Pokémon Ranger Q is a game by Omegaverse Corp. for the Nintendo DS. It is one of the first of their games and was inspired by Pokemon Ranger as well as the Litl P and Sandslash series. It also contains part of the story from The Fury, Omegaverse Corps' cancelled crossover fic.


A small Cubone named Qwerty is celebrating Christmas, and he opens a small present and it's a gift card for the Video Game Shack. The owner, Mr. Mime, let's him pick a video game. Qwerty is browsing the selection when a Fearow with a mask on steals his gift card. The owner is sad for Qwerty so he lets him get a special game on the house called Ranger Q which is about a bounty hunter Cubone. Qwerty goes home and plays the game on a generic console...


The game plays like the Pokemon Ranger series, however you don't just fight Pokemon there are robots, mutants, and other monsters. Also when your done battling you don't capture the monsters due to you being a monster yourself and they just run away. This makes Field Moves and Poke Assists nonexistant, however a special move is available which is Bone Throw. Amazing 3D cutscenes appear in many points of the game.

Story Mode

Story Mode revolves around a small selection of missions. Additionaly, a few special missions let you play as Qwerty and his stats are about the same of Ranger Q in his game. Completing Story Mode unlocks Replay Mode, Simu Mode, and Mini Mode.

Pre-Mission: Bully Battles

You play as Qwerty. You must make your way around your neighborhood to your house into the game room to play your game. Evil Pokemon such as bullies, gangsters, and others may show up. If you run into them your must start over. After you get to the game room Qwerty turns on Ranger Q...

Mission 1: Chasm Crossing

In the beginning of the game, the bounty hunter Cubone Ranger Q is running away from a Gravaler who's chasing him and he comes across a chasm. To get through it he has to go through caves, mountains, and other rocky terrain. The boss at the end is the Gravaler. The minigame in this mission is Tight Rope Trouble. (Minigames are discussed in the Mini Mode section later in the page)

Mission 2: Forest Foe

The Gravaler heads back to his unknown boss and Ranger Q leaps off the mountain cliff into the forest. He lands in a huge maze with a lot of puzzles in it. Apparently an evil Gloom lives in here. The boss is the Gloom. The minigame is 3 Challanges.

Mission 3: Johto Usurpers

Ranger Q leaves the forest and heads into a Johto Neighborhood that looks oddly like the one Qwerty was in in the start of the game, however it is much darker. Many robots live here and Ranger Q fights them all off. The boss is MECHA, a giant robot lord and the minigame is Trampolines.

Inter-Mission 1: Strange Discoveries

Qwerty saves the game and heads outside. Bullies and other foes do not inhabit the neighborhood this time. A broken robot lies on the ground and a small shape runs away. Qwerty runs after it but gets too tired and falls. Then Qwerty remembers he was going to see his friend. He goes in their house and monsters are there! Luckily Qwerty can fight them now. After doing that he finds the backdoor and everything is normal-no robot or anything.

Inter-Mission 2: Odd Happenings

Mysteriously, when Qwerty heads back home, his game is gone! Qwerty heads back in his friend's house and goes back to the version of the world with the robot. He then goes through the neighborhood but angry robots and bad Pokemon are there again. Eventually he finds himself back in the game room. Unsure what to do and unable to find his family, he decides to keep playing.

Mission 4: Final Fight

Ranger Q jumps on the robot's head and sproings up into the sky where he finds an evil castle. He goes inside and fights a boss: the second-in-command of the gang that Ranger Q has been fighting. It's Quarrex, an all new Pokemon made for this game.

Mission 5: Fearow the Foe!

Qwerty suddenly gets sucked inside the game! He sees a large Fearow- the one that stole his game! Fearow explains that the game is much more real than Qwerty ever thought. Then Fearow flies up to the top of a volcano. Qwerty climbs up it and Fearow reveals that the game is actually an alternate dimension of the real world and that Fearow wanted Qwerty to get the game so that Qwerty, the alternate dimension version of Ranger Q, would be destroyed because one alternate cannot exist without the other. Than Mr. Mime steps out of the shadows revealing that he was working with Fearow all along and that Fearow took the gift card so Mr. Mime had an excuse to give Qwerty a free game. Then there is a boss battle with Fearow and the game is won!

Replay Mode

Let's you play any mission again as Ranger Q (including pre-mission and inter-missions)

Simu Mode

You can play as Ranger Q, Pikachu, Sandshrew, Jigglypuff, Mudkip or Meowth in any of the missions. Each one has a special move besides Bone Throw but they act just like Bone Throw with different graphics.

Mini Mode

Mini Mode let's you play a bunch of minigames.

  • Tight Rope Trouble: Ranger Q is walking across a tightrope. If he starts to fall, slide the stylus so he stands back up. Tap the arrow above his head to make him jump to avoid hazards.
  • 3 Challanges: Quickly perform 3 microgames. These may include tapping things, sliding things, sorting things, and other actions.
  • Trampolines: Perform tricks on the trampoline by tapping the little buttons for as many points as possible.
  • Find: Drag your player through a maze to try to find the secret compartment.
  • No Crush: A giant foot is trying to stomp you. Tap the weak points really fast to lift it. Try to survive!
  • Shift Demo: A few levels of the popular Armor Games creation Shift.
  • Shift Demo 2: Another Shift demo, but this time with more complicated features such as multiple players and cutscenes.


In the options menu, you can adjust the sound, music, and difficulty. The Difficulty effects all the modes.

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