Pokémon Sand Version
Game Box
Developer(s) PokeLinkEs
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
Release Date(s)
1 Player
Age Rating(s)
E for Everyone
Genre(s) RPG
Media Included Nintendo DS Cartridge


The player wakes up in the hometown, Attala town, after hearing a loud sound. The player goes out of the house to see two Fistapes breaking a house near the player's house. The Fistapes then notice the player and run away, returning with the player's rival. The rival says he is moving out and the Fistapes are breaking the house to use the bricks. The rival then reminds the player that it's the pokémon giveaway day, so the player must go to the pokémon lab. The player then chooses between Hamsteaf, Tasnite or Geckter. The pokémon professor then tells the player to meet his\her rival or challenge the gym in Maaym town. The player goes to Maaym town via route 1, where he\she meets the rival who teaches him\her how to catch pokémon and gives him\her 5 pokéballs. The player then meets Uri and two of his henchmen. The player fights the two henchmen but not Uri, who runs away. The player arrives at Maaym town and meets his\her rival, who has already beaten the water gym. He shows the player all the important places in the town, and then takes him\her to the gym. The player is then free to do as he\she wants except leaving through route 2 or going to fish, as he\she doesn't have a rod. The player then challenges the gym, and after he\she wins he\she gets the wave badge. The player also gets the Pokérod and the Pokébait. The player is called to Prof. Zand's lab to hear about his new invention, the Charadex. The player gets a Charadex and 5 more pokéballs. The player learns how to use the charadex and is sent back to the journey to beat the fire gym in Lehava town. In Lehava town, the player meets Doc. Harena that tries to build a machine to suck Mt. Itparzut's power and take it. The player must go down a cavern in Mt. Itparzut to find a cave painting of a baby Groudon crawling out of Mt. Itparzut's crater. The player keeps going to see Doc. Harena again, and fights her. The player wins and goes to the Lehava gym to find it closed. The player is informed by a local that Asher the gym leader climbed Mt. Itparzut to investigate the Itparzut cavern. The player then has to climb back up Mt. Itparzut and go down the cavern to find Asher staring at the cave painting. As the player gets close, the ground shakes and lava starts climbing up. The player must run up the cavern (The lava never catches up) and get out. Asher also climbs up and thanks the player, and then returns to the gym. The player can choose what to do now, until he\she goes to the gym. In the gym the player goes on bridges above lava pits and fights the trainers and the leader. After winning, the player gets the magma badge and the lava surfer to go over lava pits. to check the player, the bridges go down and the player uses the lava surfer to go back. The player can go in route 3 over the lava river to get to the entrace of Ecim woods. The player navigates through Ecim woods but reaches a dead end. The rival suddenly enters the area and tells the player about a strange light ray he seen in the woods. The player teams up with the rival and arrives to the strange light ray to find Wincent. The player and the rival double fight Wincent and one of his henchmen. After the player wins, the rival disappears and the player has to go after the light ray. The player gets to Light Tower, a legendary high tower in Ecim woods. The player hears a voice telling him\her to climb up the tower. The player climbs up while hearing the voice sometimes telling him\her to keep going. When the player arrives at the top, he\she finds Lightrik the legendary pokémon sitting on a throne. As the player apporaches, Lightrik laughs, jumps from the throne and disappears. The player looks back and sees a stone tablet showing a way through the woods. The player takes the tablet and goes down the tower to meet a young boy with white hair and a white cape with Lightrik's head drawn on it. The kid introduces himself as Stellrik, the prince of the day. He understands that the player met Lightrik and fights the player. After the player beats Stellrik, a large earthquake happens and a large cloud takes stellrik away. The player can then go through the woods where there was a dead end using the rock tablet to find Essev village. In Essev village, the player meets the rival who says that the gym leader Ellie is in the official beauty pokémon contest in Gorred city. The player has to go to Gorred city via route 4 and win the contest there. The player hears from the gym leader's assistant that Ellie went to the Pokémon Research Facility to check mysterious happenings that happened in Ecim woods. The player goes to the Pokémon Research Facility and gets the information tour to find in it's end that Ellie left to the Pokémon center to discuss the happening with a pokémon researcher. The player goes to the pokémon center and meets the pokémon researcher, who explains that he is a worker from the PRF researching legendary pokémon from other generations. The researcher tells the player that Ellie decided to go to the highest skyscraper to get a good look on Ecim woods. The player goes to "McGolduck's", a restaurant & fight tower. The player fights trainers and gets to the 10th floor, the highest. The player meets a trainer who says Ellie seen a white tower in the middle of Ecim woods, so she decided to go and investigate the tower. The player goes back to meet Ellie near the Light Tower. Ellie tells the player that she found near the tower a scroll depicting a white creature sitting on a throne on top of the tower. The player tells Ellie about Lightrik, so Ellie thanks the player by giving him\her a berry pouch, 5 oran berries and a berrydex. Ellie goes back to the gym and the player goes back to Essev village to fight Ellie in the gym. After winning, the player gets the wood badge and a contest package, containing a contest cupon, a puffin box and an item for the player's contest pokémon (Beauty\cool\smart\cute\tough). The player gets a letter from the rival who asks the player to meet him in Gorred city's pokémon center. The player goes to the pokémon center and the rival tells him\her that a new route opened in Ecim woods. The player goes through the new route, route 5, and meets Uri alone in the way. Uri tells the player about a tunnel in the route and that