flying.
  • Not very effective against (1/2X): Steel, Rock, Water, Ice, Fighting, Ground.
  • No effect against (0X): Glass, Fire.
  • Super effective by (2X): Rock, Steel, Ice, Fighting, Fire, Ground.
  • Not very effective by (1/2X): Plastic, Normal, Cosmic, Time, Paper.
  • No effect by (0X): Electric, Ghost, Flying, Glass.

Paper Type

  • Super effective against (2X): Rock, Grass, Ghost, Psychic, Electric, Physics.
  • Not very effective against (1/2X): Paper, Glass, Ice, Rubber.
  • No effect against (0X): Steel, Fire, Water.
  • Super effective by (2X): Glass, Water, Ice, Fire.
  • Not very effective by (1/2X): Physics, Paper, Cosmic, Rock, Grass, Ghost, Electric.
  • No effect by (0X): None.

Cosmic Type (A.K.A. Aether Type/Alien Type/Space Type)

  • Super effective against (2X): Normal, Fighting, Fire, Psychic, Flying, Ground, Dragon, Physics, Plastic, Energy, Electric, Time.
  • Not very effective against (1/2X): Paper, Rubber, Rock, Steel, Glass, Grass, Poison, Chemical, Fairy, Ice, Ghost.
  • No effect against (0X): Water.
  • Super effective by (2X): Water, Grass, Steel, Fairy, Chemical, Time.
  • Not very effective by (1/2X): Fighting, Normal, Fire, Ground.
  • No effect by (0X): Flying.

Time Type

  • Super effective against (2X): Cosmic, Psychic, Fighting, Normal, Steel.
  • Not very effective against (1/2X): Glass, Ghost, Physics, Electric.
  • No effect against (0X): Dragon.
  • Super effective by (2X): Glass, Ghost, Cosmic, Electric, Energy.
  • Not very effective by (1/2X): Grass, Rock, Steel, Energy, Psychic.
  • No effect by (0X): Fighting.

Cyber Type

  • Super effective against (2X): Steel, Psychic, Dragon, Fairy, Fighting.
  • Not very effective against (1/2X): Poison, Light, Ghost, Electric.
  • No effect against (0X): Bug.
  • Super effective by (2X): Bug, Poison, Chemical, Ghost, Ice.
  • Not very effective by (1/2X): Normal, Fighting, Psychic, Physics, Dragon, Energy, Electric.
  • No effect by (0X): Steel.

Corrupted Type

  • Super Effective against (2X): All types.
  • Super Effective by (2X): All types.
Which type looks most promising so far?

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Main Non-player Characters

Many characters from the game are based on 19th to 20th century Europe.


Elizabeth is the queen of Pilda region and also a Capitalopolis' Water-type gym leader. Elizabeth is based on Elizabeth I and Elizabeth II.


Pirisun is a Champion, Pokemon History teacher and an Energy-Type master.

Ludwig Ven Cordos

Based on Joseph Haydn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, Shubert and Bach. Ludwig Ven Cordos is a Pokemon musician and The conductor of Musicord Opera Theater.

Gogh Piccasio

Based on Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Leonardo da Vinci, Firosmani and many other artists. Gogh Piccasio is a Pokemon artist and the owner of Bontre Pokemon Museum.

Avodis Colombis

Based on Christopher Colombus, Vespucci, Magelan and many other famous explorers. Avodis Colombis is the man who discovered Gason Island, where legendary Pokemon - Energie can be found.

Albert Einstown

Based on Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton. Albert Einstown is a scientist in Roadhalfer Town.

Akake Writel

Akake is a poet based on Georgian and Russian poets during Soviet Union such as Akaki Tsereteli, Vaja-Fshavela and Galaktion Tabidze.

Thomas Verditon

Nicola Powesla


Monica acts as a friendly rival in this game. She is the only rival in the game.


Cale is a Pokemon Master, who has caught every single Pokemon, has beaten the champions of every region except Pilda, but he tries to train alone and usually does not battle with other trainers. However he will battle with you in Shukura City.

