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Chapter 6

Sam (Pokémon Stories The Shattered Horizon)
Alice (Pokémon Stories The Shattered Horizon)

(The group is walking through Route 205. Sam, Sarah, Zoren, and Alice are still on sugar highs because of the doughnuts they ate at the inn. They are walking around an elevated rocky path with a drop-off on each side.)

Sam: We're on an adventure! Yay!
Sarah: Yay!
Alice: ... Yay!

(Sam starts running around. Sarah and Alice begin following him. As they are running, Sam and Alice slip off the eastern side of the path and fall down the large slope.)

Sam: Ouch!...
Alice: ... Ow...
Sarah: Are you guys okay?
Lucy: Are either of you hurt?
Sam: Nope, I'm fine.
Alice: ... Um... I think my ankle was injured...
Sarah: Can you walk?
Alice: ... I think so... OW!... Nope, I can't walk...
Lucy: Wait... I think I have an emergency kit here... Yep here it is.
Zoren: Sarah, why don't you go down there and help Alice? Me and Lucy can continue on this path and meet you guys in Eterna City. We shouldn't risk anyone going down there and getting hurt if we don't need to.
Sarah: Okay. Lucy, can you give me the emergency kit?
Lucy: Here it is.

(Lucy hands the kit over to Sarah. Sarah slides down the side of the path over to Alice and Sam.)

Lucy: We'll see you guys in Eterna City!

(Zoren and Lucy continue walking down the path, into Eterna Forest.)

Sam (Pokémon Stories The Shattered Horizon)
Alice (Pokémon Stories The Shattered Horizon)

Alice: ... Urg... Ow...
Sam: Don't worry Alice, Sarah will help you. Hey look, a bird!
Sarah: Here Alice. This should help.

(Sarah takes a roll of bandage material out of the kit and ties it around Alice's injured ankle.)

Alice: ... Thanks, Sarah...
Sarah: Can you walk now?
Alice: ... I'll try... Ow... No I can't...
Sarah: The here. Let me help you.

(Sarah picks up Alice and puts Alice's arm over her shoulder to support her so she can walk.)

Alice: ... Thanks...
Sam: Hey look, there's another bird over there!

(Sam, Sarah, and Alice begin walking down the low path towards Eterna City.

The suddenly Alice stops. Sarah and Sam notice that she stopped walking and they stop walking as well.)

Alice: ... Thanks...
Sarah: Thanks for what?
Alice: ... Everything... You didn't need to help escort me to the Old Chateau... And you didn't need to help me when I got injured...
Sarah: Well that's what friends are for right?
Alice: ... Yes...
Sam: Hey look! In the sky there is a blue box and a rainbow.
Sarah: Let's keep going.
Sam: Yes, let's keep going! Come on Sarah and Alice, lets go!

(Sam, Sarah, and Alice continue walking down the road.)


(Zoren and Lucy are walking through Eterna Forest towards Eterna City.)

Lucy: ... The forest is very quiet isn't it?
Zoren: Yes... it is...
Lucy: ... It is very serene and beautiful...
Zoren: ... Yes...
Lucy: ... Zoren... There's something I need to tell you... something important...
Zoren: ... There's something I need to tell you too...

(Suddenly a woman walks up to Zoren and Lucy.)

Cheryl (Pokémon Stories The Shattered Horizon)

???: Hello... Um... I've been traveling through this forest and I'm a bit lost. Can you tell me which way the exit is?
Lucy: Um... Sure. The exit is over there.

(Lucy points towards the exit of the forest.)

???: Thanks!

(The woman walks away towards the exit.)


Lucy: Well... That was a bit odd...
Zoren: ... Yes, it was...

(Zoren and Lucy continue walking towards the exit of the forest.)

End of Chapter 6                                                                                        >>   Chapter 7

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