he found fossils inside. Uri decides to have a battle with the player. If the player wins, he\she gets a fossil. If he\she loses, he\she stops the quest. The player wins and Uri asks the player which fossil he\she wants, the Knife Fossil or the Block Fossil. The player gets the fossil he\she asked for. Uri runs away, a loud crash sound is heard, and the player keeps forward. The player sees a large stone pile that, if examined, shows a note from Uri saying "To (Name), I ruind the entrance to the cavern! You will never get any more fossils. See you in Kannaf town, Uri.". The player goes to Kannaf town to find the locals crying. One of the locals tells the player about a blue-wearing man who introduced himself as Uri, and about another person wearing white named Wincent. The two sent out their pokémon and stole a plane, while a fight between a trainer and Peter the gym leader occured inside. The player gets a Psawk to ride on, until he\she finds the plane. The player enters the plane and sees Mitch and Peter tied up while two men are standing near them. Uri notices the player and a double battle between Uri and Wincent to the player begins. After the player wins, Uri lands the plane while Wincent frees the rival and Peter. Peter returns to the airport and the player must then go fight the gym. After the player beats the gym, he\she gets the feather badge and the VIP plane ticket, used to go to special pokémon catching tours in the sky. The player goes to route 6 and right when entering gets a letter from Prof. Zand about another from his inventions, so the player goes to Gorred city's PRF to meet Zand and the legend researcher. Prof. Zand tells the player about his new DNA resurrector, so the player can use it to revive the fossil he\she got (Knife- Fosslay, Block- Defossil). The legend researcher tells the player that Mt. Itparzut seems to generate strong heat waves lately, so he gives the player 3 legend balls to go and try to understand the reason. The player goes to Mt. Itparzut's cavern to find a red broken egg. An earthquake occurs and the player hears a loud roar from above. At the top, the player sees a small Groudon trying to break a large rock. The player enters a fight with the level 30 Groudon. If the player beats it, he\she can refight it until it is captured. When the player catches Groudon, he\she tellls the legend researcher about it, so the legend researcher refills the player's legend balls (Up to 3) and sends him\her to route 6 to reach Pramanao city and meet his friend, the pokéstamp inventor. The player goes to route 6, walks a bit, and then hears a loud crash from behind. The player looks back and sees a big machine, on it drawn a stylized M. The player walks towards the machine and then Doc. Harena jumps out of it and tells the player of her lab where she wants to meet the player. The player gets directions and then Harena jumps back into her machine and disappears. The player goes using the direction into a cavern. Next to the entrance is a wooden sign saying: "TNLARNA SCRTLB". The player navigates in the dark to a strange building with a sign saying: "To (PLAYER), if you are reading this, then you arrived. Welcome to Harena's Lab!". The player enters the lab to find Harena sitting next to a computer. On the computer's screen, the player sees an analysis of Lightrik. Harena begins a pokémon battle, and when the player wins Harena shows him\her her new invention, the Pokélegendron 1-A program. When Harena opens the program, a map of the route is shown. Harena shows the player a red spot near the far (Pramanao city's) edge, meaning that there is a legendary pokémon of another region there. The red spot fades, and then Jirachi begins to roam the land. The player gets a Team Terra ticket from Harena and is invited to come whenever the ticket rumbles. The player goes to Pramanao city, where an old man wearing a funny yellow hat tells the player about the Jirachi that roams the land now. Right after this, the player sees a man running from a shiny building crying that he lost to the Pramanao leader battle simulation. The old man tells the player about the arcade where the player can fight other players in a battle simulation. The player goes to the arcade and meets Reggie, the Pramanao gym leader. Reggie explains to the player about the special gym in this city: The player fights players in a simulation tournament until someone wins and then fights the leader. In the simulation, the player uses one of his\her pokémon and the other number to fill the pokémon bag from randomly chosen pokémon. After the player wins, he\she gets the Joystick badge and the Pokéndo DS, a portable battle simulator and a phone-like machine. The player then gets a call from the rival, who's already in his way to Cykati City. The rival explains to the player about the way to Cykati City: A fake wall in a cave in route 6 that the player can't pass unless he\she has the Cykati pass. The rival explains to the player that to get the Cykati pass, the player must show the strange yellow-hat man the pokémon he likes. The player asks the yellow-hat man what's the pokémon he likes, and the answer is Jirachi. The player's Terra ticket rumbles so the player goes to Harena's lab. In the lab, Harena installs on the player's Pokéndo DS the Pokéroamer, a map of the place the player is in that shows with a red spot if a roaming pokémon is there. Harena also explains to the player what a roaming pokémon is, and the player starts looking for Jirachi. After finding Jirachi, catching it and showing it to the Yellow-hat man, the player gets the Cykati pass. The player goes through the fake wall to find a secret passage. In the long passage strange sounds are heard, and if the player listens well he\she can hear the ghostly sounds saying "Gold wing... Fire beak... Soon fly...". The player arrives to Cykati city, where two half-transparent kids fly next to a high broken tower. On the tower is a sign: "Bell tower, do not ring. Fire beak anger will bring". The rival runs towards the player from the only full house in the city telling the player about the only normal person in the city, the gym leader. The rival explains to the player that the city is the place where ghosts of humans go when they die unexpectedly. After some time, a ghost judge comes and judges which ghost deserves to come back to life. The gym leader is the only living person in the city because she holds the life medal. The player goes to