Pokémon Sand Version and Pokémon Snow Version are games in the Pokémon series created by VictoryStar. They are available for the new Nintendo 3DS. The game brings enhanced graphics and better sound quality.

Advances in gameplay

  • The addition of many new Pokémon. Until the National Pokédex is obtained, only Pokémon from Unova and Janno itself appear.
  • The addition of many new moves.
  • The addition of many new Abilities. However, no Pokémon from previous generations will have new Abilities, since most already have three.
  • Another region to explore, the Janno region, located near the Unova region.
  • An improved 3D rendering of the overworld, as well as 3D battle screens with 3D-animated Pokémon models.
  • The return of the Dream World with a second set of new Abilities for Sand and Snow Pokémon found there.
  • The Battle Mansion, a facility where players can battle a few Gym Leaders from other regions.
  • Seven new Gym Leaders: Mary (Normal), Blazma (Fire), Rosy (Grass), Toxas (Poison), Sandra (Ground), River (Water), and Esping (Psychic).
  • Three new Elite Four members: Colton (Ice), Roxas (Rock), and Stacey (Steel). The Janno League's Champion is Holly (Water).
  • The addition of Trainer Facilities. There, players can make Pokémon earn EVs without having to battle, and interact with their Pokémon.


New Pokémon

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Version exclusives



New moves

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New abilities

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