Pokémon Ranger: Diseases of Nature
Developer(s) Game Freak
Publisher(s) The Pokémon Company
Platform(s) 3DS
Age Rating(s)
ESRB: Everyone
Genre(s) RPG
Series Pokémon Ranger
Predecessor Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs
Pokémon Rangers: Diseases of Nature is a roleplaying game for the Nintendo 3DS. Unlike the previous Pokémon Ranger entries, it features all Pokémon. It takes place in a new region named Lanis, seemingly based on part of the United States. Major additions to the game include the presense of viruses on the Pokémon, which have a variety of effects, but have one in common; they make the creature much less friendly and most often, hostile. The players have to capture them, and then bring them to "Heal Zones" where the Pokémon are treated.



The game focuses on doing "Missions" and follow the plot. Players must "capture" Pokémon and use them to solve simple puzzles in order to save endangered Pokémon or people, or stop evil schemes. Players will encounter a variety of obstacles during their adventures. In order to cross them, they will have to capture Pokémon and then use thier "Field Move" on the obstacle in order to break it. This is called a "Target Clear". Some field moves also aid travelling; for example, Pokémon with Fly can be used to fly to a location on the map. Players may occasionally see NPCs with a "..." speech bubble over their head. Talking to them will make them ask you to do a "Quest". For example, one NPC may have lost their Litten, and you will have to find the Litten and catch it, then bring it back to the NPC. A few quests also involve you getting an object from an NPC.

Capturing Pokémon is not done like in the traditional Pokémon games. Instead, you have to use the "Capture Styler" to form rings around the Pokémon. Doing this conveys friendship to them. When you convey enough friendship to them, they are "Captured". TBA

Capturing Pokémon

Pokémon Assist

Partner Pokémon

Pokémon Viruses


Curing Viruses



Note that only Pokémon encountered in the main game are listed here. Other Pokémon are not listed here, their area beign shown in the full Pokémon list instead.

Location Description Encounters
Sort Plains TBA

Rowlet Litten Popplio

Yungoos Pidove Scatterbug


Sort Forest TBA

Yungoos Gumshoos Pidove

Tranquill Spewpa Vivillon

Petilil Fomantis Stunky

Braude Village TBA

Meowth Machop Machoke

Electrike Ralts Kirlia

Murkrow Misdreavus Sandshrew

Braude River TBA

Wooper Quagsire Electrike

Manectrike Murkrow Honchcrow

Misdreavus Mismagius Durant

Infer Mountain TBA

Geodude Graveler Durant

Heatmor Kirlia Gardevoir

Vulpix Ninetales Sandslash

Infer Mountain Peak TBA

Vulpix Ninetales Sandshrew

Sandslash Skuntank Unfezant

Snover Abomasnow Drampa

River Grotto TBA

Bruxish Corsola Quagsire

Graveler Golem Carbink

Grubbin Chargabug Vikavolt


While all Pokémon can be found and captured, only a selection of them are found before the main plot is over. This section only lists the selection; the full list can be found here.

Pokémon Attack(s) Field Move



Rowlet may try to kick the Capture Line while flying rather quickly. Cut 1
??? ??? Cut 2
??? ??? Cut 3



Litten will spit burning furballs on the ground. These disappear after a few seconds. Burn 1
??? ??? Burn 2
??? ??? Burn 3



Popplio will hop around and occasionally snort bubbles out. Soak 1
??? ??? Soak 2
??? ??? Soak 3



Yungoos will try to bite the capture line. It may also charge at it. Tackle 1



Gumshoos will try to bite the capture line if it gets close. It can also roar music notes at it. Crush 2



Pidove flies arounds quickly. It may try to charge at it. Cut 1



Tranquill flies around quickly. It can charge at the capture line and also launch tornadoes. Cut 2



Unfezant flies around quickly. It can charge at the capture line and also launch tornadoes. Fly



Scatterbug spits silk and may try a tackling attack. Tackle 1



Spewpa spits silk and surrounds itself with poisonous dust. Tackle 2



Vivillon surrounds itself with poisonous dust and launches gusts at the capture line. Cut 2



Petilil hops around and launches leaves around. Aromatherapy



Lilligant occasionally dances erratically, shooting petals around. Aromatherapy



Fomantis jumps around quickly and slashes at the capture line. Cut 1



Lurantis jumps around erratically and slashes at the capture line while throwing leaves. Cut 3



Stunky releases poisonous gaz as it wanders around. Stink



Skuntank surrounds itself with noxious gaz occasionally. It also releases it while walking around. Stink



Meowth jumps erratically and shoots coins at the capture line. Cut 1



Persian dashes around, occasionally trying to slice the capture line. Cut 2


Virus Effect How to tell
Basic Virus Makes the Pokémon more hostile in the overworld. They attack more often in battle. Pokémon looks and acts angrier then usual.
Power Virus Makes the Pokémon slightly more hostile in the overworld. They have powered-up attacks as well. Pokémon is bigger and has a reddish tint.
Speed Virus Makes the Pokémon faster in the overworld and in battle. They tend to run away in the overworld. Pokémon is noticeably faster and looks taller then usual.
Shield Virus Doesn't changes the Pokémon's overworld behavior. In battle, it is harder to capture.

Pokémon is shorter and fatter then usual and has a white tint.

Leech Virus Makes the Pokémon slowly wander to the player. In battle, it leeches HP off succesful attacks. Pokémon has a greenish tint and is noticeably slower usually.
Disable Virus Makes the Pokémon tend to not move on the overworld. In battle, immune to Pokémon Assists. Pokémon has a tendency to stop moving, sliding on the ground.
Dark Virus Makes the Pokémon hostile and faster. In battle, it has the effects of Basic, Power and Speed Viruses. Pokémon is darker, bigger and red-eyed.

List of Quests


  • This is the first Pokémon Ranger game since the fourth generation.
  • The region seems to be based on the southern part of California.

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