challenge the gym and finds out that there is no door! The player turns back and sees the gym leader standing on a yellow floating square. The gym leader tells the player that to get approved as a trainer who can challenge the gym, you must win a pokémon contest on top of the broken tower, Haunted Tower. After winning the contest, the player gets a life medal, that also teleports you to the gym. After beating Ophelia, the gym leader, the player gets the Ghoul badge and the Skotadi, a rock that glows when it feels legendary power around it, but not legendary power that comes directly out of legendary pokémon. Ophelia tells the player to check Haunted Tower, as legends tell of a pokémon that no one will ever see there. Once getting to the top of Haunted Tower, the Skotadi becomes pure white and then sends a ray of light up into the air. After a few moments, the light crashes back into the ground to create the form of a high ladder that goes up to the sky. The player climbs up to find a black castle. When the player arrives, a loud voice says: WHO CAME UP? WHO KNOWS ME? YOU, (Player), COME! INTO MY CASTLE! The player enters the castle where a large black pokémon is sitting on a throne. The pokémon, who looks like Lightrik, tells the player: YOU, MY FRIEND, ARE MORE THAN JUST A TRAINER. YOUR DESTINY MADE YOU GO HERE. LIGHTRIK TOLD ME ABOUT YOU. I AM... PHANTRIK! Right after Phantrik says his name, a young kid runs into the castle. The kid, who looks similiar to Stellrik, throws a legend ball towards Phantrik, who catches the ball and throws it back at the kid, Lunrik. Phantrik starts fading away and Lunrik cries towards the player: "Why did you speak to him? Why would I not? What... Did... You... Do?". Lunrik runs away from the castle and the player goes down to the tower again. Ophelia asks the player what happened, so the player explains everything. Ophelia sends the player to Enarsi town, to tell her friend Emelee about the things that happened. The player goes in a new route, route 7, to Enarsi town. In Enarsi town, the player meets a man with his Unicold who are going to the 5th Collocontest- A contest in which trainers use 2 pokémon to create an ancient-like fight-contest. Pokémon use moves in the most beautiful way they can to create a fight. The man asks the player if he\she wants to join, and the player must answer yes. The player wins the contest and gets the Glory Helmet: A helmet that opens the way to the Archaios, a palace of ancient pokémon. The player goes to Archaios, that looks this: Two white pillars, three white staircases and one large statue of Arceus. The player goes forward to the statue of Arceus, where an old man waits with a golden crown. The man explains that he is Dimyorg, the guardian of Archaios. He waits for the come of Arceus to give him the crown. Dimyorg also opens the way, inside the Arceus statue, to the gym. When getting to Emelee, The player tells Emelee about what happened with Lunrik and Phantrik. Emelee gives the player a golden bell to ring on top of Light Tower, then a pokémon shall come out and help the player. The player goes to Light Tower and rings the bell, and the Skotadi becomes pure white again and sends a golden ray towards the sky. The golden ray opens a portal from which comes a Ho-Oh, who cries and flies away. The portal disappears, and the player gets a Pokéndo DS call from Emelee who tells the player to catch the Ho-Oh that came. The player then gets a call from the rival, who tells the player about a rainbow colored bird that landed on a grass patch near him. The rival tells the player that he is in route 3, and hangs up. The player goes to route 3, where Ho-Oh is standing on the rival. The player goes towards Ho-Oh, and Ho-Oh starts to roam the land. After catching Ho-Oh, the player gets a DS call from the Legend Researcher who wants to see Ho-Oh. The player gets back to fill into 6 Legend Balls and the Legend Researcher gives the player the Pokéndo DS number of the Pokéstamp inventor. The player calls the Pokéstamp inventor who tells him\her to meet him in Pramanao City. In Pramanao City, the player finds the Pokéstamp building and gets an introduction to Pokéstamps. The player also gets a free Pokéstamp of himself\herself that raises the holding pokémon's friendship faster. The player also gets the Pokéstamp of Torturo Village that he\she must show to a certain trainer to enter the village. The player shows the trainer the stamp and enters route 8, that splits into routes 9, 10 and 11. Route 9 leads to Space Peak, route 10 leading as a shortcut that was previously closed into Gorred City and route 11 leading to Torturo Village. In Torturo Village, a local explains to the player that the master of sand Sandrai is angry so the mayor, who is also the gym leader, went into Thrylos Cavern to calm it down. The local asks the player to go into Thrylos Cavern and help the mayor. Upon reaching Thrylos Cavern, the player meets the rival who says that he is afraid to go in. The player teams up with the rival and together they get to the end. In the edge of the cavern, the player and the rival meet the mayor, Angus, who asks the player to calm Sandrai. The player enters a fight with Sandrai and catches it. Angus thanks the player and asks hin\her to meet him in the gym at the entrance to the cavern. The player beats Angus in the gym and gets the Wrath Badge and the Otkididi Member Card, that allows the player to enter the Otkididi Village, a small mountaintop village that leads to Vijetto Cavern, also known as the Victory Road. The player goes to Otkididi Village, where a local shows the player Game Freak Vacation House, where the Game Freak members are. The head of Game Freak awards the player with the League Badge, the final badge that must be shown in order to challenge the league. The player completes Victory Road and arrives to the league. The player shows the nine badges and enters the league. The player beats the first Elite Four member, the Ghost typed Raphael. The player then gets the Spiritual Pass, that can be used to pass Raphael whenever you want after beating the champion. The player beats also the Ice typed Kari, and gets the Blizzard Pass. The player beats the Poison typed Rall and gets the Toxin Pass and then beats the steel typed Matt and gets the Blade Pass. The player finally fights and beats the champion, the ground typed Adam. The player records his\her party pokémon and enters the Hall of Fame. The End.