Professor Baobab

Professor Baobab is a Pokemon Professor, just like other professor, he is named after a tree. Baobab turns out to be an evil mastermind and the true main antagonist of the game.

Josolf Bindler

Josolf Bindler is the main antagonist of the game. He is the furher of Team Explosion and is based on dictators such as Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini. His name Josolf is a combination of Joseph (Stalin) and Adolf (Hitler). He will only fight you thrice in the entire game.

Team Explosion

Team Explosion's goal is to conquer the Pokemon World. Their leader, furher is Josolf Bindler.


Zilna is your younger sister.

Shigeru Miyamoto

Based on real Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of Mario, Zelda and other famous nintendo franchises. He will fight you during Post-game in Weresglobe City, his team:

  • Porygon-Z
  • Muk
  • Honedge
  • Metagross
  • Wailord
  • Gamenon (with mega evolution)

After defeating him he will give you Mario's Hat or Link's Hat, the one you will choose.


There are 7 regions in Pokearth and 5 locations on Pokemoon.

Pokearth - Pilda Region - Cities and Towns (Places)

Not every city's places are finished.

Pilda is so far the largest region in Pokemon, it has more cities, towns and routes than any other region. Capitalopolis is capital city of Pilda region and is the largest Pokemon city overall. The Popular cities are: Capitalopolis - A large metropolis with tall scryscapers. Ancientia Town - The ancient town that was built by first people of Pokemon world. Roadhalfer Town - Center of science and a town that is in the other half of the road. Magicville - Twinkle city, that wasn't made by humans, it was made by Fairy-type Pokemon. Werelsglobe City - The center of Pokemon Network. Legendblind Town - An ancient town where once Nathel, Temno and Energie lived. Pastgate Town - The town that is same in every time dimension - Past, Present and Future. There are total of 34 routes.

  • 1. Sakstart Town (Player's Home, Baobab's Sakstart Lab)
  • 2. Grandpark City (Trainer's School)
  • 3. Virtuland Town (Virtual Land)
  • 4. Plantgarden City (Gym 1, Day Care)
  • 5. Jouway Town
  • 6. Legendblind Town (Gym 2, Legend Keep)
  • 7. Bothrone City
  • 8. Capitalopolis (Gym 6)
  • 9. Musicord Town (Musicord Opera House)
  • 10. Cosmicland Town (Cosmic Station)
  • 11. Bontre City
  • 12. Ujumjume Town
  • 13. Magicville (Gym 3)
  • 14. Hexient Town (Gym 4)
  • 15. Roadhalfer Town
  • 16. Judgedalg Town
  • 17. Shine Rock City (Gym 5)
  • 18. Kertenele Town
  • 19. Gatern Town (Gym 7)
  • 20. Hidetruth Town
  • 21. Pisnellia City (Gym 8)
  • 22. Epicern City (Pokemon League)
  • 23. Pastgate Town (Time House)
  • 24. Ancientia Town
  • 25. Shukura City (Shukura Lighthouse, Cale Cave)
  • 26. Werelsglobe City (Baobab's Weresglobe Lab, Global Universe)
  • 27. Sky City
  • Bonus - Eventown

The Moon

The Moon is the place where you can obtain many legendarries based on which event you download. Jirachi is the only event pokemon that can be obtained on moon without events.

Gym Leaders

These are the gym leaders of Pilda region.

Gym Leader Type Badge Gender
Lefie Grass Leaf Badge Male
Derek Dark Twilight Badge Male
Magie Fairy Tale Badge Female
Stephen Physics Science Badge Male
Hotina Fire Fireplace Badge Female
Henry Ghost Haunt Badge Male
Lisa Light Sunset Badge Female
Elizabeth Water Boat Badge Female

Elite Four and Champion

Elite Four Type Gender
Jim Fighting Male
Christianna Chemical Female
Zack Poison Male
Quartzio Steel Male
Pirisun (Champion) Energy Female


Legend: [Player] - The name of your main character.

Professor Baobab asks your name, gender, rival's name, Father's name, sister's name and then sends you on an adventure.

