Chapter 9

Sam (Pokémon Stories The Shattered Horizon)

(It is the morning after the group met up with Yancy. They are wandering around Jubilife City. As they walk past the TV Studio, Zoren notices two people in odd uniforms walking into the building.)

Zoren: Wait... Isn't that the same uniform that the people in the Old Chateau were wearing?
Lucy: I think it is.
Sarah: What are you talking about?
Sam: When we were in the Old Chateau, in one room we saw people in odd uniforms searching through a large pile of books.
Zoren: But who are they?
Sarah: Wait... I think I remember that uniform from somewhere... I remember now. There was a news report about some thieves breaking into a building and stealing machinery, and I think that might have been the uniform those thieves were wearing.
Zoren: They may be up to something then.
Lucy: Well, let's follow them and see what they are doing here.
Sam: Ok, let's go!

(The group follows the people into the building. They keep following them until suddenly the two people turn around.)

Sam (Pokémon Stories The Shattered Horizon)
Grunts (Pokémon Stories The Shattered Horizon)

Grunt 1: Who are you four?
Grunt 2: And why are you following us? This is a restricted area according to the boss.
Sam: What are you doing here?
Grunt 1: We're the one who ask the questions around here. We're Team Pulsar. Go Scraggy!
Grunt 2: Go Sandile!
Sam: Go Cyndaquil!
Sarah: Go Mudkip!
Zoren: Go Charmander!
Lucy: Go Piplup!

(And the battle begins. Scraggy quickly attacks the groups' pokémon by jumping and using low kick, however the pokémon quickly dodge the attack. Mudkip uses Water Gun on Sandile, it hits and Sandile takes a lot of damage. Sandile counters by using Rage, and defeats Mudkip in one blow. Cyndaquil jumps over to Sandile and finishes it off with Quick Attack. Scraggy uses Faint Attack on Piplup, Piplup is slightly damaged. Charmander quickly runs over to help Piplup, and attacks Scraggy using Dragon Rage, and Scraggy is defeated.)

Grunt 1: Urgg... They're good.
Grunt 2: The boss is not going to be happy.

(The two grunts run away down the hallway.)

Lucy: We should follow them

(The group follows the grunts down the hallway. The eventually follow the grunts into a loading dock on the outer wall of the building. There is a large truck backed up to the loading dock, with several grunts loading crates onto it. In the middle of the loading dock there are two people, one of them is wearing a large black cloak and a white scarf, and the other is wearing a white dress. They are both facing away from the groups so they can't tell who they are. The one in the black cloak turns around and sees the group.)

???: They're here...

(The other person turns around, and the group realizes who it is.)

Sam (Pokémon Stories The Shattered Horizon)
Yancy (Pokémon Stories The Shattered Horizon)
Sylvia (Pokémon Stories The Shattered Horizon)

Yancy: Thanks Sylvia.
Sam: Yancy, what are you doing here?
Yancy: Oh, Sam. Of course YOU need to ask.
Sam: What are you talking about?
Yancy: Ever since we went to school together... I've liked you. But you never noticed me, not ever. Then you came here and we met again. But you still didn't notice...
Sam: You liked me?...
Yancy: You never noticed... It broke my heart... But then they said they could help me if I helped them... So I agreed. And now... you will notice me.
Sarah: What do you mean, they asked you to help them?
Sylvia: She helped us get in here, and she gave us all of the security codes for the equipment rooms.
Lucy: Yancy, if you like Sam, then why did you help them? How would that help the situation?
Yancy: I thought... Um... Argh...

(Yancy puts her hand up to her head, as if she was wincing in pain.)

Sarah: Well, we're not going to let you steal the equipment.
Sylvia: We won't that happen, right Yancy?
Yancy: Yes. Go Tynamo!
Sam: Go Cyndaquil!
Sarah: Go Mudkip!
Zoren: Go Charmander!
Lucy: Go Piplup!

(And the battle begins. Tynamo uses Thunder Wave and successfully paralyzes Cyndaquil, Mudkip, Charmander, and Piplup. Mudkip uses Mud-Slap on Tynamo, but Tynamo easily dodges the attack. Tynamo counter attacks by using Spark on Mudkip, and Mudkip is defeated. Charmander uses SmokeScreen to lower Tynamo's accuracy. However, Tynamo flies above the smoke and uses Charge Beam to attack Piplup. Piplup takes a lot of damage, but manages to hang in. Charmander and Piplup team up by using a combination of Dragon Rage and Water Sport to scare Tynamo back into the smoke, while Cyndaquil uses Ember on Tynamo before it notices Cyndaquil. However, Tynamo anticipates the strategy, and dodges the combined attack by flying forward, above Charmander and Piplup, and uses Charge Beam to attack them. They attempt to dodge the attack, but they are paralyzed and are unable to move. Charmander and Piplup are both hit by the attack and they both are defeated. Cyndaquil attempts to attack Tynamo using Quick Attack, but is paralyzed and can't move.)

Sylvia: You are nearly defeated. Give up now and leave while you can.
Sam: Never! Come'on Cyndaquil, lets do this!
Sylvia: Yancy, have Tynamo finish them off.
Yancy: ... ... Yes... Argh...

(Tynamo begins charging up electricity. Cyndaquil still can't move due to paralysis. Tynamo readies to unleash a powerful Charge Beam.)