  • Attala town- The player's hometown, populated by the player, the rival and the professor.
  • Maaym city- The city that houses the first gym. It's landmark is a giant fishing pool in the middle of the town.
  • Gorred city- A great city with many skyscrapers and the Pokemon Research Facility (PRF).
  • Lehava town- A small town near Mt. Itparzut, a volcano. It houses the second gym.
  • Essev village- A village located in Ecim forest, where people live together with pokemon. It houses the third gym.
  • Kannaf town- The town that houses the international airport, that contains the fourth gym by in-flight fights.
  • Pramanao city- A large city that houses the fifth gym. The arcade is found in it.
  • Cykati city- A haunted city that houses the sixth gym.
  • Enarsi town- A battlefield of many wars. Houses the seventh gym.
  • Torturo village- An ancient village that leads to Thrylos cavern, that houses Sandrai the ancient dragon and the final (eighth) gym.
  • Otkididi village- A mountaintop village that leads to Vijetto cavern, home of the league.
  • Pageto vacation resort- An icy pokemon vacation resort that houses pokémon contests.


  • Maaym city- Type: Water, Leader: Galia, HM: Cut.
  • Lehava town- Type: Fire, Leader: Asher, HM: Rock Smash.
  • Essev village- Type: Grass, Leader: Ellie, HM: Surf.
  • Kannaf town- Type: Flying, Leader: Peter, HM: Fly.
  • Pramanao city- Type: Normal, Leader: Reggie, HM: Strength.
  • Cykati city- Type: Dark, Leader: Ophelia, HM: Flash.
  • Enarsi town- Type: Fighting, Leader: Emelee, HM: Waterfall.
  • Torturo village- Type: Dragon, Leader: Angus, HM: Rock Climb.


