This is a list of Pokémon in the order dictated by the Renero regional Pokédex, meaning that the starter Pokémon from Renero will appear first, followed by Pokémon native to the Renero region.

List of Pokémon in the Renero Pokédex (#1-#50)

Renero Pokédex No. Sprite Name Type Pokédex Entry Evolution
001 TBA Hogreen GrassTypeLogo This messy Pokémon loves clear fields where it can eat crops and plants whenever it wants. It also loves muddy puddles, and has a large appetite most of the time. Hogreen LV18→ Pigrowth LV32→ Boaraddish
002 TBA Pigrowth GrassTypeLogo This Pokémon has become much more powerful than before. It can now use its strong tusks to pick up things and harm its foes. It still likes sleeping, though. Hogreen LV18→ Pigrowth LV32→ Boaraddish
003 TBA Boaraddish GrassTypeLogo
After its evolution, this Pokémon has learned how to walk on its hind legs, and therefore what were once its front legs are now fists that it can use to attack. However, it still uses its powerful tusks. Hogreen LV18→ Pigrowth LV32→ Boaraddish
004 TBA Puppyro FireTypeLogo This Pokémon is playful and quick. It loves meeting new people, but it feels uncomfortable around some people and will therefore bark at them. Puppyro LV14→ Heathound -LV36--> Wolflame
005 TBA Heathound FireTypeLogo This Pokémon has gone from playful to serious. It will growl at its enemies and bite them with his jaws, and it will growl at anything that goes near its territory. Puppyro -LV14--> Heathound LV36→ Wolflame
006 TBA Wolflame FireTypeLogo
This Pokémon is still serious, and now has fiery fangs. It will guard its children and family with its life, and will not hesitate to bite any intruders. Puppyro LV14→ Heathound LV36→ Wolflame
007 TBA Pandamp WaterTypeLogo This is a lazy Pokémon whose eyes are always closed. Most of the time, it's sitting around, thinking and eating plants. Pandamp LV16→ Pandrizzle LV34→ Pandownpour
008 TBA Pandrizzle WaterTypeLogo This Pokémon still sits around, thinking, but can know use psychic powers while thinking so hard. It also walks around much more often. Pandamp LV16→ Pandrizzle LV34→ Pandownpour
009 TBA Pandownpour WaterTypeLogo
This Pokémon now maneuvers by floating with its psychic powers. It has a mind IQ that surpasses various Pokémon and is therefore very powerful in terms of smarts. Pandamo LV16→ Pandrizzle LV34→ Pandownpour
010 TBA Birdian NormalTypeLogo
This small Pokémon always flies in a flock. It often feels scared when it's seperated from its flock or doesn't have anyone to take care of it. Birdian LV15→ Aerohawk LV30→ Eaglegend
011 TBA Aerohawk NormalTypeLogo
This Pokémon is extremely skilled in flying. Even when injured, it can fly up to 80 mph. It likes doing things independently. Birdian LV15→ Aerohawk LV30→ Eaglegend
012 TBA Eaglegend NormalTypeLogo
This is a swift, speedy Pokémon that will not hesitate to harm innocent things that didn't mean to disturb it. It likes eating small bugs such as Wurmple. Birdian LV15→ Aerohawk LV30→ Eaglegend
013 HoothootGen5Sprite Hoothoot NormalTypeLogo
It has a perfect sense of time. It will tilt its head in sync with the time. It also stays on one foot at all times, even though it has two feet. Hoothoot LV20→ Noctowl
014 NoctowlGen5Sprite Noctowl NormalTypeLogo
This Pokémon is nocturnal, and has amazing hearing and eyesight, which works well in the dark. It can also turn its head at a 180˚ angle. Hoothoot LV20→ Noctowl
015 TBA Hedgehick NormalTypeLogo This is a small but spiky Pokémon that loves getting belly rubs and attention. However, their trainers often don't get to do that because of how spiky it is. Hedgehick LV20→ Porcupoint
016 TBA Porcupoint NormalTypeLogo This Pokémon remains spiky, but now has more sharp fangs and possesses large claws. It has a spiny mohawk that it can use to shoot spikes. Hedgehick LV20→ Porcupoint
017 129 Magikarp WaterTypeLogo This is a weak and pathetic Pokémon that was once much stronger. Most Pokémon Trainers believe that it is the weakest Pokémon in the world. Magikarp LV20→ Gyarados
018 130 Gyarados WaterTypeLogo
After its evolution, this Pokémon has gotten insanely stronger. Its fins are harder than steel, and it can easily crush rocks with its fangs. Magikarp LV20→ Gyarados
