Chapter 1

Sam (Pokémon Stories The Shattered Horizon)

(Sam and Zoren are walking towards the exit of Twinleaf Town. Beside them are their partner pokémon, Cyndaquil and Charmander. Sam stops before the exit, and Zoren notices him stop.)

Sam: So this is it. Our quest finally begins.
Zoren: Yes. I guess that's one way to look at it...
Sam: Well, how do you see it?
Zoren: I see it as us leaving town to go visit Lucy and look around Sandgem Town.
Sam: But how do you know that it won't become an adventure?
Zoren: It's a quick trip. It really won't be that long.
Sam: Are you sure? What if a nefarious villain appears and we are the only ones who can stop him?
Zoren: I really don't think that anything like that would happen.
Sam: Yea, I guess you're right. Lets start walking.

(Sam and Zoren start walking out of Twinleaf Town to Route 201.

As they begin to walk towards Sandgem Town, they begin to hear the tall grass around them rustle. Suddenly a person jumps out of the grass in from of them.)

Sam (Pokémon Stories The Shattered Horizon)
Kyle (Pokémon Stories The Shattered Horizon)

Kyle: AMBUSH!!!!!
Sam: Great ambush Kyle!
Zoren: Sam, why are you encouraging him?
Sam: Because ambushes are fun.
Kyle: Now by the rules of ambushes we must now battle pokémon.
Sam: Yay! Go Cyndaquil!
Zoren: Uggh... fine. Go Charmander!
Kyle: Go Kricketot!

(And the battle begins. Kricketot attacks with Bide, and he begins to charge up power. Cyndaquil and Charmander use tackle. Kricketot faints.)

Kyle: Mann. That was so close.
Zoren: It was? I mean... yes it was...
Sam: Great job Kyle! I though you almost had us there for a moment. Keep training and one day you will be able to beat us.
Kyle: Thanks! Well I hope you have a good journey. Bye!

(Kyle walks away towards Twinleaf Town. Sam and Zoren continue walking to Sandgem Town.)

Zoren: What's up with you? You seem more energetic than usual.
Sam: That battle was fun. It was really fun. Hey is that a bird! Nope it's a cloud. What's that there? Is it a pokémon?
Zoren: You are definitely more hyper than usual. Wait did you eat any of the doughnuts?
Sam: Mrumph... No, I didn't eat any of the doughnuts. Om nom nom...
Zoren: Yep, you ate all the doughnuts... already...

(Sam and Zoren keep walking towards Sandgem Town.

They eventually reach Sandgem Town. After walking around the town a bit, they see Lucy.)

Sam (Pokémon Stories The Shattered Horizon)

Lucy: Hey! Over here!

(Sam and Zoren walk over to Lucy.)

Zoren: Hello Lucy!
Lucy: Hey Zoren! Who is you friend there? Is he Sam?
Zoren: Yes that's Sam. Lucy, this is Sam. Sam, this is Lucy.
Sam: Hello Luc... Hey there's a bird!

(Sam starts running in circles.)

Lucy: Ummm...
Zoren: Ignore him, he's on a sugar high. He's not normally like that.
Lucy: Yea, that makes sense. That would explain why he is now, apparently running in circles...
Zoren: Yea, he's really quite different when he's not on a sugar high. He's more nor... Oh, and now he's asleep.

(Zoren and Lucy look over at Sam and see that he has fallen asleep on the ground.)

Lucy: Well, it is getting late. Let's go to my house. I have a guest room with a bed and a couch. You can take the bed and Sam can take the couch.
Zoren: That sounds good. Can you help me carry him there?
Lucy: Sure.

(Zoren and Lucy carry Sam to Lucy's house, and they turn in for the night.)

End of Chapter 1                                                                                        >>   Chapter 2

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