Chapter 5

Alice (Pokémon Stories The Shattered Horizon)

(It is midnight. Alice is asleep on her bed in the inn room. Clouds are drifting across the sky. A cloud covering up the moon slowly drifts away, and a beam of moonlight shines in through the window onto Alice.

From within the inn an eerie voice can be heard, however the exact words can not be understood.)

???: ...Tü

(Alice hears the voice and wakes up.)

Alice: Ugh... ... What is that?... I should probably...

(Alice walks out of the room and goes over to the room across the hall. She opens the door and walks in. Inside, she sees Sarah sleeping on a bed. She walks over to Sarah and shakes her awake.)

Alice (Pokémon Stories The Shattered Horizon)

Sarah: ..Ugh ... Alice? ... What is it?
Alice: There's something here... I can hear it... Listen.

(Sarah and Alice quietly listen to the voice.)

???: ...Tü
Sarah: What was that?
Alice: ... I don't know... It sounds like its coming from over there...

(Alice and Sarah walk over towards where the voice is coming from. They pass through the hallway into a large entryway with a large staircase.)

Alice: ... There it is!...

(Alice points to an odd fog.)

Alice (Pokémon Stories The Shattered Horizon)
Ghost (Pokémon Stories The Shattered Horizon)

Sarah: Where is it? I don't see it.
Alice: It's right there!

(The odd fog quickly starts moving towards Alice.)

Alice: It's coming at us! Run!

(Alice and Sarah start running into the hallway, but the fog quickly catches up to them.)

Alice: It's right there!...
???: ...Fri...nd...
Sarah: Where?
Alice: ... Wait... It's saying... ...

(Alice walks over to the fog, and stands in front of it. For a few seconds Alice and the fog remain still.)

Sarah: Alice... What are you doing?. There's nothing there...

(Then suddenly the fog rushes into Alice, and she faints. Sarah notices Alice about to faint and she runs over to catch her before she falls over.

Suddenly light shines through the window as the sun begins to rise. Alice wakes up, finding herself in her room in the inn.)

Alice (Pokémon Stories The Shattered Horizon)

Alice: Urgh... What was that?... Was it a dream?... It must have been...

(Alice walks out of her room into the hallway. She realizes that the hallway led in a different direction than it did in her dream.)

Alice: ... Hmm... In the dream... So... It must've been a dream...

(Alice walks down the hallway to the breakfast room. There she finds Sam, Sarah, Zoren, and Lucy. None of them seem like they had a good sleep either, as they all seem somewhat tired, except for Sam, who seems a bit hyper. They are all eating breakfast.)

Sam (Pokémon Stories The Shattered Horizon)
Alice (Pokémon Stories The Shattered Horizon)

Alice: ... ... Hey...
Sarah: ... Hello...
Lucy: ... Good morni......zzzzzzzzzz

(Lucy falls asleep, banging her head on the table.)

Zoren: ... ... ...
Sam: Hey Alice! Isn't it a good morning? I like mornings, not as much as evenings but more than early mornings.

(Sam eats a doughnut.)

Sam: Mrumph... Doughnuts are good. Not as good as lollypops, but better than waffles. They very comparable to whipped cream, which is also very, very, very good.
Alice: ... Why is everyone so tired?...
Sarah: ... I had a bad dream...
Zoren: ... Me too...
Lucy: zzzzzzzz.....
Zoren: ... Lucy?...
Lucy: ... Huh?...
Zoren: ... You had bad dreams too, didn't you?...
Lucy: ... I think so... ...
Sam: Hmm... There seems to be a pattern here. I can't tell what it is, but something is causing all of us to be tired. What do you think it is?
Alice: ... Bad dreams...
Sam: Yea, that makes sense. So we all had bad dreams last night. So lets all talk about our dreams. I think that would be a good idea.
Lucy: ......zzzzzz

(Lucy falls asleep again.)

Sam: But first, lets all eat a few doughnuts, because they are super awesome and the sugar should help us wake up.
Zoren: ... I don't think that's a good... ... Eh... Nevermind...

(Sam jumps up and runs to the breakfast buffet. He grabs a large pile of doughnuts and puts them on his plate. He then runs back to the table and sets his plate in the middle of the table. He then hands everyone at the table a doughnut from his plate.)

Sam: Alice, why don't you start by telling us about your dream?

(Alice explains to everyone about her dream with her and Sarah finding the ghost-like thing.)

Sarah: Wait... I had almost the same dream, but with me and Sam instead of you and me.
Zoren: My dream was the same as well, but with me and Lucy instead of you and Sarah.
Lucy: ... Same... But with me and Zoren.....zzzzzzzzzz
Sam: This may sound weird, Alice. But I think I had almost the exact same dream as you, but instead of you, it was me, but Sarah was still there. It wasn't very awesome, unlike these doughnuts.

(Sam eats a doughnut. Then he hands another doughnut to everyone.)

Sarah: I think we should start going soon.
Sam: Yea. That sounds like a great idea! Lets get going!
Zoren: Lucy wake up. Lucy wake up.

(Zoren shakes Lucy awake.)

Lucy: ... What is it?
Zoren: We're going now.
Lucy: Ok.
Sam: We're going on an adventure!
Sarah: Yay!

(The groups gets up from the table and walks out of the inn. They walk away, towards the Eterna Forest.)

End of Chapter 5                                                                                        >>   Chapter 6

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