Pokemon Solar/Lunar is a pet project of mine and my sister's. N.B I have no writing talent, so it won't be an exciting read. Its just information.


Pokemon S/L (Solar/Lunar) is set in the Volos region. It is composed of 2 islands, split down the middle by the River Veer. The islands are called "Rise Island" and "Set Island". Rise Island contains Greenwood Town and the Pokemon League. Set Island has Mount Solace and the Storm Cloud, Team Storm's flying fortress. The professor who provides you with your first pokemon is Professor Maple. Her Laboratory is located within Greenwood Town. The Legendary Pokemon is either Emeron (for Solar) or Esperon (for Lunar). They reside on top of Mount Solace in the Nexus Hall, housing the Midnight Vortex.


The game starts in Greenwood Town. Your Mom wakes you up because it is time to get your first pokemon. You go out and meet your rival, who is professor maple's child. He says something obnoxious that makes you wonder you are friends with him (he's the rival), then you go to Professor Maple. He gives you one pokemon and a pokedex and send you out on an adventure. His lab assistant (the other playable character) teaches you to catch pokemon, provides you with 5 poke balls. you go to Meada Town, where you meet your rival. He challenges you to pokemon battle. When you win, he says something obnoxious that makes you wonder why you are friends with him. Upon beating the Grass Gym, you get HM01 Cut, which allows you to cut the trees blocking the path to the path to the Abandoned Mine, the rock type gym. However, the mine is surrounded by Team Storm Grunts who are demanding Peter's pokemon. You beat them, and their leader, Admiral Storm, talks to you. He is impressed that you beat his men, but warns you not to pursue him and leaves. A man in a brown trench coat runs in and asks you which way Admiral Storm went. He introduces himself as Agent Smiler and thanks you for your help, before chasing after Admiral Storm. By beating it, you get Rock Smash, which allows you to enter Mount Solace. By travelling through Mount Solace, you get to Set Island, and the third Gym in Scalan City.

By beating it, you get Fly. You set off through the Pineting Forest, on the other side is Minton City. When you beat the Ground Type Gym, you get Strength. your Rival appears and challenges you. After beating him, the professor's lab assistant requests your help. Team Storm have taken a large group of people's pokemon, including hers. You storm the base and at the top, battle Commander Typhoon. Upon beating him, he says that Team Storm will win and releases all the Pokemon. You go back down to the lobby, where Admiral Storm is waiting. He commends you on your victory and says he will continue monitoring your progress. You go outside and the professor's lab assistant thanks you for retreiving her Pokedex and pokemon. Agent Smiler appears and demands to know which way Admiral Storm went. He then sprints off after him.

You then leave for Sulis Town. When you get to Sulis Town, a small child requests your help; some Storm Grunts are rounding up pokemon. You defeat them and they vengeance upon thee. You then face Maria and receive the Surge badge and HM Surf. When you leave the town to go to Amber City, your Rival challenges you to battle. You defeat him and go to Amber city. Upon arriving, some Storm Grunts try to force you to leave. You defeat them and enter Amber City. You defeat Helen and receive the Circuit badge and HM Flash. Agent Smiler appears and requests you follow him. He leads you to his base and explains who Team Storm are. Then, a troop of Storm Grunts enter the base. You and Smiler double battle them. He requests to join you on your trip to Froider City, because IC could predict Team Storm's next move. Together you travel up north to Froider City, defeating Storm Grunts along the way.


See Pokedex

Starter Pokemon

Fire type

The fire type starter is Ignortus, who knows tackle. He evolves into Pyrurtle at Lv.15 then Torforge at Lv. 36. For a Full description, check pokedex.

Water Type

The water type starter is Ripsnip, who knows scratch. He evolves into Snapagator at Lv. 14 and then Crocoshredder at Lv.35. For a Full description, check pokedex.

Grass Type

The grass type starter is Ranahop. He evolves into Batrabounce at Lv.16 and then Froggaleap at Lv.34. For a Full description, check pokedex.


Grass Type

The Grass Type leader, Grace, lives Meada Town. The gym is a bridge across a thorn patch. Each trainer will ask a question. Get it right, you can pass. Get it wrong, you battle. Grace gives you the Thorn Badge and the HM Cut

Rock Type

The Rock Type leader, Peter, lives in the Abandoned Mine. The mine is the gym. To get to Peter, you have to set the points on a mine cart rail to upwards so you can ride the cart to Peter. Each switch is guarded by a trainer. Peter gives you the Pebble Badge and the HM Rock Smash.

Flying Type

The flying type Gym Leader, Penny, lives in Scalan City. The gym involves climbing tower by defeating other trainers. There are five in total, all Bird catchers. Penny gives you the Wright Badge and the HM Fly.

Ground Type

The ground type leader, Douglas, lives in Minton City. The gym involves blowing up a wall of rock by activating 3 switches. However, each switch is guarded by a trainer. Douglas gives you they Digger Badge and the HM Strength

Water Type

The water type leader is Maria. She lives in Sulis Town. Her Gym Challenge is a pipe maze, that takes you gradually deeper underwater until you reach her subaqautic room. She gives you the Surge Badge and the HM Surf.

