Pokemon Rukiryon & Pokemon Zolaris
Developer(s) Game Freak, Creatures inc.
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo eXtreme
Release Date(s)
November 12, 2018
Genre(s) RPG (Role Playing Game)
Series Pokémon Series
Predecessor Pokemon X/Pokemon Y
Successor TBA

Pokemon Rukiryon & Pokemon Zolaris are the first Pokemon games to be on a Console, or a Console/Handheld Hybrid for the matter.

Pokemon Rukiryon introduces: 124 New Pokemon, a new Region, a Tourney Mode for online play.

It also brings back he Following Pokemon Mechanic from Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver, and Pokemon Yellow.


The Plot will be released soon.

New Features

The Orphinal Region

The Orphinal Region is the place where the game takes place in, and is home to 124 New Pokemon, and Pokemon from other Regions.

Unlike other Regions in Pokemon Games, this region has four different Area's seperated by a Body of Water, and one big island where the Pokemon Leauge resides.

Sector 1

Sector one is at the North-Western area of the Reigon, the place is a Rocky Area.

Sector 2

Sector two is the at the North-Eastern area of the Region, and is the place where the Final Gym resides.

It also is made up of mainly Sand

Sector 3

Sector three is at the South-Western area of the Region, there is water that covers the land mostly, and can only be travelled through by Purchasing a Boat, or using Surf when you recieve that HM. Sector 4 Sector four is at the South-Eastern are of the Region. It is the first sector you start in, and is where your Hometown Resides. It's pretty simple and plain, a grassy area.

Tourney Mode

Tourney Mode is an Online Mode where you can set up a Pokemon Torunament, you can set the rules, and set it to Private Mode/Public Mode.

You can even decide what the Winner recieves as a Prize.

Tourney Mode Prizes

Tournament Mode prizes can range from a Cash Prize, an Item, or a Pokemon!

Mystic Type

Along with new Pokemon, and a New Region, and new Features..Comes with a new Type!


  • Dragon
  • Ghost
  • Normal
  • Psychic
  • Fighting


  • Dark
  • Poison