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Pokémon Stadium Revolution is a role-playing Pokémon spin-off by Hybrid Co. for the Wii U.


The gameplay in battle, is just like Pokémon Stadiums 1 and 2. Players can select six Pokémon from "Create your Team" or upload their team from Black and White.

You run around Castelia City in a 3D Third Person/diagonal topdown point of view, asking trainers for battles. There is a new building where all the fights are taken. Each floor is a different league. With each league having six trainers.

The game explores a much more deeper Castelia City with areas not shown in the games. There is a more in depth harbour and a beach. Grassy area, even as far as Skyarrow Bridge. Even the desert area around Route 4.


In Battle

The battles are very similar to the original Pokémon Battle scheme, with; fight, PKMN, item and run.

A - Choose Option

B - Cancel option

Out of Battle

A - Speak

B - Use Item

Analog Stick - Move


There is the Story Mode, a quick battle or online mode to choose from with weekly league/ladder tournaments or just general battles online cross-console playable.


You are a 10 year old rookie trainer from Castelia City, and you want to enter the Castelia Battle Tournament, but you have no Pokémon. Luckily, your uncle has farm with many Pokemon, you'll have to train them and battle around the area first to enter the Grand Castelia Tournament.

The eliminaries, the semi-finals and the big finals! You'll have to smash through the competition while making new friends and foes to win!

But watch out for big bad Team Plasma!

Tournament Champions

To be revamped. Each league has 4 trainers to face and a Champion, there are 10 leagues in total.

Kanto Gyms


Champion of the Pewter City tournament.

# Pokémon Pokémon_Type Move_1 Move_2 Move_3 Move_4
141 Kabutops Rock/Water Cut X Scissor Rock Smash Water Gun
095 Onix Rock/Ground Rock Throw Dig Horn Attack Swords Dance
214 Herracross Bug/Fighting Sucker Punch Bug Buzz Safeguard Signal Beam
453 Croagunk Poison/Fighting Poison Jab Poison Spikes Brick Break Cross Chop
530 Excadrill Ground/Steel Metal Claw Dig Zen Headbutt Rock Smash
526 Gigalith Rock Earthquake Takedown Sludge Bomb Charge Beam


Viridian City champion.

# Pokémon Pokémon_Type Move_One Move_Two Move_Three Move_four
199 Slowking Water/Psychic Confusion Ice Punch Meditate Low Kick
297 Hariyama Fighting Arm Thrust Bulk Up Cross Chop Fake-Out
059 Arcanine Fire Flamethrower Fire Fang Will-o-Wisp Tackle
563 Cofagrigas Ghost Shadow Ball Dark Pulse Harden Pound
625 Bisharp Dark/Steel Shadow Claw Cut Triple Hit Agility
486 Regigigas Normal Giga Drain Thunder Punch Protect Ice Beam

Johto League

Hoenn League

Sinnoh League


Dragon Ruins champion.

# Pokémon Pokémon_Type Move_1 Move_2 Move_3 Move_4
448 Lucario Fighting/Steel Aura Sphere Force Palm Meditate Bone Rush
510 Liepard Dark Scratch Shadow Claw Iron Tail Leer
282 Gardevoir Psychic Energy Ball Flash Cannon Safeguard Mirror Coat
350 Milotic Water Brick Break Water Gun Horn Attack Psychic
201 Unown Psychic Hidden Power
445 Garchomp Dragon Sand Attack Aura Sphere Dragon Rage Aerial Ace


Phantom Palace champion.

# Pokémon Pokémon_Type Move_One Move_Two Move_Three Move_Four
094 Gengar Ghost/Poison Lick Shadow Ball Glare Crunch
429 Mismagius Ghost Confusion Mirror Coat Signal Beam Confuse Ray
354 Banette Ghost Hyper Voice Ice Beam Shadow Claw Lock-On
609 Chandelure Ghost/Fire Will-o-Wisp Ember Dark Pulse Whirlwind
359 Absol Dark Quick Attack Cut Scratch Detect
491 Darkrai Dark Dark Void Hypnosis Tri-Attack Thunder Punch

Unova League

Rookie to Riches League

More to come...

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