Electric Type

The electric type leader, Helen, lives in Amber City. Her gym challeng involves opening doors. However, when you open one door, another closes. as well as this, the Gym is a maze filled with trainers. Helen gives you the Circuit Badge and the HM Flash.

Ice Type

The Ice type leader, IC, is an experimental pokemon battle computer. It is based in the Blueberry Laborotory in Froider City. Its Gym involves activating power conduits to turn IC on (he is at the entrance of the gym, but you can't battle him as he isn't switched on). Each switch is guarded by a trainer. IC gives you the Frigid Badge and the HM Rock Climb.

Psychic Type

The Psychic Type leader, Cerebus, lives in the Great Temple at the top of Mount Solace. He has no Gym challenge. Climbing the mountain is the task. Cerebus gives you the Solitude Badge and the HM Waterfall.

Elite Four

The Elite 4 are:


Colette is the first of the Elite 4. She is a fire type user.


Ferrus is the second of the Elite 4. He is a steel type user.


Dusk is the third of the Elite 4. He is a dark type user.


Rook is the fourth and final member of the Elite 4. He uses dragon types.



Your character's mother is the champion. Once she is defeated, you have completed the league and may enter the hall of fame.

Team Storm "Bow before the Conquering Storm"

Admiral Storm

The Storm Hunters

Commander Hurricane

Commander Cyclone

Commander Typhoon

Storm Grunts

Storm Scientists


Rise Island

Greenwood Town

Pokemon League

Mount Solace

The Storm Cloud

Sulis Town

Great Temple

Meada Town

Set Island

Scalan City

Minton City

Abandoned Mine

Froider City

Amber City

Pineting Forest

Blueberry Laboratory

Team Storm hQ

Character Designs

Main Characters

Male: The male playable character wears a Green cap, with a blue jacket and black shirt. His trousers are black and his shoes are brown

Female: The female playable character wears a panama hat, a red jacket, with a white shirt underneath. Her skirt is grey and her shoes are black as well.

Rival: The rival wears a red shirt with a brown scarf. He has blue jeans and black boots. He has ginger hair.

Gym Leaders

Grace: Grace wears a green dress, with a purple flower in her hair. Her hair is black and goes to her hips, and she wears a pair of white sandals.

Douglas: Douglas wears brown britches with no shirt. He has large muscles, and carries a pickaxe over his shoulder. He also has a yellow hard hat with a light on it, and has crew cut iron grey hair.

Penny: Penny has blonde pigtails. She wears a brown aviators jacket and flying cap. She wears faded jeans and brown leather boots.

Peter: Peter wears black cargo pants, with a dirty white tank top. His hair is in a crew cut, like his brother Douglas, but his hair is black. He also wears a yellow hard hat with a light and has a pickaxe leaning against his leg.

Maria: Maria has blonde hair, and wears a blue sailor dress with a sailor's cap. Her sandals are sky blue with white straps.

Helen: Helen wears black leather trousers with a yellow lightning bolt going down one side. She weas a sleeveless yellow shirt, with a black yellow jacket. She has sunglasses with a yellow frame, and a black leather jacket. She wears black heeled boots and has shoulder length black hair, with yellow streaks.

IC: Ic is a frost blue computer, with a screen that has a sonic oscillation on it, and an anntenae coming out the back.

Cereus: Cerebus is bald, and wears red and gold ceremonial robes and is barefoot.

Elite Four

Colette: Colette wears a red dress with a black streak. she has black and red stage shoes. Her hair is red with black streaks. she has red eyeliner and lipstick.

Ferrus: Ferrus wears a blacksmiths clothing, with brown overalls, a blue tank top and black boots. He has a thick black beard and matted black hair.

Dusk: Dusk wears a funeral suit. His hair is black, and combed to one side. He is very thin, and has black sunglasses.

Rook: Rook wears a crimson suit, with tails and a cloak. He also has a cane with a dragon's head on it. His hair is brown, in a ponytail (because it is long).


Mum wears an apron, over a light blue dress and slippers. Her hair is black and slightly greying.

Team Storm

Admiral Storm: Admiral storm has blonde hair, and wears a navy blue Trafalgar style admiral's uniform. The uniform has a yellow thunder bolt running down the jacket. with a black shirt and yellow tie.

Commander Hurricane: Captain Hurricane wears a navy blue captains uniform with a yellow thunder bolt running down the jacket. with a black shirt and yellow tie. She has shoulder length brown hair.

Commander Cyclone: Major Thunder has a navy blue major's uniform with a yellow thunderbolt running down the jacket, with a black shirt and yellow tie. He has black hair.

Commander Typhoon: Commander Typhoon has ginger hair, with a navy blue uniform with a yellow thunder bolt running down the jacket. with a black shirt and yellow tie.

Team Storm Grunt: Team storm Grunts wear a navy private's uniform with a yellow thunder bolt running down the jacket. with a black shirt and yellow tie. They have blue hair.

Team Storm Scientist: Team storm scientists wear navy blue lab coats with a yellow thunder bolt running down the jacket. with a black shirt and yellow tie. They have grey hair.

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