Chapter 11


(Sam, Zoren, and Lucy are walking towards the canal museum. As they walk towards the museum they see a Team Pulsar grunt in front of the back door to the museum.)

Zoren: Wait. Look over there.
Lucy: Isn't that person a Team Pulsar grunt?
Sarah: I think it is. That means something must be going on inside.
Lucy: Let's go!

(The group quickly runs into the canal museum. They notice a commotion in the center room off of the main entrance hall.)

Lucy: It looks like there's something going on over there.
Sarah: Let's go up to the doorway, and listen in on what's going on.

(They walk up to the doorway to the center room and peak in to see what's going on.)

Grunts (Pokémon Stories The Shattered Horizon)
Sylvia (Pokémon Stories The Shattered Horizon)
Curator (Pokémon Stories The Shattered Horizon)

(Inside the center room there are various Team Pulsar grunts wandering round the various rows of display cases around the room. In the back of the room there is an old man being held stationary by two grunts, in front of the man is Sylvia.)

Sylvia: I'm losing my patience. Tell me! Where is it!
Curator: I will not tell you where it is. You will never find it.
Sylvia: ... There it is.

(Sylvia notices the charm on the end of the necklace that the Curator is wearing. The quickly takes it.)

Curator: No!
Sylvia: Good... This is all we needed. You are free to go.

(The two grunts holding the Curator let him go.)

Sylvia: However, you three are not.

(Sylvia spins around and looks straight at Sarah, Zoren, and Lucy.)

Sylvia: I know you are there, so there is no use in running.

(Sarah, Zoren, and Lucy look behind them and see four grunts behind them. The grunts push them into the center of the room.)

Lucy: What are you doing here?
Sylvia: That is none of you concern.
Sarah: From my understanding of the situation, it has something to do with that charm.
Sylvia: Very observant... But it doesn't matter. We have you surrounded. Grunts!

(The grunts in the room begin to surround the three.)

Zoren: It's not over yet.
Sarah: Go Mudkip!
Zoren: Go Charmander!
Lucy: Go Piplup!

(The grunts send out their pokémon. However there are many Team Pulsar pokémon, and the three are out numbered, by the grunts' various Venipedes, Sandiles, Scraggys, and Purrloins.)

Sylvia: Just in case you're better than I expected... Skarmory, finish them off.

(And the battle begins. Mudkip, Charmander, and Piplup try to fight off the Team Pulsar pokémon using Water Gun, Dragon Rage, and BubbleBeam. They manage to hold off the pokémon. However, Skarmory occasionally flies over them and attacks them using Swift.

Overtime the Team Pulsar pokémon begin to close in on the three, and Skarmory manages a critical hit on Mudkip. Some of the surrounding pokémon manage to get in a few attacks and manage to damage the three pokémon, including landing a critical hit on Piplup.)

Sarah: This isn't looking good.
Zoren: ...
Lucy: Come on Zoren! You can do it!

(The Team Pulsar pokémon begin to close in around them. Then suddenly Charmander is enveloped in a yellow sphere of light. The Team Pulsar pokémon are startled and stop to watch. The ball of light begins to dissipate, revealing that Charmander has evolved. It looks different from a normal Charmeleon.)

Charmeleon (Pokémon Stories The Shattered Horizon)

(Charmeleon uses a combination of Whirlpool and Flame Burst to hold back the Team Pulsar pokémon. Skarmory begins to fly toward Charmeleon, and Charmeleon uses Flamethrower and defeats Skarmory. However the Team Pulsar pokémon slowly continue to close in on the group.)

Zoren: ...
Sarah: Wait. I have an idea.

(Sarah explains her idea to Zoren and Lucy.

Zoren has Charmeleon combine its Whirlpool and Flamethrower attacks. Large columns of smoke begin to rise, setting off the sprinkler system. Then Sarah begins using her Xtransceiver.)

Sarah: ... Calling Researcher Hänsel!

(Suddenly sparks begin flying out of the Xtransceiver. The sparks begin to spread because of the water sent out by the sprinkler system. All of the pokémon in the room are defeated, and all of the people are injured by the shock.)

Lucy: Run!

(Sarah, Zoren, and Lucy quickly run out of the museum while the grunts are still recovering from the shock.)

End of Chapter 11                                                                                        >>   Chapter 12

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