Pokémon Storm Yellow:
Special Thunder Edition
Developer(s) Phazonworks, Game Freak, Monsters, Inc.
Publisher(s) Nintendo, Fantendo
Platform(s) New Nintendo 3DS, Riivolution Ultima
Age Rating(s)
E, Pegi 7
Genre(s) RPG Adventure
Series Pokémon

Pokémon Storm Yellow: Special Thunder Edition is a remake of the original Pokémon Yellow for the New Nintendo 3DS and Riivolution Ultima; with several aesthetic and various other story additions, Storm Yellow probably rivals ORAS in the "drastic remake" category.


Changes from Pokémon Yellow

A much more drastic version compared the original, numerous changes were implemented to further ingrain a lot of important plot elements together well.

  • While Pikachu is the mascot for this version, a lot of changes come to both it and the rest of its evolutionary line.
    1. The Light Ball now grants its double Atk/Sp. Atk bonus to all the Pikachu line instead of just Pikachu.
    2. In the original Yellow, Pikachu would constantly refuse to evolve if handed a Thunderstone; it won't do that in this version: you can now evolve it in this.
    3. The house south of Fuschia City would be just a place with a secret minigame in the original Yellow; in this, it is now a Move Tutor house for the Pikachu line, because in this game, the Pikachu line can learn a new move from each type: Extreme Speed, Grass Knot, Flame Wheel, Surf, Volt Tackle, Rollout, Toxic Spikes, Mud-Slap, Ice Punch, Close Combat, Astonish, Dragon Tail, Fly, Signal Beam, Iron Tail, Nasty Plot, and Disarming Voice.
  • Team Rocket has a much more aggresive role in the story this time around.
    • On Mt. Moon in the maingame, instead of looking for Fossils to sell, Team Rocket are there looking for Key and Mega Stones so that Team Rocket may use Mega Evolution in their further goal.
    • In Vermillion City, you can see a pair of goons lurking around the docks that are implied to be a part of Team Rocket.
    • In their hideout at Celadon City Game Corner, Team Rocket researches the power inside the Mega Evolution and plans to use it to let them take control of the world.
  • The Gym Leaders (most of them) have much more active roles in the game:
    1. Brock can be seen at Mt. Moon investigating the rumors of Team Rocket sightings, and will team up with the player to fend off Jessie and James.
    2. Misty has the most appearances in the game so far: on Monday evenings she's seen admiring the view off of the Sea Cottage's cape, on Tuesday afternoons she's relaxing on Fuschia Beach, on Wednesday afternoons she's busy swimming a few laps in Vermillion pond, on Thursday afternoons she's fishing in the pool at Fuschia city, on Friday mornings she's seen training deep within Seafoam Caverns, and on Saturdays and Sundays she's seen relaxing at the Ember Hot Springs.
    3. Lt. Surge often pays visits to the abandoned Power Plant on Wednesday afternoons, just to make sure nothing is out of the ordinary.
    4. Erika often enjoys taking strolls in Viridian Forest on Monday mornings. 
    5. On Saturdays, Koga can be seen training his daughter on how to use Poison-type Pokémon, setting the stage for Gen 2's events.
    6. In the postgame, Lorelei is found in Four Island's Waterfall Cavern and teams up with the player to fend off the Team Rocket goons inside the cavern, and later helps drive them from their warehouse on Five Island.
    7. On Tuesday evenings, Agatha can be seen standing in south Pallet Town reminiscing about her and Professor Oak's younger days.
    8. During the maingame, Sabrina can be seen fending off the goons guarding the entrance to Silph Co. and later teams up with the player to defeat Jessie and James (y'know, AGAIN). 
    9. Blaine is found in the basement of Pokémon Mansion, lost in thought about what apparently happened there.
    10. Giovanni fills the role he has always filled in any Generation 1 game, being the boss of Team Rocket and the Viridian Gym Leader; although later, you find him training in a remote part of the Sevault Canyon.