  • First- Type: Ghost, Name: Raphael.
  • Second- Type: Ice, Name: Kari.
  • Third- Type: Poison, Name: Rall.
  • Fourth- Type: Steel, Name: Matt.
  • Champion- Type: Ground, Name: Adam.

New Pokémon

  1. Hamsteaf- GRS Ev. 15
  2. Rabbush- GRS Ev. 36
  3. Treedent- GRS
  4. Tasnite- FIR Ev. 17
  5. Koaire- FIR\GRD Ev. 34
  6. Kangarupt- FIR\GRD
  7. Geckter- WTR Ev. 14
  8. Seazard- WTR Ev. 37
  9. Oceaptile- WTR
  10. Pigrass- GRS Ev. 21
  11. Bushog- GRS
  12. Rockodile- STN\WTR Ev. WTR Stone
  13. Alligatone- STN\WTR
  14. Factone- STN Ev. 18
  15. Stondy- STN
  16. Stoon- STN\PSY EV of Lunatone
  17. Solostone- STN\PSY EV of Solorock
  18. Magird- FLY\PSY Ev. 24
  19. Psawk- FLY\PSY
  20. Cublame- FIR Ev. 16
  21. Simburn- FIR\GRD
  22. Metaiger- STL\GRD
  23. Dikdig- GRD
  24. Psegg- PSY Ev. LVL up W\ Amber chunck
  25. Psyder- PSY\BUG
  26. Flarock- STN Ev. 26
  27. Stoire- STN\FIR Ev. FIR Stone
  28. Boulderupt- STN\FIR
  29. Drageon- DRG EV of Eevee
  30. Piareff- NRM Ev. TRD W\ PORYGON
  31. Pieeyoo- NRM\PSY Ev. TRD W\ PORYGON 2
  32. Eecyespi- PSY\GST
  33. Punchky- FIT Ev. 12 (To Mankey) Ev. TRD W\ Punchbag (To Fistape)
  34. Fistape- FIT
  35. Punchire- FIT\FIR
  36. Fistice- FIT\ICE
  37. Kicrass- FIT\GRS
  38. Pondikinet- FIT\PSY
  39. Dragengine- ELE\DRG Ev. LVL up in Harena's lab
  40. Dractrain- ELE\DRG
  41. Staras- WTR\PSY EV of Starmie
  42. Shadizzy- DRK\PSY
  43. Fosslay- STN Ev. LVL up in Thrylos cavern
  44. Fosscythe- STN
  45. Defossil- STN Ev. LVL up in Thrylos cavern
  46. Foshield- STN
  47. Levitear- FLY\NRM Ev. LVL up in Space peak F10
  48. Ozkay- FLY\NRM Ev. Shine STN
  49. Dreaven- FLY\DRG
  50. Centaire- NRM\FIR
  51. Octogun- WTR Ev. 20 ( To Octillery) Ev. WTR Stone (To Octoblast)
  52. Octoblast- WTR
  53. Statleaf- STN\GRS Ev. Evorock
  54. Treeston- STN\GRS
  55. Leafist- GRS Ev. 25
  56. Punchree- GRS\FIT Ev. 37
  57. Forslam- GRS\FIT
  58. Buground- BUG\GRD Ev. 32
  59. Sanderfly- BUG\GRD
  60. Horshiver- ICE Ev. 45
  61. Unicold- ICE
  62. Pacémon- NRM\ELE
  63. Poisun- PSN Ev. Happy in day
  64. Poisolar- PSN\FIR
  65. Shadoyal- DRK Ev. LVL up in Haunted tower
  66. Darkrown- DRK\GST
  67. Wingsplode- FLY Ev. Learn move "EXPLODE"
  68. Flyleash- FLY
  69. Steeng- STL\BUG Ev. 26
  70. Flyron- STL\BUG
  71. Groviper- GRS\PSN Ev. 48
  72. Thickobra- GRS\PSN
  73. Fistnado- FLY\FIT Ev. 36
  74. Hurripunch- FLY\FIT
  75. Electre- GST\ELE Ev. 42
  76. Zaptom- GST\ELE Ev. 60
  77. Gholetric- GST\ELE
  78. Ghosert- GST\GRD Ev. 28
  79. Spiridune- GST\GRD Ev 37
  80. Spectoil- GST\GRD

