Pokémon Sacred and Kinetic are a set of 7th Generation Pokémon games. It has the new Knight and Crystal type.

​ Story

You start the game waiting to exit the moving plane. When the plane lands, you exit and are welcomed to Poriwal Town, a peaceful town in the Mesar Region. Your mom says that this is where your dad, Professer Gemwild, moved to. Your mom tells you to go to the Pokémon Lab in this town, where your dad works. More to come...


Southern Mesar Region

Sprite Type Pokémon Sacred Dex Description Kinetic Dex Description
Grass Dafydill Dafydills are peaceful in nature. They spend their days storing sunlight to heal themselves after getting hurt. Dafydills have been known to be kind and gentle. One of their leaves can cure the common cold.
Grass Blossi TBA TBA
Grass/Crystal Diadill There are rumors that Diadills walk up to lost pepole and help them get to their destination. Diadills have rare crystals on their leaves and petals. They use the crystals to light up their homes.
Fire Embir Embir are sentient fireballs and are known to be energetic. They love burning leaves to energize themselves. TBA
Fire/Knight Charmor Charmor are covered in heavy armor. They open their helmet so they can consume wood to fuel themselves. Kings of ancient times have used Charmors to protect them. Those kings have been very safe if they treated their Charmors right.
Fire/Knight Arthurno TBA TBA
Water Gillmer Gillmer are mute and very fast. They have been known to beat some of the fastest Pokémon in a race. TBA
Water/Bug Beegil TBA Groups of Beegil have been known to build hives to protect themselves. They lay honey around their hives to slow down predators.
Water/Bug Honwave There are factories that harvest honey from Honwaves. The honey is very sweet and healthy  A Honwave hive is made of the strongest silk. When they sense danger, they run to their hives.
Normal Rundent Rundent run across the region to look for berries. They use berries to make a odor that makes predators run away. There are exterminators that can remove Rundent infestations. Rundent, however, are smart and are hard to fool.
Normal/Poison Ratoder Ratoder use a sweet scent to lure their prey. When they catch their prey, they use a acid to soften their prey. TBA
Normal/Flying Chatot Chatot can remember any voice they hear. Some trainers tell them to send specific messages to others because of this. Chatot are very chatty and very annoying. Even Arceus questions why he made them.
Crystal Toparz This Pokémon blends with crystals to stay safe. Newborn Toparz are born when a old Qwartz accidentally loses a shard of him. Toparz and Ferroseed are always in a big battle over moss. They usually try to protect the moss they have with topaz crystals.
Crystal Qwartz Qwartz sometimes go outside their caves to restore their solar energy. They use this energy to illuminate themselves. When a Qwartz sees a Ferrothorn, they attack at full force. They bring the moss they win to their kids.
Steel/Grass Ferroseed Ferroseed set up spikes to protect their moss. When they see a Toparz, they most likely fight them. Ferroseed use the spikes on their bodies to protect them. If they ever battle a enemy, they shoot those spikes and regrow them.
Steel/Grass Ferrothorn Ferrothorn hate crystals and Qwartz. When they see either of them, they proceed to smash them. If a Ferrothorn has his vines hurt, he regenerates them slowly. They can stretch their arms up to 5 miles.
Fairy Swirlix Swirlix are made purely of cotton candy. This makes themselves squishy and gives him a better chance to survive in the wild. TBA
Fairy Slurpuff TBA Slurpuff have great noses. They can remember a old scent even after 20 years of being away from it.
Normal Patrat Patrat stand watch for their colony. They alert the colony if they see something dangerous. TBA
Normal Watchog TBA TBA
Normal Mega Watchog* Same as Watchog Same as Watchog
Bug/Poison Venipede Venipede often roll around as a way of moving. They can stop rolling by using a acid to slow themselves down and uncurling itself afterwords. The closer a Venipede is to evolution, the more acid it produces. The acid they make slows pepole and prey down.
Bug/Poison Whirlipede TBA In ancient times, humans used Whirlipede as the wheel for wheelbarrows. Over time, the Whirlipede has learned to roll at faster speeds.
Bug/Poison Scolipede Scolipede are very strong and can destroy a building by ramming into it. They can also move a 10 ton boulder with ease. There are races all over the Mesar Region for Scolipede riding. The racers wear protective gear when riding them.
Knight Bowight TBA TBA
Knight Arcero Archero are master marksman and can a perfectly hit a moving target 50 feet away. Their arrows can pierce through almost everything! TBA
Ice Smoochum TBA TBA
Ice/Psychic Jynx TBA Jynx can be teached to speak human, but will only say words like a singing opera singer. They are a major part of the operas across the world.
Ice/Psychic Mega Jynx* Same as Jynx Same as Jynx
Bug/Knight Scyther Scyther have scythes on their arms to cut their prey. This helps them eat their prey. There is a honor code among Scyther and Scizor. This code makes them only able to use their scythes to hunt prey and defend themselves, and nothing else.
Steel/Knight Scizor Scizor are very fast and can use their claws to cut through diamonds. Scizor that break the honor code are exiled from their group. Those Scizor dedicate their lives to save pepole.
Steel/Knight Mega Scizor* Same as Scizor Same as Scizor
Crystal/Fire Crysmoke Crysmoke make smoke signals to look for friends. They make the smoke by eating berries and burning them. TBA
Crystal/Fire Crystferno TBA Any grass around Crystferno is instantly burnt up. It now makes its own smoke.
Crystal/Fire Flarestal Flarestal launch crystals imbued with fire to defend themselves. It's body temperature is 800 degrees Fahrenheit when it is asleep. If you drop a crystal into a Flarestal's mouth, it turns it into powder. They eat coal to keep themselves strong.
Normal Bidoof TBA TBA
Normal/Water Bibarel TBA TBA
Normal/Water Mega Bibarel* Same as Bibarel Same as Bibarel
Knight/Electric Knispark Knispark have themselves winded-up to generate electricity. They use swords to help defuse bombs for the police. TBA

(*Mega Pokémon)

Central Mesar Region


Northern Mesar Region







Poriwal Town

A small beachside town in the south. This is where you meet Professer Gemwild.

Route 1

The first route of the game. It is grassy with some crystals on the surface. You get your starter from your rival, Umagi, here.

Adrese City

A industrial city where the Mesar League and the 1st gym, which is Knight Type, is at. You need 8 badges to enter the league.

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