Name Type Damage Other Effect
Powder Sugar Normal - Target's acuracy is lowered by 3.
Dehydrate Dark 50 Target's water-type moves do 70% less damage for 3 turns.
Soundwave Sound 40 50% chance of confusing target.
Flicker Pulse Light 40 50% chance of confusing target.
Antagonize Dragon - Target can't use moves of its own type(s) for 3 turns.
Deafening Noise Sound 120 80% chance of confusing target.
Fireworks Light 120 80% chance of confusing target.
Sugar Rush Dragon 50 Targetcan't attack this turn and next turn, its speed is raised by 3, and after 3 turns it falls asleep.
Hydrochloric Acid Poison 90 Deals quintuple damage against steel-types. 1900% caghnce of burning target.
Weather Roulette Normal - A random weather(Rainbow, Nighttime, Sunny, Rainy, Hail, Fog, or Sandstorm) comes into play.
Spray Water - Sets off the Rainbow weather condition.
Dusk Dark - Sets off the Nighttime weather condition.
Tidal Wave Water 120 Sets off the Rainy weather condition..
Tidal Shift Water - Water-tpye moves used by the user's side become 50% stronger, while water-tpye moves used by the opponent's side become 50% less strong.
Letter Open Normal 90 Does 50 damage if not used by a Lettpenner.
Quickfang Dark 40 Always strikes first. Target may flinch.
Starbeam Light 90 Light-type moves are 15% stronger.
Ultraviolet Light 40 30% stronger every time it is used consectutively.
Time Flash Steel 80 Target can't attack next time it tries to.
Daze Psychic - Target's next tattempt at attacking the user's side attacks itself, with the same power and effets.
Burning Spikes Fire - Works  like Toxic Spikes, except it burns target instead of poisoning.

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