Legendary pokemon

  1. Sandrai- GRD\DRG
  2. Phantrik- GST\DRK
  3. Lightrik- GST\FIR
  4. Skaigh- FLY\DRG
  5. Oceanip- WTR\DRG
  6. Lunight- DRK
  7. Stellight- DRK
  8. Regalense- WTR\NRM
  9. Haliaphalus- FLY\NRM
  10. Mongorm- GRD\NRM




  • Harry- The male protagonist.
  • Tana- The female protagonist.
  • Prof. Zand- The professor who gives to trainers Hamsteaf, Tasnite or Geckter.
  • Mitch- A childhood friend of the player, the rival.
  • Legend Researcher- A doctor who gives the player information about legendary pokémon.


  • Uri- An evil man who wants to make the land full of water and to make a permanent rainstorm.
  • Wincent- A man who used to be good but one day became strongly obsessed with wind.
  • Doctor Harena- A strange woman that used to be the leader of "Team Terra" that fought against the evil powers until Uri and Wincent kidnapped her and returned her crazy and evil.
  • Stellrik- A young boy with great powers who wants to make the day last forever. He is the twin of Lunrik.
  • Lunrik- A young boy with great powers who wants to make the night last forever. He is the twin of Stellrik.


  • Regalecus Pool- A fishing pool that was built around a sea cavern. It is said that a legendary pokémon lies deep inside.
  • PRF- The Pokémon Research Facility. Bring there rare pokémon to get rare prizes.
  • McGolduck's- A restaurant & fight tower that sells berries and pokéfood for BP (Battle Points).
  • Mt. Itparzut- An active volcano that Doctor Harena uses to get power deep from the ground.
  • Ecim Forest- A forest that houses Essev village. It is the only way to get from Lehava town to Kannaf city.
  • International Airport- An arena-like airport that sends planes in which the fights are. It is also the Kannaf gym.
  • Haunted Tower- A high tower that appears in legend as "House of the night lord". In night, you can hear an evil laugh from it.
  • Excalibound Arena- A place that used to be a battlefield but is now a contest hall.
  • Thrylos Cavern- A place that shines with sacred energy. It houses the dragon gym and is the the house of Sandrai.
  • Pageto Hall- A contest hall that only the best coordinators appear in.
  • Harena's Lab- A pokémon research lab that gives information about legendary pokémon from other regions.
  • Abyssal Collosseum- Ancient ruins deep in the sea that appear in the legends as "Hall of the ocean king".
  • Space Peak- A high tower that appears in legends as "Sky master's palace".
  • Light Tower- A tower that stands in the center of Ecim forest. It is known in legends as "Home of the day leader".
  • Pokéstamp Center- A pokémon research center that releases spaicel pokémon-based stamps that contain secrets. Pokéstamps may feature pokémon, characters, areas or events.
  • Itparzut Tunnel- A tunnel that goes down into Mt. Itparzut. In it's edge, there is a cave painting of a baby Groudon.
  • Fossil Tunnel- A tunnel that pokéresearchers found pokémon fossils in it. Located in route 5.
  • Forecast Channel Building- The forecast channel's building that's unlocked after the league. In the building, the player gets information about "Strange weather" that makes a certain roaming pokémon appear.
  • The Arcade- A place in Pramanao City where the player can use pokédollars to play battle simulators.

Move EXP

A new mechanic in the game is the move EXP. if a pokémon uses a move enough, he gains enough move EXP to upgrade a move into it's next grade. For an instance, absorb upgrades into mega drain and then into giga drain.