019 531 audinoBW Audino NormalTypeLogo
This Pokémon has amazing ears, giving it a great sense of hearing. It can use its feelers to see how a person is feeling. Audino
020 506Sprite Lillipup NormalTypeLogo This playful but intellegent Pokémon is very brave. The long hair around its face allows it to sense subtle changes in its surrondings. Lillipup LV16→ Herdier LV32→ Stoutland
021 507 Herdier NormalTypeLogo This Pokémon is very helpful, and has been helping trainers for ages. It has hard cape-like fur that allows it to take less damage than normal. Lillipup LV16→ Herdier LV32→ Stoutland
022 508 Stoutland NormalTypeLogo This is a courageous and powerful Pokémon that can swim very well. Its strong fur can help it travel in the cold mountains. Lillipup LV16→ Herdier LV32→ Stoutland
023 TBA Plantol GrassTypeLogo This cute Pokémon can help release nutrients into the soil, which can help other Pokémon. It releases spores when scared. Plantol Dream Leaf Stone Sprite→ Treebush
024 TBA Treebush GrassTypeLogo This lazy Pokémon rarely opens its eyes to see anything. Most of the time, it creates spores and releases baby Plantol onto the ground while sleeping. Plantol Dream Leaf Stone SpriteTreebush
025 63 Abra PsychicTypeLogo It teleports whenever it senses danger. Due to the strain of its psychic powers, it rests for 18 hours each day. If it fails to sleep long enough, it cannot use its telepathic powers. Abra LV16→ Kadabra Trade→ Alakazam
026 64 Kadabra PsychicTypeLogo Kadabra emits alpha waves that can make clocks run backwards, cause terrible headaches, and make devices stop working. When it holds its spoon, the waves become twice as powerful, and can become even more powerful when it closes its eyes. Abra LV16→ Kadabra Trade→ Alakazam
027 65 Alakazam PsychicTypeLogo Alakazam can use every single type of psychic ability. It often uses these abilities to float, as it has a weak body. It has an IQ that exceeds 5,000, and it can remember everything that has happened since it first hatched as an Abra. Abra LV16→ Kadabra Trade→ Alakazam
028 MareepGen5Sprite Mareep ElectricTypeLogo Its wool stores electrical energy, causing anyone who touches it to shock themselves. Air is stored in the wool, keeping it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Mareep LV15→ Flaaffy LV30→ Ampharos
029 FlaaffyGen5Sprite Flaaffy ElectricTypeLogo Storing too much energy causes it to lose most of the wool over its body. The orb on its tail will light up when its mane is fully charged. Mareep LV15→ Flaaffy LV30→ Ampharos
030 AmpharosGen5Sprite Ampharos ElectricTypeLogo People have been using its light for ages. In the old days, they used its light as a signal. When it increases the amount of electrical energy within itself, the orb gets brighter. Mareep LV15→ Flaaffy LV30→ Ampharos
031 WhismurGen5Sprite Whismur SoundTypeLogo Its cries are like quiet murmurs, but if you scare it, its shrieks can be as loud as a jet plane. Whismur LV20→ Loudred LV40→ Exploud
032 LoudredGen5Sprite Loudred SoundTypeLogo The shock waves from its screams can flip over cars. When it stomps its feet, it gets stronger. However, after screaming, it can't hear anything for a while. Whismur LV20→ Loudred LV40→ Exploud
033 ExploudGen5Sprite Exploud SoundTypeLogo Its howls can be heart from over six miles away. Its tremors are powerful enough to cause earthquakes. Whismur LV20→ Loudred LV40→ Exploud
034 TBA Draco DragonTypeLogo This swift Pokémon is capable of running at speeds of up to 60 MPH, even when first born. When angered, its attacks become twice as powerful. Draco LV35→ Dracorage LV55→ Dracosonic
035 TBA Dracorage DragonTypeLogo This Pokémon has gotten even swifter than before. It is often angered, and will chase anything that annoys it. Draco LV35→ Dracorage LV55→ Dracosonic
036 TBA Dracosonic DragonTypeLogo
It is rumored that it can travel faster than the speeds of sound and light. It can use its sharp claws to "air swim", making it faster. Draco LV35→ Dracorage LV55→ Dracosonic
037 152-Front Chikorita GrassTypeLogo Its nice-smelling leaf has the ability to check the humidity and temperature of the area it's in. Chikorita LV16→ Bayleef LV32→ Meganium

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