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Pokémon Rose and Violet

Pokémon Rose

0. Pokémon Violet

Developer GAME FREAK
Publisher Pokémon Company
Genres Role-Playing
Release Date December 20, 2017
Pokémon Region Herba
1000px-ESRB Everyone 10+.svg

Pokémon Rose and Pokémon Violet are the primary paired versions of Generation VIII and are set in the Herba region. The games will be released on the Nintendo 3DS. The game is set to include over 100+ brand new Pokémon, but so far only a few have been revealed.

Herba Region Pokémon

Herba Pokédex

Starter Herba Pokémon

Common Herba Pokémon

Regional Variants

The PokéTouch

The player is given a special tool called the "PokéTouch" at the start of their adventure. The Pokétouch starts with very few apps, but more can be unlocked through out playing the game. 

List of Apps

Name Description
Items Lets you see your items.
Trainer ID Lets you see access your trainer info.
Save Lets you save the game.
Options Lets you modify some of the games behaviors.
Pokémon Lets you see your Pokémon party.
Pokédex Lets you view info on Pokémon you've seen or captured.
Pokémon Amie Lets you interact with your Pokémon.
Battle Lets you battle other nearby players or in game trainers.
Trade Lets you trade Pokémon with other nearby players, or in game trainers.
PSS Opens the PSS menu from the previous Pokémon games.
Super Training Lets you train the effort values of your Pokémon.
Calculator Lets you to calculate math problems.
Pedometer Keeps track of the foot steps you've taken.
Memo Pad Lets you jog down notes and draw pictures.
Dowsing Machine Lets you find hidden berrys and items.
Day Care Checker Shows the progress of your Pokémon in the daycare.
Wallpaper Changer Lets you change the background of your Pokétouch.
Pokémon Checker Lets you view your Pokémon's potential (IVs)
Pokéchat Lets you send and recieve messages with friends and NPCs.

The Battle Festival

The Battle Festival is a location you can go to do many different types of battles. Although it can be accessed early into the game, the more you progress the more battle modes you unlock.

Battle Modes

Name Description
Battle Tower Fight trainers that progressively get more and more powerful.
Battle Factory Fight trainers using rental Pokémon. After each battle choose one of your opponents Pokémon to replace one you're using.
Battle Dome Compete in a 16 trainer tournament and fight to be the strongest trainer.
Battle Arcade Battle using a roulette that decides what happens in the battle.
Battle Castle Fight trainers that progressively get more and more powerful, but this time you don't get healed between battles.
Battle Playground Fight trainers that progressively get more and more powerful, but you may only use first stage Pokémon.
Battle Collecium Fight trainers that progressively get more powerful, with out any restrictions at all.
Battle Championships Battle the most powerful trainers in the world including Gym Leaders, Elite Four members, and Pokémon League winners.

Giga Moves

Giga Moves are super powerful moves every Pokémon has. Each Pokémon has one that's unique to them. These moves can not be used at the start of the battle, they must be charged up. They also can't be used unless they are holding their Giga Crystal, a special item that allows a Pokémon to use its Giga Move.

Charging Giga Moves

Giga Moves can be charged by doing many different things. Using moves and being attacked are the main ways the Giga Meter raises. Being hit by S.T.A.B. attacks raise it higher as well as being hit super effectively. Wild Pokémon's Giga Meters raise twice as fast.

Giga Crystals

Like the moves them selves, their is a unique crystal for every Pokémon. The crystals are all named the Pokémon's name and than Crystal after it. For example, Pikachu uses the Pikachu Crystal. Every wild Pokémon have a chance they will hold their Giga Crystal, some more common then others.


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