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Name Effect
Sharp Point If user is hit by a physical move, then the attacker loses 40 HP. This fails if the move knocks the user out.
Hoarder f the user loses its held item, its attack is raised by 2.
Unsinkable Water-Type moves cannot knock out the user.
Air Guard Flying-type moves do half the normal damage to the user. The move Fly does a fourth of the normal damage.
Volumator If user is hit by a sound-type move, the power of user's sound-type moves rises.
Light Thrive If user is hit by a light-type move, the power of user's light-type moves rises.
Exoskeleton Status conditions or moves who damage a bit every turn like Sand Tomb cannot damage user.
Loyalty User is immune to Encore, Mirror Move, Sketch, and Copycat.
Spirit Sucker The user drains a little HP from the target every turn if user uses a direct attack.
Toxic Gas Mist, Haze, and Poison Gas poison all non-poison type Pokemon in battle.
Plasma Guard Ghost and Electric type moves cannot hit user's allies.
Silence Sound-Type moves cannot hit their targets.
Spirit Sucker User leeches HP every time it hits the target with a physical move.
Fire Absorb Fire-type moves heal the user.
Magma Blood Fire-type moves do half the normal damage to the user. The move Lava Plume does a fourth of the normal damage to user.
Intact Memory Nothing can nullify the user's move power, except for type matchups.
Reluctant If the user is confronted with a status move, there is a 50% chance that the status will go away.

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