It all begins in Sakstart Town, your hometown. You will be in your house with your mother, little sister and father. Your father who was used to be a Pokemon trainer, let's you choose your starter Pokemon: Florna, Burnun and Formulter. After choosing your starter, your little sister takes the one that is weak against the Pokemon you choose. Your rival chooses the one tthat is strong against the Pokemon you choose. Rival thanks your father and then she rans away. Professor Oak comes to your house and gives you Pokedex and Town Map. Professor Oak tells you: "[Player], i came here to visit your father, Pokedex is a Hi-tech Pokemon Encyclopedia, it automatically records data of a Pokemon that you will catch. With Town Map, you can view a map of Pilda region. If you will become a Pokemon Master, like Red, i will give you Kanto Pass, which will let you explore Kanto region. Now go to Route P1" He then leaves the house.

In route P1, you will battle your rival.

In Grandpark City's Pokemon Center you will met Professor Oak again, who will give you Pokehone and installs Phone app on it, then he gives you 10 Pokeballs, then he leaves. You will then call Professor Baobbab, he will say: "[Player], how's it going, i hope You and [Rival] will be the greatest Pokemon Trainers, i hope you will visit me at Roadhalfer Laboratory, which is faraway from here." Professor Oak then leaves. Now you are off to Route P2.

In route P2, there are 6 trainers to battle.

In Virtuland Town, you will met Nikola Powesla, a Pokemon inventor. He tells you: "My name is Nikola Powesla and i am the Pokemon Inventor. Wow! Your Pokephone is the latest model. Me and Thomas Verdicton are trying to create Virtual Pokeworld, where you will be able to create your own virtual world. Everybody says that we are crazy, but i know that we will do it. Do you believe me." You will have two options: Yes and I Believe... No matter which answer you choose, he will tell you: "Good, thank you. Take these apps as my thanks." He installs Player Search System, Super Training and Pokemon-Amie on your Pokephone. Then you will go into Way Tunnel.

In Way Tunnel, you will met Pokemon Trainer Cale, who admits that he has caught every single Pokemon in Existence. He then sits on the back of his Powabird and flies somewhere far away.

You are now finally in Plantgarden City. Now go into gym. In Gym there are two trainers and gym leader Lefie himself. After you will beat him, he will give you Plant Badge. When you go outside you will see Team Explosion Grunt, who wants to steal rare plants from the city. After you will defeat him, he escapes and gives you EXP. Share. Now you're off to Route P3

In Route P3, there are 3 trainers to battle.

Now you are in Jouway Town. Monica will come and battle you here. After defeating her, she will give you a Mega Stone for your starter and then she leaves the town. Way to Route P5 is blocked, way to Route P6 is also blocked. so you should go to Route P4.

In Route P4, there are 8 trainers to battle. You will also met Akake Writel here, who will give you his Pokephone number and tells you: "I'm trying to write a long poem about a really good Pokemon trainer and you might be the inspiration for my poem. I can see you as a really good person for some reason."

Anime series

Just like every other generation Pokemon Sunset and Twilight have their own anime. However unlike previous seasons - Ash does not return as a main character, he is replaced by Michael. Other main characters are: Cathie, Magie and Stephen. There are total of 4 seasons in this new series:

  • Pokemon Sunset and Twilight
  • Pokemon Sunset and Twilight - Pilda Miracle
  • Pokemon Sunset and Twilight - Light vs Dark
  • Pokemon Sunset and Twilight - Epicern and Beyond


  • Derek is the very first dark-type gym leader, Stephen is the very first Physics-Type gym leader and Lisa is the very first light-type gym leader in Pokemon games.
  • This is the first Pokemon game where you can catch every single Pokemon, without even trading. Only event-exclusive Pokemon are Lesort, Mew and Deoxys, but they are not needed to finish the Pokedex.
  • This is the first game, where you can travel into every previous region. However you will need to download data of these regions, they are free, but first you need to get Kanto Pass, Johto Pass, Hoenn Pass, Sinnoh Pass, Unova Pass and Kalos Pass in-game.
  • This is so far the Longest Pokemon Game, with all 7 regions.

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