Sam: Cyndaquil, brace yourself!

(Cyndaquil's paralysis loosens slightly. Cyndaquil enters a defensive position. Tynamo unleashes its powerful Charge Beam at Cyndaquil. At the last second, before the attack hits, Cyndaquil uses Ember to surround its self in flames. The Charge Beam and the flames meet, sending light out in all directions and pushing Cyndaquil far back. Cyndaquil is enveloped in a ball of light, and cannot be seen.)

Sylvia: Huh? ... What is this?!...

(The light around Cyndaquil dissipates, revealing that Cyndaquil has evolved into Quilava. But it doesn't look like a normal Quilava, as it has a yellow wavy marking running down each side of its body, the mark occasionally has a spark of electricity pass through it, turning the mark blue.)

Quilava (Pokémon Stories The Shattered Horizon)

(Quilava growls at Tynamo, causing the markings on its side to glow bright blue and spark. Tynamo readies another powerful Charge Beam. However, Quilava quickly begins to charge ate Tynamo. Quilava dashes quickly over towards Tynamo, causing Quilava to be surrounded by blue electric sparks. Before Tynamo can attack with Charge Beam, Quilava collides into Tynamo, defeating it in one hit.)

Sylvia: What?! No!

(As Tynamo is defeated, sparks fly out of a pocket in Sylvia's cloak. She pulls a malfunctioning device out of her pocket and tosses it on the floor. Then a grunt runs up to Sylvia.)

Grunt 1: The cargo is all loaded on the truck.
Sylvia: Good. Then lets go.

(Sylvia and the grunt run to the truck and jump into the back of it. The truck then begins to speed away.)

Yancy: Argh...

(Yancy falls onto the floor.)

Sam: Yancy!

(Sam runs over to Yancy to see if she is all right. He is followed by Zoren and Lucy. Meanwhile, Sarah picks up the broken device on the floor. It is a small handheld device with a small antenna on it.)

Zoren: We should go. The police will be here any minute.
Lucy: I agree.

(Sam helps Yancy up, and they and the rest of the group walk out of the building through the large loading dock doors.

After they walk down a few streets they finally stop and rest.)

Zoren: Yancy, why did you help Team Pulsar? That's not like you.
Yancy: Yesterday I was in my dressing room, and I was upset about Sam. Then this boy walked into my room. He said he could help me get Sam to notice me. He took me to Sylvia and she asked me to help them get the equipment, they said they needed it to build something that will help people. At first I told them that I wouldn't help them, so they left and gave some time to think their offer over. And I remember, Sylvia left that device in the room, she said it helps to relax the mid to help people make better decisions. I started to think their offer over, but then all I could think of was my annoyance at the fact that Sam never noticed me, and it kept building and building until I couldn't take it anymore. So accepted their offer.
Lucy: What is that device anyways?
Sarah: It looks like it sends out some type of signal. If I'm right, then it seems like it temporarily weakens the part of the brain responsible for logic, and increases the impact of emotion. It causes one to act mostly on their emotions.
Zoren: So they were controlling Yancy?
Sarah: No. I think they used it on Yancy because they knew if she was acting only on her emotions, then she would choose to help them.
Sam: Then how come the machine malfunctioned and hurt Yancy?
Sarah: I think the device works by being linked to the person effected. So a large amount of emotion or internal conflict could mess up the device and cause it to malfunction.
Lucy: So, Yancy wasn't responsible for her actions while she was under the influence of the device?
Sarah: I'd say so.
Yancy: ... No... I was...
Zoren: What do you mean?
Yancy: I was the one who chose to help Team Pulsar. I was the one who chose to help them take the equipment. And nothing will change that. Even if I was under the influence of the device, I still could've chosen not to help them, but I didn't.
Lucy: But you were-
Yancy: I'm sorry... I just can't...

(A tear falls down Yancy's face.)

Yancy: I should go...

(Yancy runs away down the street, as tears begin to drop from her face.

She manages to get several streets away when she feels someone grab her lightly by the arm. She looks behind her and sees Sam.)

Sam (Pokémon Stories The Shattered Horizon)
Yancy (Pokémon Stories The Shattered Horizon)

Yancy: ... Sam?...
Sam: I accept.
Yancy: Accept what?
Sam: You asked me to go to lunch with you yesterday. I know it's a bit late, but I accept you offer.
Yancy: But... After everything that happened...
Sam: Yancy, everyone makes mistakes. And mistakes can hurt, they can make you feel empty, like you've never done anything right. But everybody learns from their mistakes, and when someone learns from their mistake, they become a better person. I know I've made many mistakes throughout my life, but I've learned from each and every one of them. I know you, and I know that you will learn from your mistakes and you will become a better person, a great person. And that's why I want to go to lunch with you.
Yancy: ... Sam... Sam...!

(Yancy hugs Sam.)

Yancy: Thank you...
Sam: So where is the restaurant you wanted to go to?
Yancy: It's just down the street from the inn.
Sam: I think I know which one you are talking about. I'll see you there at 11:00, how does that sound?
Yancy: That sounds great.
Sam: I'll see you there, tomorrow. Bye!
Yancy: Bye!

(Sam walks away, heading towards the inn.

Yancy stands there for a moment and then begins walking away. As she walks away, a single tear falls from her face, a tear of joy.)

End of Chapter 9                                                                                        >>   Chapter 10

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