Pokémon Rose and Violet

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Developer GAME FREAK
Publisher Pokémon Company
Genres Role-Playing
Release Date TBA
Pokémon Region Herba
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Pokémon Rose and Pokémon Violet are paired versions after Generation VII. They're set in the Herba region. The games will be released on the New Nintendo 3DS. The games are set to include over 100+ brand new Pokémon, but a select handful have been revealed so far.

Herba Region Pokémon

Herba Pokédex

Starter Herba Pokémon

Common Herba Pokémon

Regional Variants

Giga Moves + Gidgets

Power up Pokémon battles using Giga Moves!

What are Giga Moves?

Giga Moves are special moves that are unlocked when a certain Gidget is held. For example, when a Blaze Gidget is held, the holder with can use a strong Fire type attack. If a Defense Gidget is held, the user can put a shield boosting its defenses. Not only is there a Gidget for every type, there are many Gidgets with their own unique effects as well.

Charging Up

Not all Giga Moves can be used immediately. Some require charging up. Every move has an amount of needed charge before use, ranging from a ton to not at all. Every Pokémon has a hidden stat that determines how quickly their Giga Moves charge up. There are many different ways a Giga Move can be charged up, all ways are listed below:

  • Being attacked or using an attack
  • Having your stats changed, or changing your opponents stats
  • Inflicting or receiving status
  • Healing your self
  • Using any item
  • Auto charge from turn ending (only works for wild Pokémon)

Z-Moves, Mega Evolution, and Primal Reversion

Mega Evolving and Z-Moves return from previous Pokémon games, this time through the use of Gidgets.

When a Pokémon with a Mega Evolution holds a Mega Gidget X, or a Mega Gidget Y, the Pokémon can Mega Evolve through the use of a Giga Move. The Mega Gidget requires no charge up, but can only be used by one Pokémon per battle.

When a Pokémon holds a Z-Gidget, they can use a Z version of any move they know, without a type restriction like Z-Moves had in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon. Pokémon specific Z-Moves like Pikachu's Catastropika have their own specific Gidgets.

List of Gidgets for Giga Moves

Gidget Users Effect
Basic Gidget Normal Types
Blaze Gidget Fire Types
Ocean Gidget Water Types
Jungle Gidget Grass Types
Spark Gidget Electric Types
Frost Gidget Ice Types
Earth Gidget Ground Types
Air Gidget Flying Types
Venom Gidget Poison Types
Knuckle Gidget Fighting Types
Brain Gidget Psychic Types
Mineral Gidget Rock Types
Nest Gidget Bug Types
Fright Gidget Ghost Types
Drake Gidget Dragon Types
Evil Gidget Dark Types
Metal Gidget Steel Types
Magic Gidget Fairy Types

List of Gidgets for Mega Evolution

Gidget Users Effect
Mega Gidget X Any Pokémon with a Mega Evolution Mega Evolves the user. If the user has both an

X and Y mega form, they become the X form.

Mega Gidget Y Any Pokémon with a Mega Evolution Mega Evolves the user. If the user has both an

X and Y mega form, they become the Y form.

List of Gidgets for Z-Moves

Gidget Users Effect
Z-Gidget Any Pokémon Allows the user to use a Z version of any

of their moves.

Pikanium Gidget Pikachu with Volt Tackle Allows the user to use Catastropika
Aloraichium Gidget Sparksurfing Raichu with Thunderbolt Allows the user to use Stoked Sparksurfer
Eevium Gidget Eevee with Last Resort Allows the user to use Extreme Evoboost
Snorlium Gidget Snorlax with Giga Impact Allows the user to use Pulverizing Pancake
Mewnium Gidget Mew with Psychic Allows the use to use Genesis Supernova
Alolium Gidget Decidueye with Spirit Shackle,

Primarina with Sparkling Aria,

or Incineroar with Darkest Lariat

Allows the user to use Sinister Arrow Raid,

Oceanic Operetta, or Malicious Moonsault, depending on the Pokémon

Tapunium Gidget Guardian deities with Nature's Madness Allows the user to use Guardian of Alola
Marshadium Gidget Marshadow with Spectral Thief Allows the user to use Soul-Stealing 7-Star Strike

The PokéTouch

The player is given a special tool called the "PokéTouch" at the start of their adventure. The Pokétouch starts with very few apps, but more can be unlocked through out playing the game. 

List of Apps

Name Description
Items Lets you see your items.
Trainer ID Lets you see access your trainer info.
Save Lets you save the game.
Options Lets you modify some of the games behaviors.
Pokémon Lets you see your Pokémon party.
Pokédex Lets you view info on Pokémon you've seen or captured.
Pokémon Refresh Lets you interact with, and care for your Pokémon.
Battle Lets you battle other nearby players or in game trainers.
Trade Lets you trade Pokémon with other nearby players, or in game trainers.
PSS Opens the PSS menu from Pokémon X and Y.
Calculator Lets you to calculate math problems.
Pedometer Keeps track of the foot steps you've taken.
Memo Pad Lets you jog down notes and draw pictures.
Dowsing Machine Lets you find hidden berrys and items.
Day Care Checker Shows the progress of your Pokémon in the daycare.
Wallpaper Changer Lets you change the background of your Pokétouch.
Pokémon Checker Lets you view your Pokémon's potential (IVs)
Pokéchat Lets you send and recieve messages with friends and NPCs.