Pokémon Snap HD
Developer(s) Phazonworks
Platform(s) Wii U
Series Pokémon Snap
 Pokémon Snap HD is a remake of the original N64 game, stylized for the Wii U Gamepad's control.


Being a remake of the original, this Pokémon game features all the primary controls that Pokémon Snap once held to, as well as a few new additions to ease the progress of things.

Control What it does
WiiU LEFT ANALOG Stick Aim Camera.
WiiU B Button2 Throw Pester Ball; Zoom out with Camera.
WiiU A Button2 Throw Pokemon Food (Apple); Take Shots with Camera.
WiiU X Button2 Brake Button (upgrade); must be held continuously.
WiiU Y Button Poke Flute.
WiiU R Button Dash Engine.
WiiU L Button Lock-On Upgrade.
WiiU RZ Button Activate Camera.
WiiU LZ Button Switch Paths at indicated point.
Gamepad Screen Shows Map; Poke Radar/Map (upgrade).


Overall, there are 10 courses ingame, being slightly more expanded than previous courses and for good reason. Once the post game is unlocked, several Legendary Pokemon from new generations emerge all over the island.

Name Description Full Course Link
Beach Overall the first course in the game, the Beach introduces you to the basics of taking Pokémon photos. It features the first alternate path in the game, letting players go off the tracks and onto the sand for a certain amount of time. While this path doesn't present much of a change in the course's gameplay, it does get players familiar with the split-path function which is required to take all the photos for later courses. Beach
Ocean The only course in the game that lets you travel underwater, the Ocean course can give you a newer, up-close look at several sea-based Water-type Pokémon. Keep your eyes peeled, and you may even spot the Red Gyarados! Ocean
Tunnel The home to an abandoned power plant, this long, dark tunnel houses many different types of Pokémon, as well as a hidden path that leads to the Volcano course. It's also said that Zapdos lives here; guess you just gotta drive through. Tunnel
Volcano This molten mountain is primarily where various Fire-types can be found roaming throughout the volcanic paradise. Magmar, Vulpix, even Weezing prefer to stay around there. Wait- isn't Moltres somewhere around here, too? Volcano
Jungle The thick brush and smooth river of this peaceful jungle offers lots of great shots of many different Grass-type and Flying-type Pokémon to catalog. Just be careful not to stray too close to the trees; Ekans can't swim, but they sure can climb! Jungle
Mountain Ah, nothing like a nice relaxing ride along the side of a mountain to get some nice new Pokémon shots. Rock-types and various others can be seen along the trail, as well as an awesome sparring match between Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee. Mountain
Marsh This really bogged-down Marsh is home to several varied types, as Tangela, Venomoth, Hypno can all be found here, as well as others like Parasect, Rhydon for some reason, and even the mighty Blastoise. Know what the craziest find in this course is? Aerodactyl. Marsh
River A lazily flowing stream through a quiet forest that provides many a good shot with a camera, the River features a lot of Pokémon hiding in strange, appropriate and sometimes even weird places throughout the entire course; if you look around a little, you'll spot both a Butterfree nest and a Beedrill nest. River
Cave A deep, damp and dark cave like this is one of the few places ingame where traverse the course without really touching he ground. You can find several different Pokemon in this course, including Jigglypuff, Weepinbell and even the legendary Articuno. Rumor has it that deep within the cave, Mewtwo hides in solitude, training to make himself the strongest... Cave
Valley The last terrestrial course, the Valley is notorious for its long river, fast currents, and whirlpool at the bottom of the mountain. You can find Geodude and Graveler clinging to the cliffside, Mankeys throwing fits on ledges, Sandshrews burrowed in the ground, and even Dragonite hiding in the whirlpool. Valley
Rainbow Cloud It's said that if you take pictures of 10 secret Pokémon hidden throughout the entire island, a rare Pokemon will appear here! The Rainbow Cloud is the only course in the game to not be directly on Earth. A secret course like this would no doubt hide the rarest Pokémon, so be on the lookout! Rainbow Cloud


  • In the first game, the player had to unlock Rainbow Cloud by photographing 6 Pokémon signs (ordinary objects that look like Pokémon). In this version, the player must photograph 10 secret Pokémon hidden throughout the island.

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