Spoilers start here Pokémon Ranger Wii U is an amazing game where an overprotective mom has kept her beloved daughter Zade inside their home because of the "extreme dangers" of Pokémon. And unexpected arrival of 2 Pokémon biologists happens as the men ask Zade to join them. She agrees. Her mom gives her a last hug and kiss as she worries about her. Sitting in the cabin she doesn't see any Pokémon until she exits the boat. When she gets out Zade is amazed at the sight of Pokémon. She sees families of every legendary and mythical Pokémon ever, even Mewtwo. Zade also sees a small building with a few men in it. They give her about 800 small journals with photos of a Pokémon and its name on the cover, a camera, a handful of pencils, and a room to sleep in. They tell Zade to write facts and thoughts of each Pokémon and possible mega evolution's journal. Later on in the game you are given 3 suits: a scuba suit, a special airsuit that allows flight, and a heat resistance suit that gives the ability to swim in lava. The rest is straight up forward explore the island, and write and take photos of Pokémon. The game is quite different. Spoilers end