(More Coming Soon)

Pokémon League

League Member Type Pokémon, Level (Moves)
Pewter Gym
  • Omanyte, Lvl 7 (Withdraw, Bite, Rock Tomb)
  • Kabuto, Lvl 7 (Harden, Absorb, Rock Tomb)
  • Geodude, Lvl 10 (Rock Polish, Tackle, Rock Tomb)
  • Onix, Lvl 12 (Rock Tomb, Bind, Harden, Rock Throw)
Cerulean Gym
  • Horsea, Lvl 14 (Water Pulse, Smokescreen, Leer)
  • Shellder, Lvl 14 (Icicle Spear, Supersonic, Withdraw, Tackle)
  • Staryu, Lvl 17 (Water Pulse, Swift, Harden, Recover)
  • Starmie, Lvl 21 (Water Pulse, Swift, Recover)
Lt. Surge
Vermillion Gym
  • Magnemite, Lvl 22 (Sonic Boom, Supersonic, Magnet Bomb, Charge Beam)
  • Voltorb, Lvl 22 (Sonic Boom, Eerie Impulse, Screech, Rollout)
  • Electabuzz, Lvl 25 (Thunder Wave, Leer, Low Kick, Electro Ball)
  • Raichu, Lvl 28 (Charge Beam, Covet, Disarming Voice, Tail Whip)
Celadon Gym
  • Tangela, Lvl 30 (Giga Drain, Stun Spore, Knock Off, Bind)
  • Vileplume, Lvl 32 (Giga Drain, PoisonPowder, Leech Seed, Moonblast)
  • Victreebel, Lvl 32 (Giga Drain, Growth, Acid, Stockpile)
  • Bellossom, Lvl 35 (Sunny Day, Synthesis, Giga Drain, Sleep Powder)
Fuschia Gym
  • Weezing, Lvl 38 (Haze, Double Hit, Sludge Bomb, Toxic)
  • Muk, Lvl 38 (Acid Armor, Shadow Sneak, Ice Punch, Toxic)
  • Crobat, Lvl 38 (Toxic, Taunt, X-Scissor, Cross Poison)
  • Venomoth, Lvl 44 (Sleep Powder, Quiver Dance, Sludge Bomb, Signal Beam)
Seafoam Gym
  • Jynx, Lvl 41 (Draining Kiss, Ice Beam, Lovely Kiss, Wake-Up Slap)
  • Dewgong, Lvl 43 (Icy Wind, Aqua Jet, Iron Tail, Aqua Ring)
  • Cloyster, Lvl 43 (Shell Smash, Razor Shell, Icicle Spear, Spike Cannon)
  • Lapras, Lvl 50 (Scald, Freeze-Dry, Confuse Ray, Dragon Pulse)
Lavender Gym
  • Arbok, Lvl 43 (Glare, Coil, Poison Fang, Sucker Punch)
  • Haunter, Lvl 46 (Mean Look, Curse, Shadow Ball, Sucker Punch)
  • Haunter, Lvl 46 (Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Hex, Sludge Bomb)
  • Gengar, Lvl 52 (Shadow Ball, Reflect Type, Curse, Taunt)
Saffron Gym
  • Mr. Mime, Lvl 47 (Barrier, Calm Mind, Confusion, Future Sight)
  • Hypno, Lvl 51 (Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Nasty Plot, Psyshock)
  • Slowbro, Lvl 51 (Calm Mind, Scald, Psychic, Slack Off)
  • Alakazam, Lvl 55 (Psychic, Shadow Ball, Dazzling Gleam, Calm Mind)
Cinnabar Gym
  • Ninetales, Lvl 53 (Flamethrower, Confuse Ray, Fire Blast, Covet)
  • Arcanine, Lvl 53 (Extreme Speed, Fire Blast, Wild Charge, Sunny Day)
  • Rapidash, Lvl 53 (Stomp, Bounce, Fire Blast, Agility)
  • Magmar, Lvl 57 (Fire Blast, Solar Beam, Clear Smog, Will-O-Wisp)
Viridian Gym
  • Nidoqueen, Lvl 54 (Poison Sting, Bulk Up, Superpower, Earthquake)
  • Nidoking, Lvl 54 (Megahorn, Toxic, Earthquake, Double Kick)
  • Dugtrio, Lvl 56 (Sandstorm, Earthquake, Dig, Sucker Punch)
  • Rhydon, Lvl 59 (Rock Slide, Drill Run, Megahorn, Scary Face)
Elite Four, No. 1
  • Butterfree, Lvl 57 (Shadow Ball, Air Slash, Sleep Powder, Quiver Dance)
  • Beedrill, Lvl 57 (Twineedle, Drill Run, Poison Jab, Toxic Spikes)
  • Pinsir, Lvl 58 (Storm Throw, X-Scissor, Guillotine, Harden)
  • Heracross, Lvl 58 (Night Slash, Brick Break, Aerial Ace, Bulk Up)
  • Scizor, Lvl 60 (Bullet Punch, Bug Bite, Superpower, Swords Dance)
Elite Four, No. 2
  • Hitmonlee, Lvl 57 (High Jump Kick, Blaze Kick, Rock Tomb, Meditate)
  • Hitmonchan, Lvl 57 (Bullet Punch, Ice Punch, Fire Punch, Detect)
  • Steelix, Lvl 58 (Rock Slide, Earthquake, Iron Tail, Rock Polish)
  • Primeape, Lvl 58 (Focus Energy, Screech, Karate Chop, Assurance)
  • Machamp, Lvl 60 (Cross Chop, Rock Slide, Heavy Slam, Bulk Up)
Elite Four, No. 3
  • Dodrio, Lvl 57 (Drill Peck, Faint Attack, Steel Wing, Acupressure)
  • Articuno, Lvl 58 (Freeze-Dry, Hurricane, Ancient Power, Mind Reader)
  • Zapdos, Lvl 58 (Drill Peck, Discharge, Roost, Agility)
  • Moltres, Lvl 58 (Sky Attack, Fire Blast, Ancient Power, Safeguard)
  • Pidgeot, Lvl 60 (Air Slash, Heat Wave, Twister, Roost)
Elite Four, No. 4
  • Dragonair, Lvl 57 (Hyper Beam, Aqua Tail, Flamethrower, Thunder Wave)
  • Aerodactyl, Lvl 58 (Rock Slide, Ice Fang, Hyper Beam, Supersonic)
  • Charizard, Lvl 58 (Fire Spin, Dragon Pulse, Hyper Beam, Swords Dance)
  • Gyarados, Lvl 58 (Hyper Beam, Earthquake, Ice Fang, Dragon Dance)
  • Dragonite, Lvl 60 (Dragon Rush, Hyper Beam, Fire Blast, Thunder Wave)
Blue (rival)

