Pokémon Sky and Earth
logo TBA
Developer(s) N/A
Publisher(s) N/A
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
TBA (20XX)
Single-player, Multiplayer, Online-Multiplayer
Genre(s) Role-playing video game
Media Included Nintendo 3DS Game Card

Pokémon Sky Version and Earth Version are the next of the Pokémon series published on Nintendo 3DS, as the first instalments of Generation X, set in the new Desmos region.

It was first announced on 24 August 2013, where it claimed to have a "heavier" plot than previous instalments and a Greek-mythology influence.



Sky and Earth are set in the Desmos region, which is based on the country of Greece, supporting the culture and mythology that have influenced the themes in the game.

Desmos is an ancient establishment, with temples, structures, and ruins scattered throughout the region. The capital, Skaphos, serves as the centre of Desmos' modern technology as it implements modern elements with the ancient foundations. The use of modern technology decreases further out into the rural areas.


Game Information

Fan Development

Pokémon Sky and Earth was created on the whim of ochibrochi and her long term desire to design a "generic Pokémon game". Through a process of over-thinking, it was decided to be a fully fledged project.



  • Nicolaus
  • Anastasia
  • Professor Laurel



Elite Four



  • The game takes many influences from Greece and Greek culture.
    • Desmos, the main region of Sky and Earth is derived from "δεσμός", meaning "bond".
    • Skaphos, the capital of Desmos, is derived from "σκάφος", meaning "vessel".
  • Skaphos is the biggest city in the Pokémon series as of yet.

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