Another way to earn move EXP is to level up or evolve pokémon. Leveling up gives the pokémon an option to choose which move will earn a move EXP bonus, and by evolving the pokémon gets a huge bonus of move EXP in each of it's moves. Most signature moves do not upgrade. A pokémon with high happiness will get move EXP faster than pokémon with low happiness, and move EXP may also be gained by using special items.


List of new moves:

  1. Grass collecting HEL GRS
  2. Wood gathering HEL GRS
  3. Infernal bite ATK FIR
  4. Water snot STT WTR
  5. Sea spit STT WTR
  6. Sea stone ATK WTR
  7. Watrogeddon ATK WTR
  8. Grass punch ATK GRS
  9. Grasslam ATK GRS
  10. Collapse ATK STN
  11. Psyblow STT PSY
  12. Burrow ATK GRD
  13. Bug strike ATK BUG
  14. Research HEL STL
  15. Excavation STT STN
  16. Weathering SPCL NRM
  17. Inferno punch ATK FIR
  18. Shiver punch ATK ICE
  19. Grass punch ATK GRS
  20. Psypunch ATK PSY
  21. Psycho smash ATK PSY
  22. Dragottle STT DRG
  23. Ear slap ATK NRM
  24. Earnado ATK FLY
  25. Shiver horn ATK ICE
  26. Ice drill ATK ICE
  27. Sand beam ATK GRD
  28. Ghost trick STT GST
  29. Light trick STT GST
  30. Deep sinking ATK 2TRN WTR
  31. Night drain ATK+HEL DRK
  32. Water crack ATK WTR
  33. Regal dive ATK FLY
  34. Sinksand ATK GRD
  35. Dragon wrath ATK DRG
  36. Void sting ATK DRK
  37. Stone cut ATK FIT
  38. Transparency SPCL GST
  39. Tree slash ATK NRM
  40. Power discharge ATK NRM
  41. Tsunami ATK WTR
  42. Mountaineering ATK NRM
  43. Soaring ATK FLY
  44. Cascade ATK WTR
  45. Posion wave ATK PSN
  46. Light blow STT NRM
  47. Terraslash ATK GRD
  48. Rock beam ATK STN
  49. Tri-xplode ATK NRM
  50. Heaven ray ATK+STT FLY


New items:

  1. Evorock
  2. Pokéstamp (Event, Pokémon, Character)
  3. PRF Disc
  4. EXP Gain (EXP Share for all)
  5. Move EXPotion
  6. Berrydex
  7. Charadex
  8. Camera
  9. Pokéstamp album
  10. Silver rod
  11. Star rod
  12. Pokébait
  13. Good bait
  14. Super bait
  15. Silver bait
  16. Star bait
  17. Dirty mud
  18. Sacred sand
  19. Legend ball (Legendary- catching pokéball)
  20. Flame ball (Fire type- catching pokéball)
  21. Dragon ball (Dragon type- catching pokéball)
  22. Shop cupon
  23. Fishing cupon
  24. Contest copun
  25. Contest package
  26. Super contest package
  27. Contest package deluxe
  28. Beauty ribbon
  29. Cool guitar
  30. Smart book
  31. Cute teddy bear
  32. Tough military outfit
  33. Beauty dress\tux
  34. Cool sunglasses
  35. Smart encyclopedia
  36. Cute Toad plush toy
  37. Tough eyepatch
  38. Beauty hat
  39. Cool bike
  40. Smart globe hat
  41. Cute Jigglypuff plush toy
  42. Tough weights
  43. Beauty ear flower
  44. Cool outfit
  45. Smart blueprint
  46. Cute Happiny plush toy
  47. Tough gloves
  48. Beauty crown\tiara
  49. Cool secret agent outfit
  50. Smart telescope
  51. Cute Kirby plush toy
  52. Tough fake tatoo
  53. Sleepy ball (Pokéball that makes pokémon fall asleep)
  54. Paraball (Pokéball that makes pokémon paralyzed)
  55. Freeze ball (Pokéball that makes pokémon become frozen)
  56. Upgrade ball (Pokéball that upgrades from 1% to 5% and then to 10% using special items)
  57. Ball upgrader
  58. Ball potion upgrade

Roaming Pokémon

  • Jirachi- before 5th gym
  • Ho-Oh- before 7th gym
  • Mewtwo- before league
  • Virzion- before league
  • Dialga- before league
  • Kyurem- post-game event
  • Heatran- post-game event
  • Rayquaza- post-game event
  • Entei- post-game event
  • Articuno- post-game event