Pokemon Snap 2 is a game for the Wii 2 and a sequel to the original Pokemon Snap for Nintendo 64. This game contains all Pokemon from generations 1-5 and more features, including a Pokedex for Pokemon you've photographed, the ability to edit and caption your pictures, and items. This was developed by FOF, Inc.


The main playable character (You can choose between a boy and a girl. They are never named.) is invited to an exclusive Pokemon nature preserve to photograph Pokemon and learn more about them in their natural habit. They are given the ZERO-ONE and a camera to go and photograph all the Pokemon they can find.


In Pokemon Snap 2, before going to a location you can lay out the track to go through certain areas and see multiple different places. There are also hidden paths to unreachable areas of other locations. To unlock a new area, you must find a special area and destroy or move the obstacle to keep going. As you get farther in the game, you can get more track for the ZERO-ONE to go farther and explore more. There are three Pokemon Signs per location.

To see what Pokemon appear where, see Pokemon Snap 2/List of Pokemon.

Plains and Lake

A simple, mostly level course that is the only default location. There are a lot of flowers and trees and some cliffs. There is a hidden path to the mountains and sea floor here. To get to the next course, you must get a Venusaur to destroy a fallen tree blocking the path to the forest.

  • Pokemon Sign 1: A wooden Aipom is carved in a group of trees.
  • Pokemon Sign 2: A group of flowers below a cliff are planted to resemble a Jigglypuff.
  • Pokemon Sign 3: A canoe with a Milotic figurehead is at the bottom of the lake.


A quiet, lonely forest. Patches of light shine through the trees. Rocks, leaves, and ponds litter the ground below. There is a hidden path to the cave, jungle, and haunted forest here. To get to the next course, the Badlands, you must find the path to the Badlands.

  • Pokemon Sign 1: Light passing through the trees takes the shape of a Lucario on the ground.
  • Pokemon Sign 2: Two eyes will appear to be looking out from the shadows in a large group of vines, looking quite like a large Tangela
  • Pokemon Sign 3: There is a Leafeon-shaped rock under a tree without the leaves. Hit the tree with a pester ball, and some leaves will fall, so you can take the picture.

Badlands, Canyon, and Desert

Abandoned Factory and City


Sea Floor



Tundra, Icy Forest, and Icy Mountains

Jungle, Swamp, and Ruins

Haunted Forest, Ancient Mansion, and Haunted Mountain





In addition to all the items from the first game, these new items appear.

  • Elemental Stones: Fire, Leaf, Water, Moon, and Thunder stones can all be purchased to evolve Pokemon.
  • Spare Parts: If Pokemon attack the ZERO-ONE (they usually don't, but some aggressive or provoked Pokemon will), you will lose health, and eventually have to quit if you lose too much. However, using these will regain some health.
  • Pokemon Decoys: These are used for coaxing certain Pokemon into the open, and you will get more points if you get a picture of a Pokemon interacting with a decoy.
  • Oxygen Tank: An upgrade that allows you to go underwater.

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