Chapter 12

Sam (Pokémon Stories The Shattered Horizon)
Yancy (Pokémon Stories The Shattered Horizon)

(It is a little while after Sarah, Zoren, and Lucy escaped from Team Pulsar. Sam, Sarah, Zoren, Lucy, and Yancy are in the cafe, talking about what just happened in the canal museum.)

Sam: So, Team Pulsar really attacked the canal museum?
Lucy: Yep.
Yancy: What were they doing there?
Sarah: Not sure... They took the Curator's charm from his necklace, but I don't know why.
Yancy: Maybe we should contact Alice and Stephen and see if they know anything about it.
Zoren: Sounds good.
Sam: No Zoren, it sounds like a great idea.

(Sarah calls Alice and Stephen on her Xtransceiver.)

Alice (Pokémon Stories The Shattered Horizon) Stephen (Pokémon Stories The Shattered Horizon)
Alice: ... Hello.
Stephen: Hello.
Sarah: Hey! It's us.
Stephen: Why are you calling?
Lucy: Do you know anything about the charm that the Curator wears? For some reason Team Pulsar stole it.
Stephen: Nope.
Alice: ... Nope. But we can look into what it is.
Sam: That sounds good.
Stephen: We'll contact you when we find anything out.
Alice: Wait... I remember something about it being related to Fullmoon Island.
Stephen: Why don't you guys go to Fullmoon Island and see if you can find anything out there, and we will do some research on it here?
Sam: That sounds like a good idea.

(Sam looks over at the others and they all nod their heads in agreement.)

Stephen: Ok. Bye!
Alice: Bye...

(Sarah ends the Xtransceiver call.)

Zoren: There is a ferry to Fullmoon Island over there.

(Zoren points to a nearby ferry.)

Sam: Let's go!

(The group takes the ferry to Fullmoon Island.

The group steps off of the ferry and begins walking through the Fullmoon Woods.)

Lucy: It looks like it is starting to get dark. We should probably set up camp for the night.
Sam: Sounds good.

(The others nod in agreement.

The groups sets up a small campfire with wood and sticks that they found in the forest. They also arranged their sleeping bags around the fire. They then went to sleep for the night, except for Sam who is keeping watch over the campfire.)

Sam: Hmm... I think I'm running out of firewood. I think I'll go get some more.

(Sam walks into the forest to gather firewood. As he is gathering firewood he sees two Team Pulsar grunts escorting someone. When they notice him they all turn around.)

Sam (Pokémon Stories The Shattered Horizon)
Kira (Pokémon Stories The Shattered Horizon)
Grunts (Pokémon Stories The Shattered Horizon)

Kira: Hey, you there! Help!
Grunt 1: Hey, be quiet!
Sam: Hey, you grunts! Let her go!
Grunt 2: This is not going to plan.
Grunt 1: We'll defeat him quickly, it won't be a problem.
Grunt 2: You're right.
Grunt 1: Go Venipede!
Grunt 2: Go Venipede!
Sam: Go Cyndaquil!

(And the battle begins. The first Venipede uses Screech to weaken Cyndaquil, while the other readies to use Protect. Cyndaquil attacks the second Venipede with Flame Wheel, but the attack is blocked by Protect. Cyndaquil then uses Quick Attack to quickly move away from the Venipedes, but the Venipedes attack with Pursuit. However, Cyndaquil anticipates their attacks and quickly uses Ember as the Venipedes come after him. The Venipedes are both defeated.)

Grunt 2: This guy is too strong.
Grunt 1: We need to go tell the boss.

(The two grunts run deeper into the forest.)

Kira: Hey thanks! My name is Kira. What's yours?
Sam: My name is Sam.
Kira: Nice to meet you! Thanks for the help. Those guys kidnapped me. They said they needed me for some reason. But why are you here in the forest at this time of night?
Sam: Well, me and a few of my friends are here to find something out about Team Pulsar. We camped out for the night not too far from here.
Kira: That makes sense. Hey it's kinda late so why don't I go with you to where your group is staying?
Sam: I guess that would be okay.
Kira: Thanks!

(Sam and Kira walk to the area where the group is camped out. They sit down next to the fire for a few minutes. Kira then yawns.)

Kira: I should probably get some sleep.
Sam: You can use my sleeping bag if you want. I'm fine keeping watch.
Kira: Are you sure? Okay. Good night!

(Kira goes to sleep. Meanwhile Sam continues keeping watch)

End of Chapter 12                                                                                        >>   Chapter 13

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