Pokemon Sky, Earth, and later Sun, are apart of the 7th generation of Pokémon games, taking place in the Owari Region. The games are developed by STYX Co. and released for the Nintendo 3DS.




Evolution Add-Ons

Cubone lvl 28 [] Marowak lvl 46 w/ Thick Club [] Reignpan

Ground               Ground                                         Ground / Steel

Dunsparce lvl 50 w/ Dragon Fang [] Dunvern

Normal                                                 Dragon

Bonsly lvl'd w/ Mimic [] Sudowoodo lvl'd in Nutmeg Forest [] Muchowoodo

Rock                                Rock                                                      Rock / Grass

Mega Evolutions

Mega Pyroar w/ Pyroarite

Fire / Ground



Trébark Town [] Route 1 [] Driplate Town [] Route 1 (Nutmeg Forest) [] Grovier Town / Grass Gym & Leader Trent, Leaf Badge [] 


Deep in the Amara region, a child (Ryne for male and Riley for female) is seen catering to a small berry garden outside of a quiant home in the town of Trébark. A voice is called, and the player goes inside, finding your mother. She says that dinner had been prepared, and they sit down, as she waits for something. A boy bursts in, the mother stating that she invited "Toby" over for something. They sit down, and the mother reveals that for your upcoming birthday, she arranged with Professor Nora Maple to put them both apart of the Pokemon Starter Program, to give 3 trainers rare and exciting pokemon to tackle the gyms of Amara. She said when she was speaking over with her in the PokeCom, she mentioned she'd only recruited her daughter/son (opposite of player's gender) to participate. It cuts to after dinner, as Willie hurrily rushes out to the lab. Before you leave, your mother offers you a Town Map for safety on your journey. You go out to find Toby caught up in a commotion with a man in strange clothing who tells him to stay out of it. He is seen talking with the Professor, and walking up to her, she quickly gives you the choice of a pokemon: Flarenco, Frong, or Searol. After choosing, a battle starts, and winning it, Maple invites you both inside. She says this "Titanium Grunt" was after these starters, and suggests that they begin their journey soon. She introduces her daughter/son, Riley/Ryne (depends on gender of player). They say their name, and says that they'll be accomponying them on their journey. Toby quickly rushes them out the door, when outside though, your mom stops you and says you can't leave home without the PokeCom, and hands it over. After a brief tutorial, you all get started on Route 1.

After Route 1, you arrive in Driplate Town, as Toby is seen cornering the same grunt from before, who is revealed to be named Scout. He calls you over, as your other rival appears behind. The man says that Team Titanium will cleanse this corrupt world, as he gets a call on his PokeCom. After whispering soemthing into it, he shoves them out of the way. Toby says they were going to throw a mini celebration here but got caught up, and leads you into the PokeCenter. It reveals simple decorations and a man who is seemingly your father. The father, named Iro, says he came all the way from "Durasted" to come visit. Other realtives are seen, as your father asks to speak with you outside. He goes out to the grass and says that he knows of the gym challenge, and eagerly waits to fight him in Durasted, and as a gift gives him some pokeballs. Saying you might not know how to catch them, he gives a quick tutorial, before Toby and your other rival come out. Your father says that he'll keep the other relatives busy so they can get a headstart on their journey as there are no gyms in this town. The other two race off ahead you, as you follow along. It cuts back to Scout, who was hiding somewhere, still speaking on his PokeCom. Two grunts appear from the last route and speak with him, as Scout says to move into the next sector.

They arrive at the next town, Grovier Town. Toby wanders off to explore the town, while your other rival goes straight to the Grass Gym. After going to the Grass Gym, encountering your other rival walk from it, and beat the leader, Trent,  and receiving the Leaf Badge, you move onto the next route. In the next town, two grunts are seen holding a supply of pokeballs. Toby appears as well, and the grunts say if hey don't leave they'll fight. Toby refuses, and a double battle is started. After winning, the grunts look at each other in disbelief, before giving in and handing over a Great Ball. A man is seen walking up behind them, and scolds them for such a cowarly missdeed. They recognize the man and scurry off, as the man gets closer to you, and congratulates you on beating them before he did. He says his name is Roderick, and a man appears behind him, who he introduces as his assistant, Hynes. He says that he'll be chasing off the two men, and Toby says he has no idea who that was. Making it around Dimlee City, they make it to the Electric Gym, and leader, Thadius, beating him and receiving the Shock Badge.




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