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Pokemon Red REMATCH Version
Pkmn red REMATCH box art
Developer(s) Ryrypm
Publisher(s) Ryrypm
Platform(s) Game Boy
Release Date(s)
Single-Player Story
Age Rating(s)
E for Everyone
Genre(s) RPG
Media Included ROM

This ROM hack is a reinvention of pokemon red, with new pokemon teams for the existing pokemon trainers and new starter set to pick from. remember: REMATCH don't need your rules.

The story from the start...

Once apon a time, I was talking to my close freind "Dylano Tanny" ( ScorchingCliffs on this wiki ) in media studies about game ideas and i brought up ROM hacking. Dylano was originally under that ROM hacking IS extremly complex and time consuming, but, I explained that he is only half-right: it CAN be complex and time consuming. After deeper explaination, he understood what rom hacking was and was going to try make a total-conversion mod for a pokemon game with a new region, pokemon, story etc.

During a time of EXTREME bordem the following day i decided to create a 

GEN 1 pokemon ROM hack. So i googled and googled for the correct tools and found the ones I had previously used to mess around and break pokemon red version a few weeks earlier and fiddled for a while untill i had a final idea.

Puling past experiances together from creating flash games, fiddling with ROM hacking and hundreds of hours of pokemon I started work of a reinvetion of pokemon red.

The game.

Disclaimer: This pokemon ROM hack is NOT a new game; as said above it is merely a reinvetion of pokemon red.

This classic pokemon formula, story and pokedex remain un-touched I simply messed with pokemon trainers and and starers allowing for those who wish to replay the game but find it needs something new.


  • Dratini
  • Sandsrew
  • Vulpix


  • Level 5 mew
  • Eeveelutions
  • First and second evolutions of original starters
  • + MORE


  • New starters
  • Redone trainer battles
  • Redone pokemart items
  • Changed gambling prizes
  • Changed in game trades
  • Changed pokemon in title sequence

requires game boy emulator to play.

new changes may come soon...

sorry for strange text errors during the starter section during gameplay.


  • Changed wild pokemon
  • Completion of hack
  • Download link


Currently i have stopped working on this game...

Will you play this?

The poll was created at 04:27 on January 11, 2014, and so far 6 people voted.

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