  • Alakazam, Lvl 61 (Psychic, Shadow Ball, Dazzling Gleam, Future Sight)
  • Fearow, Lvl 62 (Drill Peck, Mirror Move, Drill Run, Steel Wing)
  • Exeggutor, Lvl 63 (Egg Bomb, Wood Hammer, Psyshock, Hypnosis)
  • Vaporeon, Lvl 65 (Hydro Pump, Aurora Beam, Dig, Aqua Ring)
  • Raichu, Lvl 64 (Thunderbolt, Iron Tail, Quick Attack, Sweet Kiss)
  • Arcanine, Lvl 64 (Flame Wheel, Wild Charge, Extreme Speed, Roar)

  • Alakazam, Lvl 61 (Psychic, Shadow Ball, Dazzling Gleam, Future Sight)
  • Fearow, Lvl 62 (Drill Peck, Mirror Move, Drill Run, Steel Wing)
  • Exeggutor, Lvl 63 (Egg Bomb, Wood Hammer, Psyshock, Hypnosis)
  • Poliwrath, Lvl 64 (Circle Throw, Scald, Earthquake, Refresh)
  • Jolteon, Lvl 65 (Thunder, Double Kick, Pin Missile, Magnet Rise)
  • Arcanine, Lvl 64 (Flame Wheel, Wild Charge, Extreme Speed, Roar)

  • Alakazam, Lvl 61 (Psychic, Shadow Ball, Dazzling Gleam, Future Sight)
  • Fearow, Lvl 62 (Drill Peck, Mirror Move, Drill Run, Steel Wing)
  • Exeggutor, Lvl 63 (Egg Bomb, Wood Hammer, Psyshock, Hypnosis)
  • Poliwrath, Lvl 64 (Circle Throw, Scald, Earthquake, Refresh)
  • Raichu, Lvl 64 (Thunderbolt, Iron Tail, Quick Attack, Sweet Kiss)
  • Flareon, Lvl 65 (Lava Plume, Fire Spin, Mud-Slap, Scary Face)

For the rematch teams against the leaders, see Pokémon League Rematches.



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