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Pokémon Rumble Extreme is the third Pokémon Rumble game. It is released for Wii U. It features Generation VI Pokémon.


  • All Pokémon from different Generations are available, with the addition of Generation VI Pokémon.
  • Like the prequels, legendaries can be encountered by shiny pads, which will be 5% present.
  • The starters are always Rattata and Pikachu.

Locations and Enemies

Location Enemies found Boss
Beginner`s Tutorial (once only) Pichu, Vixleaf, Coalcub, Africpo, Pansage, Pansear, Panpour, Panvolt, Panchic, Panfear Moonruphus (undefeatable)
Beginner`s Park - Forest Vixleaf, Pidove, Purrloin, Pansage, Deerling, Sawsbuck (post-game only), Zorua, Zoroark (post-game only), Carmixen
Beginner`s Park - Beach Africpo, Ducklett, Panpour, Elephoon, Elecannon (post-game only), Frillish, Jellicent (post-game only) Oasispo
East Valley - Meadow Yelnary, Pidgey, Pidgeotto, Pidgeot (post-game only), Rattata, Raticate (post-game only), Patrat, Watchog (post-game only), Lillipup, Herdier, Stoutland (post-game only) ,Austrousse, Kangarouse (post-game only), Spiker, Quillcupine (post-game only), Mincci, Minccino (post-game only), Cinccino (post-game only), Sulphury
East Valley - Cave Zubat, Vulpix, Growlithe, Magby, Wynaut, Wobbuffet (post-game only), Woobat, Coalcub, Flamurn Lavadator
East Valley - Tower Abra, Cleffa, Clefairy, Munna, Sparkins Electrakiss
Echo Seaside - Cave Magnemite, Voltorb, Elekid, Plusle, Minun, Pachirisu Panvolt Simivolt

Echo Seaside - Tower

Ralts, Spoink, Scraggy, Gothita, Solosis, Panchic Simichic
Echo Seaside - Hauntyard Gastly, Misdreavus, Shuppet, Duskull, Drifloon, Panfear Simifear
Challenger's Place - Cave Volcahound
Challenger's Place - Beach
Challenger's Place - Meadow

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